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Example sentences for "disloyal"

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  1. To see you unjustly condemned, and--and to realize that perhaps I am disloyal to my country.

  2. You have made me disloyal to my country; you shall not make me disloyal to all else.

  3. I had to be disloyal somewhere, and--and it was so hard to choose.

  4. You made him disloyal and ignoble--you made him false.

  5. I own that my sin was the most disloyal and the most traitorous a man could commit, but forgive me, Leone.

  6. I heartily thanked Don Cipriano, all the while feeling a guilty thing; for if I were loyal to Dick and wished him luck, I must be disloyal and wish defeat for my benefactor.

  7. Since that hour in the cathedral of Seville nothing would make her believe me disloyal, I thought; therefore nothing could make her disloyal to me.

  8. I dislike being disloyal to my books, for they are such good friends of mine.

  9. It seemed disloyal to keep the verlobung of Karl and Jenny a secret; for should it be revealed, what would the baron think of Marx?

  10. The two were indeed affinities in heart and soul; yet for once the cynical poet stayed his hand, and said no word that would have been disloyal to his friend.

  11. She was even accused of being disloyal to the cause of Poland if she refused her consent.

  12. Now you see, he cried, there are still in Croatia a number of disloyal Slavs, great landowners, Catholic clergy and others whom the Habsburgs used to favour.

  13. The court of Rome did not refuse to enter into these views, to visit the offence of those disloyal bishops who had betrayed the interests and compromised the high principles of churchmen.

  14. The disloyal citizens of the United States who have offered the ruin of our country in return for the aid and comfort which they have invoked abroad have received less patronage and encouragement than they probably expected.

  15. The efforts of disloyal citizens of the United States to involve us in foreign wars to aid an inexcusable insurrection have been unavailing.

  16. Confident of your understanding and cooperation, I know that the primary responsibility for keeping out the disloyal and the dangerous rests squarely upon the executive branch.

  17. A disloyal portion of the American people have during the whole year been engaged in an attempt to divide and destroy the Union.

  18. But the temporary reverses which afterwards befell the national arms, and which were exaggerated by our own disloyal citizens abroad, have hitherto delayed that act of simple justice.

  19. Disloyal emissaries have been neither less assiduous nor more successful during the last year than they were before that time in their efforts under favor of that privilege, to embroil our country in foreign wars.

  20. Not unknowing came I down, Disloyal town!

  21. Tis but a walk to loyal Oxford, 'tis but a march on disloyal London, and all's done.

  22. At the same moment, beneath his breath, Master Peter was questioning Brilliana, "Why is that disloyal rogue here?

  23. I cannot that, neither, dear woman, for to do this would be to make you disloyal to your King.

  24. The disloyal Russian frets against the Czar because he also remembers the Czar, and makes a note of the necessity of knifing him.

  25. And there are no disloyal Englishmen; there are no English revolutionists, because the oligarchic management of England is so complete as to be invisible.

  26. I will do no disloyal act myself, but I will endure no tyranny.

  27. I defy any one to show a disloyal or even a suspicious act, and I will give them no occasion, Dalhousie.

  28. Then shall we have him coming with a face as long as a whinger, and his heart full of disloyal repinings, to know if we are minded to condescend to his request.

  29. I'm a dastard for saying it, but I could forgive her for being disloyal enough to him to show me just a corner of her heart.

  30. It purported to be the disloyal utterances of "Bishop West, of Juab.

  31. When it did become possible for a ray of light and truth to penetrate his prejudices, he discovered that the Latter-day Saints were not such disloyal citizens after all.

  32. I am disloyal to Ruth," she said, "and yet I am loath to see you cozened.

  33. But Roger, remorseful already for his disloyal thought connecting her with O'Reilly, followed.

  34. It doesn't mean that Mrs. Sands would be disloyal to her word.

  35. In particular, no loyal man who has been disarmed is named, but the affidavits show, by name, forty-two persons as disloyal who have been armed.

  36. The chief evil has resulted from the aid given to guerillas in the way of information conveyed by disloyal people, and by preparing their food for them.

  37. The general statements of the whole are that the Federal and State authorities are arming the disloyal and disarming the loyal, and that the latter will all be killed or driven out of the State unless there should be a change.

  38. He also proclaimed the object to be to lay waste the border counties of Missouri and exterminate the disloyal people.

  39. Ewing would not only carry out his order for the expulsion of disloyal persons, but also in a short time drive out the guerillas from his district and restore peace.

  40. Was it disloyal to science if I dedicated to poesy the hours which others called leisure time?

  41. I secretly admitted the truth of his remark, but whenever I yielded to the impulse to write I felt as if I were being disloyal to the mistress to whom I had devoted all my physical and mental powers.

  42. The selfish and treasonable agitators who had long stirred up hostile and disloyal feelings were vexed and angry when they heard of another Royal visit.

  43. There were no disloyal feelings nor discordant sounds in the Palace that day.

  44. You will perceive that I am disloyal to a member of my Council so that I may be loyal to my country.

  45. He had crushed down such thoughts as disloyal to his young wife, as ungrateful and unworthy; and at such times he would fall into self-contempt for having entertained them.

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