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Example sentences for "debauched"

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debater; debaters; debates; debating; debauch; debauchee; debauchees; debaucheries; debauchery; debauches
  1. Was not the castle large enough for its debauched inmates that this retired eyrie might not be treated with respect?

  2. Defn: To act the rake; to lead a dissolute, debauched life.

  3. The Spartan manners were as odious to his successor Ptolemy Philopater, a weak and dissolute prince, as the Spartan virtue was terrible to his debauched effeminate courtiers.

  4. For so just and accurate a writer as Polybius could not be ignorant, that the Grecians were the only people in the world at that time, who had been debauched into atheism by the pernicious tenets of Epicurus.

  5. Thus while the state religion in its debauched condition was losing influence, the orgiastic element in worship was gaining power through these newly acquired Oriental cults.

  6. Themistocles did, for he was a most debauched and vicious youth, sed juventae maculas praeclaris factis delevit, but made the world amends by brave exploits; at last become a new man, and seek to be reformed.

  7. His debauched Life was read and known of all men; but his Reputation was read and known of no man; for, as I said, he had none.

  8. This amounts to say "that most debauched consul," "that most worthless of men, the consul.

  9. Shall the Kings of the Age remain saying of me that a man hath debauched the daughter of Al-Mihrjan and hath carried her away perforce despite the nose of her father?

  10. And they, not bad but in a vicious age, Had not, to please the prince, debauched the stage.

  11. Mr. Payne complains of the obscurity of the original owing to abuse of the figure enallage; but I find them explicit enough, referring to some debauched elder after the type of Abu Nowas.

  12. Entering the unfamiliar circle of this highly debauched court, the young dauphiness sought a sympathetic friend, and found her in the princess.

  13. She stands out also as the one normal woman in the crowds of impetuous, shallow, petty, and, in many cases, pitifully debauched women of the time.

  14. How many profligate, debauched rakes, when sneaking home to their wives and families from stews and brothels, will, to disguise their own debauchery, profess to rail still at me!

  15. The brewer continued his debauched course, and neglected and quarrelled with his family, and my uncle Powell continued his confidence.

  16. As he had not paid his interest up regularly, I was induced to look a little more minutely into his concerns; especially as I found that he was living a very debauched life.

  17. My answer was, the man lives a very debauched life, and therefore his affairs must be in a precarious state; but the quaker was inflexible, and nothing was done in the matter.

  18. If public sentiment has not been debauched already to this point, a new turn of the screw in that direction is all that is wanting; and this is constantly being done by the teachers of this insidious popular sovereignty.

  19. There must be a change in public opinion; the public mind must be so far debauched as to square with this policy of caring not at all.

  20. The grip of these hands became playful movements, repulsive caresses like those of debauched women.

  21. Fabionites, gluttonous Carpocratians, debauched Barbelonites stood up, preaching such follies that hearers possessing a vestige of morality put their fingers in their ears.

  22. She had been true to him, and Charley did not doubt her, and in a sort of low way respected her; though it was but a dissipated and debauched respect.

  23. In this course he was doubtless influenced by his son, with whom, as will be seen, McNally, the debauched legal adviser of the rebels, could do what he liked.

  24. The enormous interest in the Dempsey-Carpentier contest is evidence of the increasingly debauched taste of the world's democracies.

  25. So journalism and the organs of public opinion become not only physically debauched but poisoned at heart.

  26. Mightiest of the ruins of Rome is certainly that of the Colosseum, symbol of the decay of a great people debauched by their lusts and their rulers.

  27. The taste for brutal pleasure which the emperors encouraged debauched the spirit of the Romans, and deprived them of that traditional virtue of which they had been so proud.

  28. Wilkins saying that he hath read for him in his church, that is poor and a debauched man, that the College' have hired for 20s.

  29. We talked of Tangier, of which he is ashamed; also that it should put the King to this charge for no good in the world: and now a man going over that is a good soldier, but a debauched man, which the place need not to have.

  30. To see how ecclesiastics themselves fall a prey to the ethics of militant activities, becoming as heartless and debauched as any other class, take a page from Italian history at the time of Pope Alexander VI.

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