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Example sentences for "effectively"

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effecte; effected; effectes; effecting; effective; effectiveness; effectives; effects; effectual; effectuall
  1. I did not care what the job was so long as it effectively kept me employed.

  2. As a rule we effectively maintained a quiet, if not indifferent, and tractable attitude, but this was more than flesh and blood could stand.

  3. The coarse and harsh German soap effectively rendered my hair untenantable.

  4. But his infectious good spirits, his abundance of jokes, his inexhaustible fount of humour, and his readiness to exchange reminiscences effectively dispelled our gloom and relieved us from brooding over the misery of our position.

  5. She winced and was effectively cowed into silence.

  6. We all went in dire dread of him, the fear of being the victim of such brutality cowing us far more effectively than any other punishment we had encountered.

  7. Even a prevalent drift of thought or feeling will be most effectively rendered by vocal signs which change in color and intensity from word to word.

  8. Median Stress=, as it can be effectively applied to none but indefinite or mutable syllables, is compatible only with such a rate of utterance as will permit of these receiving long quantities.

  9. One who desires to do wrong offends God as effectively as another who does the wrong in deed.

  10. As God may be honored, so He may be dishonored, through the works of His hand; one may offend as effectively by disregard for the law that binds us to God's creatures as for that which binds us to the Creator Himself.

  11. The blasphemy in the second case reached God as effectively as in the first, and the outrage contained in both is of an order that human language is incapable of qualifying.

  12. There is at the present time great need for some implement that will effectively destroy young weeds and prevent their further growth.

  13. It does its work more effectively than the ordinary smoothing harrow and is, therefore, rapidly displacing all other forms of harrows for the purpose of maintaining a layer of loose soil over the dry-farm.

  14. The forms of social intercourse, the fashions, the festivities, are imposed on us by our fellows from without, and none the less effectively because as a general rule we fall in with them as a matter of course.

  15. They did their work so effectively that by and by they extended their attacks to the vessels of all nations.

  16. An abundance of combustibles had been brought, and they were now distributed and fired so effectively that nothing could save the fine vessel.

  17. Nothing so effectively disconcerts the schemes of sinister people as the tranquillity of great souls.

  18. And through what means could glory to God in the highest be more effectively rendered?

  19. It effectively dissipated the delusion that direct revelation from the heavens had forever ceased; and affirmatively proved the actuality of personal communication between God and mortals.

  20. God needs workers, and such as will labor faithfully and effectively are welcomed into the vineyard.

  21. In this story we find effectively illustrated the fact of the vitality of the seed of truth, though the secret processes of its growth be a mystery to all save God alone.

  22. They are also largely used by some artists for figures, in the manner shown in illustration on page 65, in which the shading is so effectively used on the waistcoat and hat of the man.

  23. In like manner the crayon sketch may be effectively helped by the addition of pen and ink, or fine brush work.

  24. When you have noted down 100 dreams, and find that one has come true, you may effectively destroy the superstitious dread that is apt to be engendered by stories such as the foregoing.

  25. Having thus disposed effectively of his enemies, Perseus covered up his death-dealing trophy, and the wedding ceremonies were resumed.

  26. He did not create man to live a solitary being, and, consequently, implanted in his heart an instinctive need of society; desiring that the latter should effectively contribute to the development of the faculties of soul and body.

  27. Assuming that to be the most enlightened system of education which tends most effectively to develop all the faculties of our nature, it is impossible, practically, to separate moral and religious from intellectual discipline.

  28. No one had suffered more for the party and no one had worked harder or more effectively for it.

  29. Finally, after an obstinate stand, the Austrians fell back in good order, effectively covering their retreat by a murderous artillery fire.

  30. Thus an illness caused by affliction, fear, nervous impressions, will be healed more effectively by spiritual rather than by physical treatment.

  31. Unless these Teachings are effectively spread among the people, until the old ways, the old concepts, are gone and forgotten, this world of being will find no peace, nor will it reflect the perfections of the Heavenly Kingdom.

  32. A war seemed imminent, but was averted, Finland in the meantime being effectively fortified.

  33. The ruler of Sweden and her people desire peace, but not as a gift of mercy from the great powers, but as a self-chosen right which can be effectively defended if necessary.

  34. They avoided open battle, and when landing in great numbers were effectively repulsed.

  35. In 1870 he became editor of Every Saturday, a high-class literary weekly, which was founded in Boston and effectively edited, yet only lived four years.

  36. This is partly because many of the trusts were organized with full knowledge that they involved a violation of law but in the belief that the law could not or would not be effectively enforced.

  37. The arrangement sketched in No 15 adds effectively to her appearance, not only making her look younger, but less inane.

  38. She should not wear the long coat, but she can effectively modify it to suit her needs, by only having a skirt, or tabs, or finishing straps in the back.

  39. The too slim throat encircled by velvet or ornamented with a jewelled buckle or brooch is effectively framed.

  40. The object of steaming is to break the coating and reduce the contents thereof to a pasty condition, wherein the starch is more effectively acted on by the malt and yeast.

  41. But, though he so effectively reaped where his predecessors had sown, Watt is not the greatest of the inventors of the steam engine, if we rate his standing by the magnitude of the improvement which marked his reconstruction of the engine.

  42. Tischendorf's reckless statements have been effectively dealt with in that masterly work.

  43. He wrote chiefly in Italian, his vulgar tongue, and thus effectively aided the grand march of heresy by familiarising the eyes of the people with newer and truer forms of thought.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "effectively" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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