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Example sentences for "disunite"

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disturbs; disulphide; disunion; disunionist; disunionists; disunited; disunity; disuse; disused; disutility
  1. If those States should disunite from the other States, for not including them in the temporary continuance of this traffic, they might solicit and obtain aid from foreign powers.

  2. Franklin, minister plenipotentiary from the colonies, residing at Paris, to whom they made various proposals to disunite them from France, and accommodate matters with England.

  3. If we do not bring on a battle presently, some factious intrigue will disunite the Athenians, and the city will be betrayed to the Medes.

  4. Napoleon sought to disunite the formidable confederacy, which he knew would be arrayed against him, by endeavouring to negotiate separately with each of the allied sovereigns.

  5. To disunite in opinion or interest; to make discordant or hostile; to set at variance.

  6. These stimuli of unusual energy or novelty not only disunite our common trains of ideas, but the trains of muscular motions also, which have not been long established by habit, and disturb those that have.

  7. The only way to keep us from setting up for ourselves is to disunite us.

  8. Among them were these, with which the strain ended: "And the sad memory of our life below Shall but unite us closer evermore; No net of thine shall loose Thee from the eternal bond, Nor shall Revenge have power To disunite us there!

  9. No act of thine may loose Thee from the eternal bond, Nor shall Revenge have power To disunite us there!

  10. Neither of these two races of men was excelled in point of courage; but the number of Franks who still entered into the service of the empire diminished the real force of this nation, and naturally tended to disunite it.

  11. His only answer to the stadtholderess was a positive recommendation to use every possible means to disunite and breed ill-will among the three confederate lords.

  12. The pamphlet was stigmatized as libellous and seditious, and the writer as attempting to disunite the two nations.

  13. Yet, such was the temper of the governing officials, that a cry was raised against it and the writer accused of attempting to disunite the two kingdoms.

  14. Since therefore it is impossible even for the mind to disunite the ideas of extension and motion from all other sensible qualities, doth it not follow, that where the one exist there necessarily the other exist likewise?

  15. From this time I date my first acquaintance with my old friend Gauffecourt, who, notwithstanding every effort to disunite us, has still remained so.

  16. I presume attempts have been made to disunite them, and that I have been made use of to inspire one of the two with jealousy.

  17. His colleagues tried to disunite him from the triumvirate; they deputed him to draw up a report on the events of the preceding day, and submit it to them.

  18. The enemies of our peace seek but too eagerly to disunite us, but let love of country cement our union, and let public interest make us inseparable!

  19. And Him I pray, who could disunite * To re-unite us.

  20. We have to thank Lord Palmerston (an Irish landlord) for ignoring the growth of Fenianism and another aged statesman for a sturdy attempt to disunite the United Kingdom.

  21. The only way to keep us from setting up for ourselves, is--to disunite us.

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