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setter; setters; settest; setteth; settin; settinge; settings; settis; settle; settled
  1. He had just caught a glimpse, too, of a faint line of high coast stretching away to the north-west, and consequently catching upon its most prominent points the beams of the setting moon, while all the rest remained in dim gray shadow.

  2. Perhaps he has enjoyed (such things are sometimes enjoyed) setting forth before the quiet parishioners of his father his new consequence as a man of the world and of large moneyed prospects.

  3. When I had eaten freely, he allowed me to wander at will, setting first a boy on top of my arbor, apparently to watch that I did not wander out of sight.

  4. Some lurking irony may be suspected,--a disposition to reduce the apparent magnitude of a great political convulsion by setting it in juxtaposition with its more trivial results.

  5. She was a bride, setting out on her wedding tour.

  6. So that the first item in setting up an establishment is not only to bring one's resources about one, but to find the people of the trade who will assist in the gladdest way.

  7. On top of the walls were soldiers sitting, rifle on knee; a machine gun commanded the drive, and across the gravel more soldiers were digging a trench, setting posts, and stringing barbed wire which they unwound from great wooden reels.

  8. He opened the window to the fresh, sweet air and looked out at the yellowing autumn leaves which the setting sun made transparent gold.

  9. Oh," Emily faltered, setting down the coffee-pot in her plate.

  10. He flung back his head with the resolute setting of expression the other knew so well, his eyes brilliant with a resolve that took no heed of physical discomfort.

  11. Leaning on the table, her round chin in her palm as she gazed down at the paper in her lap, her fancy slipped back to that night on the Long Island road, when she had first seen his serene genius for setting all things right.

  12. From one to the other David's glance went, to rest on Emily's delicate, earnest face in its setting of yellow-bronze curls.

  13. Methinks good Peter must have been setting his charms to work, for she never could be brought to listen to him of old.

  14. He began by setting forth the situation, as I have described it above, quite simply and truly.

  15. In spite of the high wind and rough sea, a fleet of shore boats were setting out toward the anchorage.

  16. At setting sail we were hard wrought, for we were still three hands short of our complement, and the three in the fo'cas'le were beyond hope by reason of drug and drink.

  17. But with the setting up of the new boom the Old Man was anxious to get under weigh.

  18. The Drumeltan was eight hands short of her crew of twenty-six, and the Captain of the Peleus was considering the risk of setting off for the Horn, short-handed by three.

  19. It was dreary work, this laggard setting out--hanging about the land, tack and tack, instead of trimming yards to a run down Channel.

  20. A dismal morning to be setting off to the sea!

  21. The last he remembered would be setting the tune to a Dago fiddler in a gaudy saloon, with lashings of drink to keep his feet a-tripping.

  22. To seaward we saw our neighbours of the fog setting on their ways.

  23. Confraternities of charity like that of Châtillon were established on all the de Gondi estates, Madame de Gondi herself setting the example of what a perfect Lady of Charity should be.

  24. Setting out from Clichy with his worldly goods on a hand-barrow, he arrived at the Oratory, from whence he was to proceed to his new abode.

  25. Before setting out on their mission journeys they used to give the key of the house to a neighbor; but as there was nothing in it to steal, there was little cause for anxiety.

  26. While she continued to converse, setting forth the advantages of her position, the bon garçon of a husband, who seemed second in command, followed with assenting smiles.

  27. The Ossalais in this showed no little wit; or, if the tradition is not founded on fact, the story still exhibits their powers of setting a due value on their possessions in a striking light.

  28. He says that Duane and his coadjutors meditate an attack upon Mr. Madison and yourself for setting your faces against the office-hunters.

  29. Mr. Gallatin appears to have refrained from every attempt to negotiate on his own account, and to have contented himself with removing such obstacles and with setting in motion such influences as it was in his power to affect or control.

  30. Putting these incidents sternly aside, the master addressed himself to the task of setting a few copies for the next day as the voices of his departing flock faded from the porch.

  31. If the bees cannot, as in my hives, be kept cool and dark, they will be excessively uneasy, and may suffer very seriously from so long confinement: hence the very great importance of setting them in the cellar.

  32. He did not come back until the morning of the next day, when I had sent eighty men who survived from the vanguard, to which Nicolas Gomez had to go, setting out as soon as the men had heard mass.

  33. While we were setting sail, one of our Indian captives appeared on the shore.

  34. Then she put his blood into the little bottle; and setting off again she stayed not till she came to Big Valley, where she went straightway to the royal palace, and sent word that she was come to cure the Prince.

  35. So setting sail, he went about and about, until at length he was carried to an island, where lived the Dolphin with Rita.

  36. Such proceedings may be by way of petition setting forth the case and praying that such violation shall be enjoined or otherwise prohibited.

  37. In setting out on an endeavour to understand the principles underlying political representation, the saying expresses exactly the course which should be followed.

  38. Believing in the absolute justice of the principle, Mill and Hare were certainly consistent in setting no limit to its application except the size of the assembly.

  39. Suddenly the full glory of the setting sun smote it from outer rim to base.

  40. It is the idle man that quickens hatred and contention, as it is the setting hen and not the scratching one that hatches out the eggs.

  41. Divorce and the mere shifting of the stage setting will never make your tragedy over into a vaudeville or a light opera.

  42. The moon was setting and the night would become darker, so there was a good chance that Lakington would not recognise that the driver of his car had changed.

  43. I can hear her saying it now, Mr. Peterson, with the golden rays of the setting sun lighting up her sweet face.

  44. A wet season was setting in, and 200 miles of flooded country lay between them and their homes.

  45. Again, the type page, the decorations, the paper, binding and endsheets, all combine to give an artistic setting to literary masterpieces and a stimulating atmosphere for literary study.

  46. Accordingly the father, if he is wise, will be satisfied when his boy is really interested in a thoroughly good selection if he sees at the same time that the boy is setting about his interpretation in the right way.

  47. Some of the last group appear in the form of fine lyrics which everyone loves but which are made more attractive and inspiring by proper setting and helpful interpretations.

  48. In some instances this note gives the historical setting of a masterpiece or tells something of the circumstances under which it was written, when those facts help to an appreciation of the selection.

  49. By this plan one selection serves as the setting for another, and a child often can see how the real things of life prove the inspiration for great writers.

  50. With this preliminary setting there should be no difficulty in feeling a sufficient interest in King Arthur to be appreciative of Tennyson's work from the very beginning.

  51. Some of them cannot be appreciated without a knowledge of their setting in the original poem or prose selection, while others are complete and perfect as they stand.

  52. Let us imagine ourselves standing on some peak and looking over a scene lighted by the setting sun.

  53. Have you not seen the west when the clouds appeared a fiery red around the setting sun?

  54. The setting sun, although free from mist, shed no rays.

  55. Thus with good love and liking we took our leave of that people, setting over to the islands of [ ?

  56. We heard no answer all that day; and therefore toward night we went aboard our frigates and reposed ourselves, setting and keeping very orderly all that night our watch, with great and small shot.

  57. And to hearten his company he feasted them that Easter Day (22nd March) with great cheer and cheerfulness, setting up his rest upon that attempt.

  58. Not as setting sail for maintaining my reputation in men's judgment, but only as sitting at helm, if occasion shall be, for conducting the like actions hereafter.

  59. Now this is nothing short of a new social age, a new era of human relationships, a new stage-setting for the drama of life.

  60. The duties, rather than the joys, of her condition, had lain nearest her heart until that moment of setting out, giving her an anxious and almost worried mien which at breakfast neither Henry nor the Suttons could quite understand.

  61. Anna, who was setting the tea-table, saw a double shadow pass the window, and heard voices.

  62. To utter the word 'bedtime' to Agnes was to open the attack on her father, and she felt as the conductor of an opera feels before setting in motion a complicated activity which may end in either triumph or an unspeakable fiasco.

  63. After he had mastered his correspondence, Mr. Tellwright took up the trowel again and finished the tile-setting in the lobby.

  64. Mr. Tellwright was re-setting some encaustic tiles in the lobby.

  65. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "setting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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