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Example sentences for "disloyalty"

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  1. Under suspicion of disloyalty to the Commonwealth, they were most unjustly compelled to swallow the Covenant as a religious test, or leave preaching and teaching.

  2. Even Soma admitted the miracle grudgingly; for he had so far bolstered up his disloyalty by thoughts of a fair fight.

  3. If he could only have got his men there--away from the disloyalty of the 38th guard, the sullen silence of the 54th--if he could only have given them something to do!

  4. Disloyalty was an essential corollary of Babism and not a consequence of the repression and persecution which it met.

  5. Yet most Christians were grieved and consider it disloyalty to Christ.

  6. I regret that such disloyalty should be laid to the charge of any English noble," said Sir Jocelyn sternly.

  7. Guilty of disloyalty to your proud and noble husband, you have sought to remove by violent deaths those who stood between you and your lover.

  8. Up in her own chamber she threw herself face downward upon her bed, and wept the tears of one who is oppressed and helpless at the sight of wrong and disloyalty to one beloved.

  9. She lost sight of her own happiness in having the child with her, in the bitter reflection over the disloyalty to her father.

  10. Harry looked at her as she sang, and thought how pretty she was, but there was no disloyalty to his wife in the look.

  11. He knew, instinctively, that the old story of his disloyalty to the flag had come up again, after all these years, to plague and to thwart him.

  12. For the first time since his act of disloyalty he felt that his punishment was greater than he deserved.

  13. And I'll be answering in the only way it's possible for me to answer, those people who have been charging me with disloyalty to the flag.

  14. But I will not harbor, under the roof of Bannerhall, a person who has been guilty of such disloyalty as yours, and who declines to apologize for his offense.

  15. But the severest handicap to which a Liberal Lord-Lieutenant is subjected arises out of the prevalent notion that Nationalism and disloyalty are almost interchangeable terms.

  16. To aid or to assist the establishment of a government, owing exclusive allegiance to the United States, would be, or might be disloyalty by Dr.

  17. For this he was charged with disloyalty by one of the British spies then at Vancouver.

  18. Could it be that Mercy--No; the idea of Mercy's disloyalty to him was really too ridiculous.

  19. If the eating of certain kinds of food under certain conditions involves participation in idolatry then it is disloyalty to the one true God.

  20. I also see men here and there fling themselves in impotent disloyalty against the calm, indomitable power of the Nation.

  21. The entrance on the Promised Land, he says, furnished the opportunity for a new manifestation of disloyalty to Jehovah.

  22. In Belfast as elsewhere, sweetness, light, and loyalty are inseparably conjoined, while evil smells and dinginess are the invariable concomitants of disloyalty and separatism.

  23. The people were too busily engaged in selling pigs to pay much attention to the minstrel who, however, was plainly depending on disloyalty for custom.

  24. The ignorant among us harbour that idea, and the disloyalty of the lower classes is so intense that you could not understand it unless you lived here at least two years.

  25. The teaching of the priests is eminently disloyal, and although the utmost care is taken to prevent their disloyalty becoming public, instances are not lacking to show the general trend.

  26. It is only when a weak and ignorant pandering to disloyalty excites opposition that enmity begins.

  27. Indeed, one of the most alarming features of Irish disloyalty is its close and evident connection with education.

  28. Indeed, their disloyalty has increased with their prosperity and enlightenment.

  29. In two plain ways it was dangerous to the connection: it incalculably increased the aggregate disloyalty of the people, and it destroyed the political supremacy of the class that is most attached to the connection.

  30. They are accused of disloyalty to England.

  31. Federalism would aggravate or increase instead of diminishing the actual Irish disloyalty to the Crown (pp.

  32. Because of the numerous references to Swift's treacherous disloyalty to Steele's friendship, we could speculate on a connection between the anonymous author and Steele and infer that it was a friendly relationship.

  33. He, who knew only how to consult his own advantage, gave orders to the Franks to depart: choosing rather, that the city should be reserved for the undisguised disloyalty of the Turks, than the distrusted power of the Franks.

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