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Example sentences for "bedraggled"

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  1. Then the Doctor glanced at her huddled, bedraggled figure; she saw his face aghast, incredulous, as he perceived the condition of her clothing.

  2. The driver of the ambulance stared curiously at her dishevelled, bedraggled figure, but she was so weary and forlorn that even the effort of brushing away the black strands of hair that clouded her smoke-dark eyes was beyond her.

  3. The masterful gun had met its own master and sank into silence, while the somewhat bedraggled field force came trailing back into Ladysmith, leaving three hundred of their number behind them.

  4. Units broke into small straggling bodies, and it was a sorry and bedraggled force which about ten o'clock came wandering into Molteno.

  5. Rivulets of muddy water had cut gutters over the lawn and poured out from under the veranda, and plants and palms lay bent and broken, with their broad leaves bedraggled and coated with mud.

  6. Hot water was brought by a bedraggled servant, and presently the landlord followed with great bowls of steaming rice.

  7. He was accompanied by his henchmen, six or seven of them, somewhat bedraggled it is true, on sorry nags, but they had a truculent air.

  8. Instead, she sat up and smiled her sweetest smile, so that, bedraggled as she was, she was still beautiful.

  9. Ruby, in her present bedraggled state, avoided the front entrance, and followed the wall round the house to the town-place, stopping on her way to look in at the kitchen window.

  10. Mrs. William Transom gathered up her carpet-bag and bedraggled skirts and followed, sobbing still, but in diminuendo.

  11. But the dark-faced girl, dressed in her bedraggled Gypsy finery, saw the Nimble Shanks, for she was on the watch at one side or the other of the island, all the time.

  12. She had a hump on her back--or seemed to have, for she wore a long cloak, the bedraggled tail of which touched the ground.

  13. Two or three bedraggled tail-feathers appeared at the aperture in the back of this garment; otherwise Agamemnon seemed to be quite featherless.

  14. Was this the same team that had come home forlorn and bedraggled after their last trip?

  15. What they were far more concerned about was their own bedraggled condition.

  16. As he turned about and stared at the oncoming figure of Nathalie, who, red-faced and bedraggled was speeding towards him, he looked slightly surprised.

  17. Christopher tossed the bit of wood at a bedraggled drake that waddled off, quacking angrily.

  18. On the soaking plank ledge around the well-brink, where fresh water was slopping from the overturned bucket, several bedraggled ducks were paddling with evident enjoyment.

  19. And I wonder if you will recognise in the poor little bedraggled vixen that I now am, the gay lady dryad with whom you walked that day in the forest when we met the witch.

  20. A bedraggled creature, in tattered finery, with a broken plume nodding evilly across her forehead, struggled from a bench, shuffled across the pavement and whined up at him.

  21. And of this the bedraggled street-walker, whining up from the pavement, was sole witness.

  22. A pitiable object in the sunset of that fair summer day, with his bedraggled scarlet feathers, and his scarlet leather uniform that must have been uncomfortably burdensome in the heat.

  23. The leather jacket, the glazed hat with its bedraggled scarlet feathers, lay carefully folded upon the straw pallet, and its owner sat beside the jacket shamefaced and terrified by this intrusion upon his retreat.

  24. Then he kept ringing the changes on an expression I must have used in argument with his mother the day I persuaded her to keep his bedraggled foundling.

  25. It was a bedraggled kitten that he had discovered wandering about in the fog and mewing piteously.

  26. With misfortune written on my crestfallen face, I stood before them bedraggled and panting, as complete a picture of misery as can well be imagined.

  27. More bedraggled creatures than we looked on landing it would be difficult to imagine; but we shook ourselves from muzzle to tag, making the spray fly from our wet coats, and set about searching for something to eat.

  28. My bedraggled coat had frozen, and hung stiffly on me.

  29. He lifted out a man's high silk hat, bedraggled and shapeless.

  30. He stared at the bedraggled one and pointed an accusing finger.

  31. In front of the lean-to a fire burned, and under the shelter by the fire sat a scantily clad, bedraggled woman.

  32. He had but just read this telegram when, to his astonishment, two snow-enveloped, bedraggled men limped up to the door.

  33. The Zenian, bedraggled and weary, had lost or discarded the protective suit he had worn, and his lean, dark face was haggard.

  34. But it rained on Sunday, and the visitors arrived so bedraggled by the storm that their feast seemed doomed.

  35. Sommers, hatless, with a torn coat, walking beside a somewhat bedraggled young woman, could arouse no comment from the darkened windows of the large houses.

  36. Miss Thompson's door was open, and they saw her in a bedraggled dressing-gown, cooking something in a chafing-dish.

  37. It was a small cabin, bedraggled and dirty, with a table against one side and a broad bench all round upon which slept, I supposed, such passengers as were ill-advised enough to travel in such a ship.

  38. It was a bedraggled object; it had been painted white a very long time ago, but it was now dirty, dingy, and mottled.

  39. Scarcely had the two taken cover, than a bedraggled figure bounded into view.

  40. Aboard were Sam Hatfield, Chips, Mrs. Dustin, her two small children, and a very bedraggled dog.

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