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Example sentences for "concerning"

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concernant; concerne; concerned; concernes; concerneth; concerninge; concernment; concernments; concerns; concernyng
  1. We boarded the yacht much against my will, yet I was powerless, and dare not allege the facts that I had already established concerning our fellow-guests.

  2. Some tragic romance or other concerning a woman had, I knew, overshadowed his life in the years before we had become acquainted.

  3. One is because I know she holds some secret concerning him, and another because he is engaged to an English girl named Muriel Leithcourt.

  4. To encompass my end would be against his own interests, as he would lose my fortune, so he had silenced me lest I should reveal the terrible truth concerning both him and his associates.

  5. I'm free to travel after them, and find out the truth if only you will tell me what you know concerning them," I said eagerly.

  6. But first we must tear aside this veil of mystery and ascertain all the facts concerning her," he said.

  7. We have so many persons here with secret information concerning Finnish conspiracies against our Russian rule.

  8. But from whom do you expect I can obtain the true facts concerning her, and the reason of the baron's desire to keep her silent?

  9. What could she possibly know concerning the mysterious craft?

  10. I'm dying, Jack, to know everything concerning her.

  11. But there's nothing in there just now except, perhaps, the registers of births, marriages and deaths of British subjects, and the papers concerning a Board of Trade inquiry.

  12. I allowed him to go and fetch her, rather surprised that she should be well enough to get about after all he had told me concerning her illness.

  13. I have certain information that will, I feel confident, be of the utmost interest to you--concerning another woman, Armida Santini.

  14. Footnote 176: Reference might be made also to Whitney’s fine tale, Concerning Envy and Avarice, which immediately follows the Description of Envy.

  15. Scipione Ammirato, in which he discourses of many emblems of divers excellent authors, and of some rules and admonitions concerning this subject written to the Sig.

  16. Mr. Saulsbury moved an amendment of two sections concerning arrests without due process of law,--Yeas 9, Nays 27.

  17. Concerning the Amendment of the Committee he remarked:-- “It starts with the idea of reproducing the Jeffersonian Ordinance.

  18. Such are powers conferred by Congress upon the Treasury Department concerning trade and abandoned property in the Rebel States.

  19. It was on the fifth section, concerning the labor on abandoned plantations, that he bent his chief force.

  20. This also was rejected without a division, as was another Amendment by him concerning the election of President and Vice-President.

  21. Little enough, it is true, concerning so distinguished a character, yet ample enough to show that, with the exception of theological prejudice, the suffrages of antiquity were all on the side of our philosopher.

  22. The Two First Books of Philostratus concerning the Life of Apollonius Tyaneus (London; 1680, fol.

  23. The question was concerning the "below" and "above.

  24. We have now indicated for the reader all the information which exists concerning our philosopher.

  25. In the hay-bundle of legendary rigmarole solemnly set down by Philostratus concerning the cave of Trophonius, a small needle of truth may perhaps be discovered.

  26. She spent a good while with Mrs. Clancy, whom she had never noticed hitherto, much to the laundress's indignation, and concerning whose conduct she had been known to express herself in terms of extreme disapprobation.

  27. Sidney sat down in a stiff rocker and answered Mrs. Davies' questions concerning her Aunt Achsa and Lavender, while Cap'n Davies stumped restlessly about.

  28. In order to keep from thinking that the low dunes of sand and marsh, shrouded in twilight haze, through which they now were passing were very dreary she held stubbornly to her speculations concerning the "baby.

  29. Then Sidney solemnly repeated what the old Captain had told her concerning the letter and the reward.

  30. She ventured other remarks concerning the activities in the bay to which Lavender answered in monosyllables, if at all.

  31. I am going to tell something now concerning which I have given no hint in my former letters.

  32. God's blessing go with him--" There were more entries concerning the brother, Ezekiel.

  33. I'll forget what you said," Mr. Dugald promised, knowing perfectly well that he could not and from that day on he never asked any more questions of Sidney concerning her family.

  34. Few details have come down to us concerning the fate of the Manicheans arrested at this time in Sardinia and in Spain; exterminati sunt, says a chronicler.

  35. The addition of the words “is possible” gives what is under the circumstances quite a different meaning to the earliest record we have concerning the very point we are investigating.

  36. The Government is at a standstill in all matters concerning the establishment of the country on a sound financial basis, until this subordinate matter is settled.

  37. We are entirely without notions concerning the abdominal folds, which, in this kind, take the place of the pouch, in a certain degree, and know nothing of the modifications these folds pass through in the different epochs of gestation.

  38. Popular and superstitions opinions concerning it among the native of the country; Its sex and age, if these are known; The season in which it has been taken.

  39. The same decree was issued to put in force ancient ordinances concerning them, in Soule, in the year 1604.

  40. As to the first point, concerning the reform which I have effected at Pau, and at Lescar, and which I desire to extend throughout my sovereignty, I have learnt it from the Bible, which I read more willingly than the works of your doctors.

  41. It was still sufficiently recent to have been narrated by eyewitnesses to Beda, whose Ecclesiastical History is the one authentic source, besides the entry in the Irish annals, of our information concerning it.

  42. A Treatise concerning the plague and the pox, discovering as well the means how to preserve from the danger of these infectious contagions, or how to cure those which are infected with either of them.

  43. Trusting to the respectable Birch, Bancroft in his Essay on the Yellow Fever, with observations concerning febrile contagion &c.

  44. The sicknesses of the first voyages and foreign settlements come into the history of national maladies, both as concerning Britain on the sea and beyond sea, and as showing forth the disease-producing conditions of those early times.

  45. Similarly, the Romans also only stipulate concerning Latium; the rest of Italy they do not mention, as not being under their authority.

  46. I now proceed to confirm and illustrate the pedigrees by giving such further facts concerning Vaughan's immediate family as I have been able with Miss Morgan's assistance, to glean.

  47. In many towns, the first regulations made by public authority for preventing fires will no doubt be found in the general regulations in regard to building, which seem to be somewhat older than the particular ordinances concerning fires.

  48. The head of Albertus Magnus, which is said not only to have moved, but to have spoken, is too little known for any opinion to be formed concerning it.

  49. Washing there was the occupation of indigent scourers, who did not give themselves much trouble concerning foreign commodities.

  50. Gerarde is silent concerning the field culture of turnips; neither is this mentioned by Parkinson, who wrote in 1629.

  51. From the latter, Count von Veltheim has explained, in a very ingenious manner, the fable of the ancients concerning the ants which dug up gold[837].

  52. The designs of God concerning Mary were fully accomplished.

  53. And His father and mother were wondering at these things which were spoken concerning Him.

  54. What a disparity between God's intentions concerning us and our own co-operation, between His merciful designs and our cowardly resistance to them!

  55. That there be no doubt concerning it, her divine Son made this declaration in His last will.

  56. In after life, when Sir Walter became great, he wrote a great deal concerning Puir Rabbie.

  57. You know,” he said suddenly, “that I am on the commission to report on the law concerning vagrants.

  58. There must always be some difference of opinion concerning the right of the romancer to treat of sacred events and to introduce sacred personages into his story.

  59. All he asked for on June 11 was Crawford's recollection about what passed between himself and Mary ere she entered Glasgow, concerning which Crawford nowhere says that he made any written memorandum.

  60. Either Lennox, from January 1567 onwards, possessed the notes which Crawford swore that he wrote concerning Darnley's conversation (in which case much of Letter II.

  61. She ludged and lay all nycht agane in the foresaid chalmer, and frome thence wrayt, that same nycht, the letter concerning the purpose of the abbott of Halyrudhouse.

  62. Concerning Darnley but little is recorded in comparison with what we know of Mary.

  63. Thus greatly do the stories of Mary and of Lethington differ, concerning their interview after Carberry.

  64. Correspondence concerning editorial matters may be addressed to any of the general editors.

  65. Similar things are admitted concerning the various kinds of spirituous and malt liquors.

  66. After going over the ground pretty thoroughly, I can tell the reader in a few words the substance of what has been ascertained, and plausibly inferred, concerning the effects of wine, beer, and spirits upon the human constitution.

  67. Now please forget all about it, and consider me at your service concerning this .

  68. All the bubble- illusions concerning the life of the tropical planter had been pricked by the stern facts of the Solomons.

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    about; against; apropos; concerning; point; regarding; relation; respecting; term; touching; upon

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