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  1. Yet these were the people so hated and ridiculed by the press and the pulpit, whose grand utterances and spicy debates were stigmatized as "the maudlin sentimentalisms of unsexed men and women.

  2. Several gentlemen took part in the debates of this Convention.

  3. In reading over the debates of these early Conventions, we find the speakers dwelling much more on the wrongs in the Church and the Home, than in the State.

  4. In reply to your inquiries in regard to debates that preceded the action of 1848, I must say I know of none, and I am quite sure that in our long discussions no allusion was made to anything of the kind.

  5. The debates on the resolutions were spicy, pointed, and logical, and were deeply interesting, continuing with crowded audiences through two entire days.

  6. The debates in both Houses were marked by great bitterness on the part of the Opposition, by Derby in one House, and by Disraeli and Layard in the other.

  7. The debates on Tuesday night were on the whole satisfactory, and not bad for the Government.

  8. I hear from Paris that Marshal Maison, who takes no part in the debates in the Chamber, takes out every day in a phaeton, at the fashionable hour, a young lady whom he has brought back from St. Petersburg.

  9. Attached himself to the Government of Louis-Philippe and frequently took part in important debates in the House of Peers.

  10. The situation of public affairs occasioned those continual debates concerning the Agrarian Laws, and the consequent popularity acquired by the most factious demagogues.

  11. There are also long orations of Servius Tullius; and great part of the Antiquities of Dionysius is occupied with senatorial debates during the early ages of the republic.

  12. In 1800 debates on the slave trade and on the reception of petitions from free negroes began.

  13. The Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America, by Henry Wilson, takes up the whole question of slavery in a thorough manner, and devotes special attention to the debates in Congress.

  14. After several debates the proposition was recommitted, May 6.

  15. The debates upon this proposition were long and interesting.

  16. The bulk of it is taken up with debates of ancient rabbis.

  17. Our shop discussions certainly never reached the heat that usually characterized our debates on things theatrical The most ardent of the "patriots" was a young contractor named Mindels.

  18. In the Legislative Assembly debates have taken place which would have been impossible fifty years since.

  19. Discussions now grew on me so thick and fast that even some of the most important debates may perhaps escape notice in this imperfect chronicling.

  20. The number, he says, has been variously stated in the Congressional debates at from ten to seventy thousand; and generally one half, and sometimes all of them, are said to be Indians.

  21. See Debates on the California Convention: Appendix p.

  22. The debates gave him a National reputation.

  23. Kansas was the only region to which it had any practical application; and we, who were residing there, read the debates with peculiar interest.

  24. Whenever Parliament was sitting she sat at home from one o'clock in the afternoon till any hour of the night to which the debates happened to continue.

  25. It is not for me to attempt a summary of the debates and of all the questions to which they gave rise, naturally the most difficult being the relations between the States.

  26. Often enough a man debates and debates on lines of conduct and wakes up with his problem solved.

  27. References to the charter are as rare in parliamentary debates as they are in the pages of Shakespeare.

  28. He hated scenes and tiresome debates as he hated people who cringed and sidled before him.

  29. When the Constitutional debates began the trend of opinion seemed strongly against slavery.

  30. Angry debates arose in the House of Lords in which even the Bishops took an excited part.

  31. Its mild debates were distorted into secret conclaves plotting treason, and, though the news of peace followed close upon it, the Convention was long an object of opprobrium and a political bugbear.

  32. It was in the course of these debates that Mr. Seward, while denying that the Constitution recognized property in man, struck out his famous dictum, "There is a higher law than the Constitution.

  33. A brilliant arena was opened for Catholic talent, for the Association held its discussions like a regular legislative assembly, and its debates were spread abroad, all over the kingdom, on the wings of the press.

  34. Nowadays, during the debates in Parliament there are numbers of newspaper reporters who take down all that is said in shorthand, and who afterwards write out the debates for their various newspapers.

  35. The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 still further elucidated to the masses of the people the issues impending, and indicated that the end of slavery extension was near.

  36. But few of the leading participants of the 1850 debates lived to witness the final overthrow of slavery.

  37. I also frequently participated in the debates on the floor of the House involving war claims and other important matters.

  38. Chatham introduced the style of the House of Commons into the debates of the House of Lords.

  39. During its four days' session, the debates were animated; the feeling earnest and warm; but the excitement glowed rather than flamed.

  40. The Roundheads in Parliament engaged in debates on original sin, and the scriptural mode of baptism, as well as upon laws concerning the civil and military affairs of the State.

  41. In the debates on the Reform bill, it was stated that certain places, with an aggregate population of less than 5,000, returned one hundred members.

  42. The corn laws were the subject of frequent debates and divisions.

  43. In comparison with the debates of any other assembly, it is true the debates by the English Parliament are most instructive.

  44. But the debates on the Reform Act of 1867 hardly tell anything.

  45. The debates in an English Parliament fill a space in the world which, in these auxiliary chambers, is not possible.

  46. There are doubtless debates in the legislature, but they are prologues without a play.

  47. It succeeds in deciding because the debates and the discussions give it the facts and the arguments.

  48. Since the publication of the Parliamentary debates a corresponding office of Parliament is to lay these same grievances, these same complaints, before the nation, which is the present sovereign.

  49. Generally, the debates upon the passing of an Act contain much valuable instruction as to what may be expected of it.

  50. And debates which have this catastrophe at the end of them--or may so have it--are sure to be listened to, and sure to sink deep into the national mind.

  51. The debates in the House of Delegates on that occasion, I believe were all published.

  52. In the voluminous Congressional material which the long debates called forth, the speeches of King and Pinkney are the best representatives of the two sides to the controversy, and they are of historical interest and importance.

  53. The topic is more fully and fairly discussed in the subsequent debates on the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

  54. They were read by every colored man who could read, and to those who could not read, those debates were read by others.

  55. In the latter the debates assumed a virulence which is illustrated by the speeches on the Sumner assault.

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