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Example sentences for "expel"

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expedition; expeditionary; expeditions; expeditious; expeditiously; expell; expelled; expelling; expels; expence
  1. Yes," said Felina, "and in a little time I shall be but the shadow of a dream, which some reality will expel from your heart.

  2. While all are preparing to expel the domestic who has deceived every body by her air of candor and innocence, the old man, whose reason has been wandering, listens.

  3. Power to the craft to expel those who do ill and bring discredit upon it.

  4. Choiseul, who hated the Jesuits, and had just expelled them from France, endeavoured also to expel them from Spain.

  5. In 1613, the first English ship reached a part of the Japan territories, and a factory was established, through which trade was carried on with the Japanese, till the Dutch persuaded the emperor to expel all Europeans but themselves.

  6. From this period, the Dutch Indian commerce flourished extremely: and the company, not content with having drawn away a large portion of the Portuguese trade, resolved to expel them entirely from this part of the world.

  7. This was in February, 1897, Later he wrote that to expel the Greek troops from Crete and keep as police the butchers of Armenia, would further deepen the disgrace of the Powers of Europe.

  8. He also ordered the magistrates of Nuernburg to seize Gregory's property and expel him or deliver him up for punishment.

  9. Even some of the bishops joined in this, as appears from a synod held in Magdeburg about this time, which ordered the priests to excommunicate and expel them.

  10. All prelates, princes, and magistrates are ordered to expel and treat as outlaws the sect of Beghards and Beguines, commonly known as Wilge Armen or Conventschwestern, who beg with the vainly prohibited formula "Brod durch Gott!

  11. To gratify them would be suicidal, and the consuls decided to expel them.

  12. All priests were ordered to warn them to abandon these customs, and to expel from their parishes those who were obstinate.

  13. God visited the sacrilege with a drouth of ten months, which was not broken until Lucas, at the risk of his life, destroyed the heretic chapel; and when the rains came there was a revulsion of feeling which enabled him to expel the heretics.

  14. About the same period Innocent found himself obliged to use persuasion and argument in the endeavor to urge the people of Treviso to expel their heretics.

  15. Rolando assembled them, preached to them, and then ordered the podesta to expel the heretics.

  16. Holy Land indulgences were offered to all who would assist them in capturing heretics, as well as to rulers who, unable to capture them, should at least expel them from their territories.

  17. And the king in his anger said to the general, "That son of mine is conspiring against me, because he wishes to reign himself, so expel him from the kingdom this very moment without delay, together with his ministers.

  18. Surely some great creature dwells here, so I will depart, for if it saw me, it might slay me, or expel me from the forest.

  19. Consequently Claudius did not expel him but made public in the senate the opinion that he had of him, so that he, indignant, rent his clothes.

  20. Most of the energy is of course required to expel the poison, and hence the method of generating the energy is uneconomical.

  21. Taken

    into the system, the whole bodily activity is aroused in an attempt to expel the poison.

  22. Therefore in this condition it can expel fatigue.

  23. They sought to expel error from their imaginative life and to interpret, by means of cosmic phenomena, the original purposes of spiritual beings.

  24. We are told, that, if the applicant be disloyal, then we may expel him.

  25. There is one formal difference, under the National Constitution, between the power to expel a Senator and the power to expel the President.

  26. The power to expel a Senator is unlimited in terms.

  27. They might be winked at until Government was strong enough to expel them thoroughly; in the meantime all ports should be held, so that the fleet might cut off access to the isles.

  28. The Lord Deputy should resume the government, receiving at the same time strict and secret instructions to co-operate with him in his attempt to expel the Scots and to reduce Sir Brian MacPhelim.

  29. I am satisfied that very few cases of sexual irregularity have occurred among them, and they rigorously expel all those who transgress their rules.

  30. Inspiration sometimes directs us to admit a new-comer to full membership, and sometimes to expel an unworthy member.

  31. Let our prayers, O Lord, come up before Thee, and expel all wickedness from Thy Church.

  32. Because there be four things which expel the enemy.

  33. Secondly, with respect to the blessing of water, it is to be noted that this kind of exorcising water is performed in order to expel the enemy from it.

  34. But the military forces were insufficient to hold the land defences against the army collected to expel them.

  35. Next, Sardinia having been coerced into peace, the Army of Italy would expel the Austrians from Lombardy, and connect its operations with those of the French in South Germany by way of Tirol.

  36. Boiling the honey, would, of course, expel it much more effectually, and it is a well ascertained fact that some persons are not able to eat even the best honey with impunity, until after it has been boiled!

  37. Instead of trying to make an equitable division at the time of driving out the bees, I prefer to expel all that I can, and to rely upon the bees returning from their gatherings, to replenish the old stock.

  38. A colony which neglects to expel its drones at the usual season, ought always to be examined.

  39. It should enable the Apiarian, if the bee-moth ever gains the upper hand of the bees, to remove the combs, and expel the worms.

  40. In July or August, soon after the swarming season is over, the bees expel the drones from the hive.

  41. The continued action of the right ventricle forced blood into the pulmonary capillaries, where it was compelled to accumulate in consequence of the inability of the left ventricle to receive and expel it.

  42. Irritation of these nerves is said to have the effect of producing contractions of the bronchial canals sufficient to expel a certain quantity of air.

  43. Let us strive to expel that evil, lest we fall under God's displeasure and forfeit His favour.

  44. But Titus replied that "The Judaeans having no country left to them, it would be inhuman to expel them from Antioch--they had no retreat.

  45. After two or three seconds Madge reversed the motion and pressed the arms firmly against the chest, to expel the air.

  46. He had made himself a nest, so Margaret stated, under the roof of the house, and only a desperate effort of faith and contest with spiritual arms could expel him.

  47. Thereupon she bade all present recommence beating themselves with their fists, so as to expel the devil, and they executed her orders with wildest fanaticism.

  48. The provosts of the guilds hastily drew up a petition to the senate to expel the clergy from the town, and to confiscate their goods; but the magistrates refused to comply with this requisition, which would have at once stirred up civil war.

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