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Example sentences for "debased"

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  1. Even then they left her without aid, their feeling being that she had debased the house by her familiarity with this woman before Tracy.

  2. He deserves a little credit for seeing that Emilia never could be his mistress, in the debased sense of the term.

  3. The advancing tide of matter threatens to drown their souls; the tightening grasp of law impedes their freedom; they are alarmed lest man's moral nature be debased by the increase of his wisdom.

  4. When, reign after reign, governments debased the coinage, the moral tone of the middle classes could scarcely have been higher than now.

  5. But in his private language Palæologus affected to deplore the pride, and to blame the innovations, of the Latins; and while he debased his character by this double hypocrisy, he justified and punished the opposition of his subjects.

  6. Footnote 497: Andronicus paid the Catalans in the debased money, much to their indignation.

  7. Discourse for their Entertainment, is not to be debased but refined.

  8. A dream moved Bishop Oliver in 1500, to rebuild Bath abbey in the debased Perpendicular style with which we are now familiar.

  9. The crockets are very near having that wholesale look which has caused nineteenth-century architects to make so much of this easily debased ornament.

  10. I felt myself sufficiently debased by my crime, and I could not degrade myself still more by falsehood.

  11. This entertainment, which might be considered as a school of military virtue, was succeeded by a farce, that debased the dignity of human nature.

  12. Their credulity debased and vitiated the faculties of the mind: they corrupted the evidence of history; and superstition gradually extinguished the hostile light of philosophy and science.

  13. You have debased and polluted everything connected with it, as you would have debased and polluted ME.

  14. They are also debased idolaters; and Taro says they worship fish, and eels, and all sorts of creeping things.

  15. Indeed, such is the barbarous heathen and debased condition of the countless inhabitants of this island-world of the Pacific, that the navigation of these seas is indeed an undertaking of great peril.

  16. Utterly debased and savage as were the people of Fiji at that period, the mission was commenced under peculiarly favourable circumstances.

  17. The inhabitants are tall, fine-looking people, but most debased savages and terrible cannibals.

  18. When Rollo's strong breed ended in the debased John Lackland, the northern province gladly accepted Philippe-Auguste as ruler.

  19. The XIV century in France opened under a king who debased the coinage, overtaxed the clergy, persecuted the Jews, and who, by the outrage of Anagni, struck a fatal blow at the prestige of the papacy.

  20. Later writers have debased the system of Lao-tsé, and cast aside his profound speculations for superstitious rituals and the multiplication of gods and goddesses.

  21. He, standing in some respects apart from his stern contemporaries of the Commonwealth as from those who debased literature in the age of the Restoration, yet belongs rather to the older than the newer period.

  22. The style of Juvenal is vigorous and lucid; his morals were pure in the midst of a debased age, and his language shines forth in classic elegance, in the midst of specimens of declining and degenerate taste.

  23. Falsity and the untrue appear in natural juxtaposition with the debased and the vulgar.

  24. But I say to you that the prisoner is a victim of heredity and environment, that he has been debased and wronged by society, and that to punish him is unjust.

  25. Trade, however, was much deranged by the quantities of debased money issued under Henry VIII and Edward VI.

  26. During the civil war (S141) the barons had issued money debased in quality and deficient in weight.

  27. The free workman found it an obstacle to his advancement: it depressed his wages and debased his position, but gave him nothing.

  28. The moral weight of government was compromised far more by the air of mystery which veiled, than the corruptions which debased it.

  29. Money, debased state of in time of king Stephen, 511.

  30. But this view of sacrifice is not merely a heathen, but a late and debased heathen conception.

  31. Personally, since I had no hopes to save or plans to protect, I hadn't the desire, like Sampson, to pull down the pillars of the roof on their debased heads.

  32. A word, I thought further, debased by moralists from its primary ecstatic content.

  33. But his statement probably originates in the practice which in accordance with the debased ideas of artistic decoration at one period added all sorts of fantastic objects to the edges of a shield for purely decorative (!

  34. It is difficult to conjecture what may have been the origin of the bird in this debased form, unless its first beginnings may be taken as a result of the unthinking perpetuation of some crudely drawn example.

  35. The king publicly demurred to this, but a young man in the crowd, possessed by the devil, suddenly started up, and in impassioned language gave testimony to the holiness of the bishop and the vicious and debased character of the king himself.

  36. Shall our pure gold be debased by this alloy?

  37. My friends, perhaps, would gladly learn why I debased my reason with the farce of love for Genoa's silliest coquette.

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