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Example sentences for "effected"

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effacer; effaces; effacing; effect; effecte; effectes; effecting; effective; effectively; effectiveness
  1. The Confederate army, or the greater portion of it, had effected its escape across the river in the steamer the fugitives had seen where they took the boat, and in other craft gathered there.

  2. First of all a settlement had to be effected in respect to the guilty.

  3. Christ has thus effected a greater redemption than Moses and Joshua.

  4. The writer applies a general saying of Jesus known to us from other sources about destroying and rebuilding the temple specifically to the demolition effected by Titus (70).

  5. There is no interest taken in the subsequent fortunes of Jerusalem and Jewish Christianity, nor even in the fate of Peter and James, after this transition has been effected to Gentile soil.

  6. Jesus' martyrdom was effected through the priests, the temple authorities; but at the instigation of the scribes and Pharisees.

  7. The break with the former self is complete, and effected in one wrench.

  8. How that transplanting is to be effected it does not tell.

  9. The growth of piecework and of sliding scales has effected something.

  10. Even the diminution effected in outdoor relief is not evidence of a corresponding decrease in the pressure of want.

  11. The denouement is effected by an heroic instance of self-devotion on the part of a woman, whose character exhibits a rare combination of feminine loveliness and strength.

  12. In ITALY the country is apparently quiet, but a very thorough and effective organization has been effected for a new revolutionary movement, whenever a proper opportunity shall be presented.

  13. The outgoing was effected at the bottom, from first to last, without the least impediment.

  14. Was the change from one kind of house to another effected by gradual transitions, by attempts made, abandoned, resumed, becoming more and more definite in their results as generation succeeded generation?

  15. The metamorphosis is effected in a spacious chamber lined with soft felt.

  16. As both doors are free, the outgoing is effected at either end with success.

  17. Six times successively they were thus driven back, losing a good many of their live stock, and it was only after thirty-four days that they effected their landing.

  18. It has already been effected to Adelaide in 29 days.

  19. But the fall went on continuously into 1844, so that Boyd effected large purchases at rates as low, in some cases, in the Sydney district, as even one shilling a head, besides cattle and horses at relatively the same.

  20. Assuming that the accomplice was standing at a turn of the stairs, which are winding and rather dusky, it is perfectly conceivable that such a change of packages might have been effected with scarcely a moment's delay.

  21. The hostilities of the Indians are repressed, and a survey of these parts of the public domain could now be effected with comparative safety, and at little expense.

  22. Those scenes of riot and atrocity, however, which have been imputed to the inhabitants of the mines by former travellers, do not now exist; the most beneficial changes having been effected in the state of society in that country.

  23. Dissolved a quantity of the powdered sublimate in nitric acid; it effected a ready solution, with violent effervescence.

  24. This is effected by exposing the lead to a moderate heat in a cupel, and removing the oxide as soon as it forms on the surface, until the whole is calcined, leaving the silver in the bottom of the cupel.

  25. At an early hour we completed the package of the horse, and, taking the reins, I led him to the brink of the river, and with difficulty effected a passage.

  26. The governor's answer showed that he was not wholly averse to an accommodation with Almagro, provided it could be effected without compromising the royal authority.

  27. No event of importance occurred on the road, and Pizarro, having effected a junction with Almagro, their united forces soon entered the vale of Xaquixaguana, about five leagues from Cuzco.

  28. The reconciliation thus effected among the parties answered the temporary purpose of enabling them to go forward in concert in the expedition.

  29. Some escaped by night from the camp, eluded the vigilance of the sentinels, and effected their retreat on board the vessels.

  30. The passage of the river had been effected with less loss than might have been expected, considering the darkness of the night, and the numbers that crowded over the aerial causeway.

  31. How (could this incorporation into a single genus be effected with) the elements of some object and the object itself?

  32. These two objects have therefore simultaneously and spontaneously effected that the one was double, and the other half.

  33. Strangulation is effected by means of a silken cord that two executioners pull at each end, or by an iron collar tightened by a screw, very much like the garote at present used in Spain.

  34. Metals succeeded stone, and by their use a complete revolution was effected in human societies.

  35. This commerce, against which European nations have effected so much, nevertheless, reckons as its partizans the Negroes themselves.

  36. By means of transport, effected in canoes formed from the trunks of trees barely hollowed out, the archipelagos of the Indian Ocean, and finally Australia, were gradually peopled.

  37. The belief is, that, as the incursions of Asiatic and European populations into Africa were always effected by the Isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea, the aboriginal blacks were thrust back more and more towards the west of the continent.

  38. Dolabella, however, effected an entry into Smyrna by a nocturnal surprise, and seized Trebonius, whom he murdered with great cruelty.

  39. Now, whoever have by themselves arrived at any power in each of these styles of oratory, have gained a great name among orators; but we must inquire whether they have sufficiently effected what we want.

  40. But this will be possible to be effected if we come to a right understanding of the different kinds of summing up.

  41. But other results are effected either by some desire or agitation of mind, or by habit, or nature, or art, or chance.

  42. And, in the first place, let us consider what kind of thing that is which above all things requires our diligence, so that a regular structure as it were may be raised, and yet that this may be effected without any labour.

  43. For as cause indicates effect, so what has been effected points out what the efficient cause has been.

  44. What then can be effected by this division of necessity?

  45. That will be effected if it be shown that that which the person on his trial avoided was more honourable, more advantageous, and more necessary than that which he did.

  46. XL But some people think that it is both possible and advisable at times to pass over the summing up altogether, when it is quite evident what is effected by ratiocination.

  47. By the most skilful military tactics, marching rapidly back and forth, threatening first one and then the other, he kept them asunder until the middle of August, when they effected a junction in spite of him.

  48. Since this could not be effected without an increased expense for the present and a prospect of still greater burdens in the future, the Legislative Assembly of Prussia refused to grant the appropriation demanded.

  49. The same year a reconciliation was effected with Henry the Lion.

  50. Duke Bernard effected a junction with Marshal Horn, and, with his usual daring, determined to attack the Imperialists at once.

  51. He was the son of a poor nobleman, and violent and unruly as a youth, until a fall from the third story of a house effected a sudden change in his nature.

  52. The latter two, meanwhile, were gradually drawing nearer to each other and to Bernadotte, and their final junction was effected without any serious movement to prevent it on Napoleon's part.

  53. Marshal Laudon was in command, and as the Russians had not yet arrived, he effected a junction with Daun, who had followed Frederick from Saxony.

  54. Then, early in 1648, Wrangel effected a junction with Marshal Turenne, and the combined Swedish and French armies overran all Bavaria, defeated the Imperialists in a bloody battle, and stood ready to invade Austria.

  55. This is effected by a little machine which drills each extremity at one and the same instant; and the operation is termed poleing the meridian.

  56. As they effected this manoeuvre I am glad to say I was able to get two of them, while Anscombe, I think, wounded another.

  57. Thus the road, if it can so be called, to Fugitives' Drift was left open for a while, and by it some effected their escape.

  58. In the end, Bella effected a compromise; the marriage was to be at a church, but in the greatest possible privacy.

  59. The man must be saved, if possible, from such calamity, and this would not be effected by merely demonstrating that he was on the highroad to ruin.

  60. It was characteristic of Jefferson's nobility that one of his first efforts was to undo, so far as he could, the mischief effected by the detested Sedition law.

  61. Their crimes were of similar character, effected by similar agencies, and committed at dates which embrace their several careers of guilt within the same period; but I have no authority to suppose that the one was known to the other.

  62. Even if these should be wholly favorable, the plowing could not be effected in season, and much ground must be planted too late or not planted at all.

  63. Yet this kind of draining is comparatively so cheap, and may, with a strong team, be effected so rapidly, that I can account for its popularity, especially in prairie regions.

  64. One of the things he had most wanted to say and prove in business was the economic value of being human, the enormous business saving that could be effected by being believed in.

  65. The two processes could be best effected at first probably by alternating, by keeping the man in equilibrium, balancing the mechanical and the spiritual in his life.

  66. This is effected by slightly bending the points of the alternate teeth right and left, so that one-half of the whole teeth stand a little to the right, and the other half a little to the left.

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