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Example sentences for "fickleness"

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fice; ficht; fichu; fichus; fickle; fico; ficta; fictile; fiction; fictional
  1. I had not then learned the fickleness of the multitude, or that from A bas to vive is the step of an instant; and despite myself, and though I despised myself for the feeling, I felt my heart swell on the wave of sound.

  2. Fickleness has its rise in the experience of the= 30 =deceptiveness of present pleasures, and in ignorance of the vanity of absent ones.

  3. The beginning of all temptations and wickedness= 20 =is the fickleness of our own minds and want of trust in God.

  4. It all reveals a remarkable fickleness of disposition.

  5. We shall leave such fickleness and perversity to the Greeks, who attack with animosity all who may differ from them in their beliefs concerning truth.

  6. If the heart be not brought to find its all-satisfying portion in God, then a reverse of fortune leaves it desolate; and the discovery of the fickleness and hollowness of men fills it with bitterness.

  7. The young poet Chatterton, impulsive, gifted, and unfortunate, the contemporary and friend of Goldsmith, was another victim to the fickleness of the muse.

  8. Who draws the sword will perish by the sword, for such is the fickleness of fortune," said Zagloba.

  9. He wrote that what had happened was through the fault of Chaplinski, and that the fickleness of fortune had met the hetmans; hence it was not his fault, but their evil fate and the oppressions which the Cossacks had endured in the Ukraine.

  10. But she was disappointed in her hope of being censured for her fickleness and unfaithfulness, for the doctor remained indifferent.

  11. Her jealousy vanished instantly, her cruel suspicion that she would surprise him in love with another woman, with the fickleness of an artist.

  12. After a brief dialogue between the Duke and one of his courtiers, the former vaunts his own fickleness in one of the most graceful and charming arias in the whole opera ("Questa o quella").

  13. Nero himself now appears upon the scene, and a duet follows in which Poppoea reproaches him for his fickleness and he seeks to console her with flattery.

  14. The tenants of the Lagunes, with the fickleness with which extreme ignorance acts on human passions, had suddenly experienced a violent revolution in their feelings towards their ancient comrade.

  15. The trial of Miltiades has often been quoted in proof of the ingratitude and fickleness of the Athenian people.

  16. There is nothing of any lasting good, in all those thoughts which employ the minds of men and gladden their hearts, and which serve at best to delude the sapient to the fickleness of their spirits.

  17. Know that his brittle earthen pot also, was broken down in course of a short time; and he came to know the frailty of all his habitations, as an unfortunate man finds the fickleness of all the hopes and helps, which he fondly lays hold upon.

  18. Curb the fickleness of your mind, and be ever calm and quiet; if you desire to enjoy the happiness of quiet and rest.

  19. That Pasdeloup was eventually forced into the background by Lamoureux and Colonne is but another proof of the fickleness and gross ingratitude of the general public.

  20. The fickleness of their support seems to be at the root of our troubles.

  21. The existence of this recklessly revolutionary minority and the fickleness of republican union are the chief causes of ministerial instability, one of the worst features of the present regime.

  22. There is fickleness in it, a lack of judgment.

  23. Your fickleness is bad enough, but what is still worse is the way you slight the advice of your elders.

  24. Even to those who have not tasted the fruits of human fickleness in the great affairs of Christ's Kingdom, there has generally come some share of it into the more private relationships of life.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fickleness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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