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Example sentences for "expeditiously"

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expediting; expedition; expeditionary; expeditions; expeditious; expel; expell; expelled; expelling; expels
  1. The summons not being answered as expeditiously as he desired, he called again, and Jacob made his appearance brushing the moisture from his lips, and trying to swallow down a huge morsel that stuck in his throat.

  2. Pay attention to the reply, constable, will you?

  3. That's not the point,' said the doctor, mysteriously.

  4. The furious exclamations were not lost on the criminal; he requested the executioners to perform their part as expeditiously as possible.

  5. The variation is best observed and expeditiously by this instrument at the equinoxes by the rising or setting sun.

  6. Bruin's sagacity here served the seamen in good stead, and the sledge was expeditiously taken to firmer ice, whilst Mr. M.

  7. Our preparations for winter were hurried on as expeditiously as possible; and the housing, which, like a tent, formed a complete covering to our upper decks, afforded great comfort and shelter from the cold bleak wind without.

  8. Its surface being quite smooth, the canoes were dragged along expeditiously by the dogs, and the rest of the party had to walk very quick to keep pace with them, which occasioned many severe falls.

  9. The reporter, who had appraised the pair more expeditiously than the inspector had their goods, hypocritically drew them out, asking their opinion of America and Americans, which Archie set forth volubly.

  10. There were certain matters in connection with her assuming control of her fortune and terminating their trust that could be transacted more expeditiously if Mrs. Davis would present herself at their office by the end of May.

  11. Their first impulse after the rout upon the dock had been to dart back to Europe as expeditiously as possible, with Adelle's recovered lamp, and never darken again their native shores.

  12. Accordingly, an edict of pretended amnesty was hastily drawn up, and as expeditiously published.

  13. While this was being done, the gun-boats were got afloat and put to rights, and the soldiers expeditiously re-embarking the re-capture of the provisions was abandoned.

  14. The chairman expeditiously got out of range.

  15. Hanover was instantly notified by Lord Townshend, secretary of state, who attended his Majesty, to his brother Sir Robert Walpole, who as expeditiously was the first to carry the news to the successor and hail him King.

  16. The siege of Ypres does not advance so expeditiously as was expected; a little time gained in sieges goes a great way in a campaign.

  17. Fulminating silver may be made more expeditiously by dissolving the nitrate in water of pure ammonia, and precipitating by the addition of caustic potassa lye in slight excess.

  18. But the new knowledge has made its way more expeditiously than could have been anticipated; and its effects are seen on every side, even where its agency is scarcely recognized.

  19. They drew up by degrees closer and closer, for I let the fish lie some time for their observation; but seeing the large fish, upon my handling them, flap their tails, they very expeditiously retired again.

  20. Newgate became thus, as it were, the very focus of infection, where the plague assumed its worst aspect, and where its victims perished far more expeditiously than elsewhere.

  21. Many of the affidavits she had so expeditiously secured had been purchased outright.

  22. Let one part of Sal Ammoniac, and three parts of Lime, slaked in the air, be pulverized separately, and expeditiously mixed together.

  23. Copper is much more expeditiously deprived of its phlogiston by calcining it in a crucible with Nitre.

  24. The Lead serves moreover to free the Copper expeditiously from the Iron with which it may be alloyed.

  25. He still regarded the unbeliever with narrow distrust and dislike.

  26. Some ten or twelve were seized and carried to the watch-house, and this morning fined for their disorderly conduct.

  27. The stanchions were fastened by a bolt on the under side of the rail in such a manner as to be easily removed, thus permitting the whole affair to be expeditiously taken down and stowed while in port.

  28. Commodore made up his mind to hurry away from that centre as expeditiously as possible.

  29. These three hundred marched so expeditiously to the other side of the lake, that they reached it before their opponents had gained the shore, they being retarded by their poles sticking in the mud.

  30. I have already mentioned one instance of its efficacy, and there is no doubt but that the decoction of it will expeditiously and radically remove all impurities of the blood.

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