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Example sentences for "broadcasting"

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  1. In Woodworth, the school of education, is the campus broadcasting studio.

  2. In March 1931 it became an associate member of the National Broadcasting Company, and a number of chain programs, including several from the agricultural college, have originated in its studios.

  3. Several amateur stations were in operation before any commercial broadcasting had been done in North Dakota.

  4. The radio has made an important contribution to the State service by broadcasting information on weather conditions whenever necessary.

  5. KRMC, Jamestown's radio broadcasting station, has its studios in the Gladstone Hotel building at 412 Front St. W.

  6. They've got a dandy program on at the broadcasting station to-night, and I don't want to miss it.

  7. And sure enough, it was not long before they heard the familiar call of the big Newark broadcasting station and were listening to a big band perform in stirring style.

  8. So that it can be swung end on in the direction of the broadcasting station," continued Bob, not deigning to notice the interruption.

  9. Why, I just read in the morning paper that the broadcasting station is going to send out the big baseball game between the Giants and the Pittsburghs at the Polo Grounds this afternoon," replied Joe.

  10. We'll be able to hear the messages from the broadcasting station a heap better than we ever did before.

  11. Inside the bungalow the boys, excited and tense, heard the familiar voice of the announcer at WJZ, the big Newark broadcasting station.

  12. Suppose some great lecturer or traveler who has been in faraway lands should give a travel talk from some broadcasting station.

  13. I ask for this broadcasting of the Allies' determination to punish, in the hope that it may stay the hands of at any rate some of the criminals.

  14. Nevertheless, the General Management of the broadcasting services agreed to broadcast short appeals under the slogan "Contribute towards an Asylum for the Homeless".

  15. Why don't we all go over to the station and listen in on the broadcasting to-night.

  16. You see, just about every night during broadcasting hours we have either had company or I have been busy.

  17. Broadcasting means sending out stuff of a specified wave length from a central station so that amateurs with a range of from two hundred to three hundred meters can pick it up.

  18. All these broadcasting stations have certain hours for their programs.

  19. The recall mechanism functioned by broadcasting a power wave that again reversed the atomic charge of the Belt and its contained object back to that of Earth.

  20. When several minutes passed without you and Uncle Benjamin broadcasting the recall wave for me, I knew that something terrible must have happened back in the laboratory, and that I might be marooned in Arret for hours.

  21. Broadcasting Equipment, Developed by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Western Electric Company.

  22. Suppose that instead of broadcasting from the antenna at station 2 we arrange to have its radio transmitter supply current to a wire circuit.

  23. Broadcasting Station of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company on the Roof of the Walker-Lispenard Bldg.

  24. Suppose, however, one wishes to amplify the signals from a radio-broadcasting station.

  25. If his suppositions were correct, then he was a living, walking broadcasting station.

  26. The broadcasting circuits could then be spread over his head, or, for that matter, over any part of his body.

  27. In a few moments the sounds from the transmitter in the broadcasting room ceased.

  28. Then he put his hollowed fist to his mouth and shouted into it: "This is broadcasting station P D Q!

  29. So they wrote a note to Mr. Hooper, explaining fully what they intended doing and requesting that he reimburse the school for any loss or injury to the broadcasting instrument in case anything happened to both of them.

  30. Having put their transmitting station in operation, Bill got busy on the wires, and on a wave length of 360 meters, began broadcasting notifications to Mr. Sabaste and to the police relative to Tony's whereabouts.

  31. When they were broadcasting those repulsive emotions to each other and at him, they were also broadcasting information--especially in the throes of unity.

  32. Worse, there was another couple starting at it, broadcasting less strongly but no less sickeningly--that unspeakable Piety and a big black she thought of as Tiny.

  33. That's someone broadcasting in code," she declared.

  34. As on one other occasion the six separate units broadcasting were some distance apart.

  35. This means that crystal receiving sets must be used near the broadcasting stations, before the waves have been weakened by traveling any considerable distance.

  36. These broadcasting stations have sending ranges as high as 1,000 miles.

  37. I had wondered about the broadcasting end of things.

  38. What about the broadcasting end, the cameras?

  39. He led them to the top floor of the old house where one room had been fitted up for broadcasting purposes.

  40. He's afraid the gang is trying to get the secret radio information out of the country by using an unlicensed station which has just started broadcasting from somewhere along the east shore of Maryland.

  41. I was allowed nowhere near the power-broadcasting station on the peak, nor the complement of it which was buried three miles below the base of the mountain.

  42. Naturally, with the destruction of the city's power-broadcasting plant the Han air fleet had plunged to earth.

  43. Every Han city had many public-view broadcasting stations, operating on tuning ranges which did not interfere with other communication systems.

  44. When you give these plays you will not need costumes and you will not need scenery, although you can easily arrange a broadcasting studio if you wish.

  45. The alert had been given and radio broadcasting stopped in many cities, among them Hiroshima.

  46. Tokyo control operator of the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation noticed that the Hiroshima station had gone off the air.

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