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Example sentences for "dirty"

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dirthy; dirtied; dirtier; dirtiest; dirtiness; dirtying; diru; dis; disabilities; disability
  1. The ladies of England designate smoking and snuffing, filthy and dirty habits.

  2. The epithets you bestowed on me--dirty blackguard and heaven knows what else.

  3. He lay there in his black coffin, and I felt like tapping on the lid and saying: "Puetz, don't play this dirty trick on me.

  4. The dirty blackguard--the impudence of him--always was a friend of that Puetz, the cur!

  5. Pickering, with a pang for the swarm of ragged, dirty little creatures, but not showing it in the least on his impassive face.

  6. Loiseau, who had appropriated an old pack of cards from the inn, thick with the grease of the five years' rubbing on dirty tables, started a game of bezique with his wife.

  7. Recollect that you are only a poor beast of a buyer with a few dirty dollars in your pockets, and you can't expect a man to demean himself by taking them.

  8. A short walk over a grassy down gives on to an outcrop of very dirty sandstone, which in the excessive innocence of his heart the visitor naturally takes to be the coal lying neatly on the surface.

  9. No grass for the horses, and the people don't understand anything, and their dirty pice are no good in Nasirabad.

  10. There was no colour in the street and no beauty--only a maze of wire-ropes overhead and dirty stone flagging underfoot.

  11. Somewhere in dirty England men dream of craftsmen working under conditions which shall help and not stifle the half-formed thought.

  12. A dirty little imp of a boy ran by clothed more or less in a beautifully worked silk putso, the like of which I had in vain attempted to secure at Rangoon.

  13. They tie things to their side-arms, they carry bundles, they slouch, and dirty their uniforms.

  14. It was a very dirty street, with houses on one side and the railway on the other.

  15. She trudged through the dirty snow once more to the shop, and the counter was examined, and old Goody looked under the flour scales and in the big chinks of the stone floor.

  16. It was a lovely morning, and the tall, dirty old houses looked almost grand in the sunlight as we left Nine Elms.

  17. She took her out walking, and let her play on the beach, and even bring home dirty weeds and shells.

  18. As she took back the tumbler she nodded her head towards the dirty boy, who stood in the doorway, and said, "Is that young chap a companion of yours, my dear?

  19. The pier looked dark and dirty even by moonlight, and threw blacker and stranger shadows still.

  20. He patted the bull-dog as he said it, and the bull-dog kissed his dirty hand.

  21. My mother was a dirty little ugly Chinawoman.

  22. He wasn't satisfied with doing a dirty trick.

  23. I sent off an invitation; then after investigation I found the only spare room encumbered with a platform of planks hanging from the beams, piled with dirty old quilts and bolsters.

  24. I myself whisk the dirty mat off the floor and out of the window, dislodging a horde of cockroaches, messmates, who dine off my bread, my treacle, and the polish on my shoes.

  25. And no creature profits, save the Government at Papeete--the not very enviable gentlemen who pay them, and the Chinese underlings who do the dirty work.

  26. The small window of her apartment was covered by a dirty muslin blind.

  27. I was standing at Hebron watching one of the gangs working when the white chap gave a shout, and dived his hand into a heap of stuff he had just turned over, pulling out a dirty looking little lump about the size of a marble.

  28. Her companion stretched out a very dirty hand, took the coin, spun it up in the air, caught it, bit it, and finally plunged it into the depths of his trouser pockets.

  29. He dived into the cabin and reappeared with a dirty table-cloth.

  30. His dirty brown coat was thrown open, and out of one of the pockets protruded a short thick cudgel with a leaden head.

  31. During this conversation the two had been threading their way through the intricate and dirty lanes which lead up from the water side to the outskirts of Stepney.

  32. D'ye think that a man who's worn Her Majesty's scarlet jacket for twinty years would dirty his hands with such a trick?

  33. It would get dirty in a town, and that would make me unhappy.

  34. It was considered my very best, and somehow it never got dirty or seemed to need cleaning, though some of the shades are very delicate, as you see.

  35. The burgoo or oatmeal gruel served at breakfast made him sick; he knew how it had been made in the cook's dirty pans.

  36. The grab won't live another five minutes in this sea, and I wouldn't risk two of my crew against a hundred of these dirty Moors.

  37. But he had to do dirty work for the cook, clean out the styes of the captain's pigs, swab the lower deck, sometimes descend on errands for one or other to the nauseous hold.

  38. The canals of Hoxton, Haggerston and Islington, too, dirty and dangerous as they are, prove seductive to the boys who live close to them.

  39. The nomads of our civilisation wander past us in their fringy, dirty attire night by night.

  40. They call in at the dirty general shop, where margarine, cheese, bread, tinned meat and firewood are closely commingled in the dank air.

  41. Can it be wondered at that these people are dirty and idle; and that many of them ultimately prefer the settled conditions of prison or workhouse life, or take to vagrancy?

  42. But when the school holidays come round, that is the time for the dirty canal to tell its tale, and to give up its dead, too!

  43. Born into it, breathing it as soon as their little lungs begin to operate, thick, dirty air dominates their existence or terminates their lives.

  44. A commodious bed with dirty appointments that makes us shudder!

  45. Many pictures, festooned with cobwebs, were hung carelessly on the dirty walls.

  46. Since the day on which he had appeared at Desmond Court, wet and dirty and wretched, with a broken spirit and fortunes as draggled as his dress, he had lost all claim to be a hero in the estimation of Lady Desmond.

  47. And they who were inclined to be among the latter were not slow to add up certain little disagreeable eccentricities among the list of his faults,--as young Fitzgerald had done in the matter of the dirty surplices.

  48. It was a small, dingy house of three stories, the front door of which was always open, and the passage strewed with damp, dirty straw.

  49. He looked at Carson with open contempt, and Carson felt that it was because Carson did the Company's dirty work with figures and due regard for law and order, instead of frankly and violently and without shilly-shallying.

  50. As representative of the Company, Carson naturally did its dirty work.

  51. They'd gotten completely qualified men to do their dirty work in both cases.

  52. It was very hard and trying work, and they were well-nigh knocked up by the evening, when they had to return to their dirty prisons.

  53. It had a miserable and dirty appearance; at first, coming out of the glare of day, they could see nothing, but as their eyes got accustomed to the gloom they were much dismayed at perceiving the number of chains hung to the walls.

  54. They were happier also when travelling than when stopping at night, when they were compelled to sleep in some dirty hut, with Jumbo and a number of Arabs as their companions.

  55. After them came another man, dressed as a layman, one or two domestics, and a fat inferior priest, with a dirty and a greasy countenance, full of nothing but large black eyes and dull stupidity.

  56. It was a common remark, that the most indolent and most slovenly men were the most vicious; and a dirty external was a pretty sure indication of a depraved mind.

  57. I never saw a set of more ragged, dirty men in my life; and yet they were disposed to sell their last rag to get money to game with.

  58. To be confined, and even chained any where in the light of the sun, is a distressing thing, especially to very young men, but to be crowded into a dirty hole in the dark, where there was no circulation of air is beyond expression horrible.

  59. There were a few who seemed to be like hogs, innately dirty, and who had rather lie dirty than clean.

  60. Who could have entertained any respect, or good opinion of a set of miserable looking, half naked dirty men, such as we all were when we arrived in the different ships from America?

  61. Be calm, my young friend; let us see what are these dirty scrawls that follow.

  62. Callum,' said he, as they proceeded down a dirty close to gain the southern skirts of the Canongate, 'what shall I do for a horse?

  63. As though you know," he said, "some dirty little boy had been pullin' snooks at him.

  64. His nose was very red, and his thin hollow cheeks a dirty yellow colour.

  65. He stammered; his mouth wobbled; he covered it with a dirty hand.

  66. His face was dirty as though he had been crying, and a horrid pallid grey in colour.

  67. I had not seen him for several weeks; but there he was, stepping suddenly out of the shadows of my room, dirty and disreputable and cheerful.

  68. He had his coat-collar turned over his ears and his dirty fur cap pulled down over his forehead.

  69. The ice was limitless, and of a dirty grey pallor, with black shadows streaking it.

  70. He must smear everything with his dirty finger.

  71. He described one fellow to me, a fierce brigand with a high black hat of feathers, a soiled Cossack coat and tall dirty red leather boots; his eyes were fires, Henry said.

  72. Away from the splendour it stretched, dirty and decrepit and untended, here piles of evil flats, there old wooden buildings with cobbled courts, and the canals twisting and creeping up and down through it all.

  73. Nina remembers one soldier in especial--a large dirty fellow with ragged moustache--who quite frankly terrified her.

  74. The women, unlike other Asiatics whom I have seen, go about the streets openly, as in civilized countries; but they are an ugly race, and withal dirty to an absolutely unparalleled extent.

  75. You never know how high you have climbed till you feel a few dirty hands behind you trying to pull you down!

  76. Small cutters are not great at staying hove-to in really dirty weather.

  77. In fact, dirty weather's our strong point with that ugly duckling of a cutter.

  78. Make your dirty little soul comfortable on that score.

  79. He was born in London; he was the son of a hostler; his home was over the stable; his playground was the dirty street.

  80. It was as if he looked once at the welter cast ashore by mighty Lake Superior in a storm, and said, "What a dirty sea!

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