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  1. As a result: Government and industry technicians are rapidly developing new Earth satellites to beam not only television programs but radio broadcasts and phone conversations to every spot on Earth that's equipped to receive them.

  2. It is being undertaken by the National Radio-Astronomy Observatory and consists of carefully directed listening by radio-telescope for signs of intelligent broadcasts originating outside Earth.

  3. Because of political considerations on the part of the authorities concerned, the planned 5-minute broadcasts could not take place.

  4. You haven't heard the news broadcasts the past couple of days?

  5. Daily there were multilingual radio broadcasts tuned in by the Baltika but largely they added little to the actual information on the extraterrestrials.

  6. They heard fragments of broadcasts coming from Earth.

  7. And Tom Granger began his broadcasts again: "Androids--your numbers are relatively few.

  8. The problems become immense when European simultaneous broadcasts are attempted.

  9. The foreign language broadcasts from Radio Cairo were under the over-all control of the Political Warfare Executive (P.

  10. It is in fairly echoey halls, theatres and churches that the majority of outside broadcasts take place.

  11. The censor for the Polish broadcasts was the Countess Walevska, grand-daughter of Napoleon's lady friend.

  12. Eliascos continued: "My brother Patroclos and I were told that we would be attached to the section producing the broadcasts in Greek directed towards occupied Greece, acting as translators, editors and newsreaders.

  13. During the three and a half years of the broadcasts this was done only on one special occasion and certainly not because the newsreader had gone berserk or something like that.

  14. When the broadcasts began early in May 1941 I was the principal newsreader.

  15. Broadcasts to the stars when we find that another one's set up a similar plate and is ready to chat with us.

  16. We've already made a neat sum out of the broadcasts from this trip.

  17. Things had calmed down quite a bit, and as we pieced the various broadcasts together, an amazing realization came over us.

  18. Some critics felt that the old programming was lacking in variety, causing listeners to turn to foreign broadcasts for more enjoyable entertainment.

  19. Foreign broadcasts are transmitted approximately twenty-six hours a day Monday through Saturday and twenty-nine hours on Sunday.

  20. The ideological purposes of radio broadcasts are presented by the government in quasi-cold war terms.

  21. There were also special broadcasts to villages and question-and-answer programs in industrial enterprises and cooperative farms.

  22. Although the propaganda efforts of the communist government were tireless, radio broadcasts and printed materials from the West continued to pour into Bulgaria.

  23. It was not satisfactory to be limited to broadcasts which might not be picked up, and were unlikely to be acknowledged.

  24. He was less than professionally enthusiastic about the moving streets, and much less approving of the dream-broadcasts which supplied hypnotic, sleep-inducing rhythms to anybody who chose to listen to them.

  25. Their frantic broadcasts persisted in this thought, despite the nervous electrophonic inquiries of the Hans themselves, to whom the sound of the battle was evidently audible, and who were trying to locate the trouble.

  26. They were, as might be expected, an inefficient, loosely disciplined gang, and repeated broadcasts for help to neighboring gangs.

  27. No Han activity was reported, and no Han broadcasts indicated any suspicion of our expedition.

  28. In April, 1945, a loudspeaker tank with the XIX Corps made an average of twenty broadcasts a day during action.

  29. The net effects of the work of civilian-operated propaganda are hard to appraise because the radio broadcasts and leaflets for civilians were designed to have a long-range effect on the enemy.

  30. Security supervision can be exercised by monitoring facilities: that is, the security officers can equip themselves with a good radio receiver and listen to the broadcasts without ever meeting the broadcasters.

  31. Radio broadcasts need be made only when receiving sets are known to exist.

  32. It can be served by obtaining all the most recent enemy publications that may be available, by listening attentively to enemy prisoners and captured civilians, and by carefully analyzing the enemy's current broadcasts to his own people.

  33. In British broadcasts to Germany, for example, it was found to be desirable for the radio announcers to have British accents in their German, rather than the Viennese or Jewish lilt which many of them did have.

  34. He had Japanese on his political staffs--democratic persons whom his officials encouraged--and regular Japanese broadcasts were kept up throughout the war on the Chungking radio.

  35. But in Psychological Warfare, the Japanese-language short-wave broadcasts from San Francisco had no imaginable effect on the American forces in the Pacific.

  36. What was known was that the Japanese government itself had listening facilities, and that the content of American broadcasts was relayed through Japanese military and governmental groups.

  37. Ghost voices and ghost programs, transmitted on legitimate Allied wave lengths when the Allied transmitters went off the air, or else interrupting the Allied broadcasts by transmitting simultaneously.

  38. Much of the immortal music performed by world-famous artists on these broadcasts may he permanently preserved in the brilliant recordings available on Columbia Masterworks Records.

  39. These broadcasts represent the oldest continuous series of serious music in American radio.

  40. Hence, Mexico is today being battered by pro-fascist propaganda broadcasts from Germany on special short-wave beams, and Nazi and fascist agents surreptitiously meet with discontented generals to weave a network throughout the country.

  41. So far as the Western World is concerned, the Federal Government has already taken steps to try to counteract the short-wave broadcasts by German and Italian government-controlled stations.

  42. They should be used as a basis of radio broadcasts only for local and special cases and as directed by the theater commander.

  43. Only fragments of the broadcasts could be monitored, because radio reception had suddenly deteriorated right across the world.

  44. The Washington columnists began to hint of lessening tension in the cold war, and the wire services carried reports of Russian radio broadcasts talking of a new era of cooperation between East and West.

  45. If government monitors caught the broadcasts and jammed them, there were alternate channels chosen.

  46. Dark reached over and set the groundcar's radio dial on the frequency which had been agreed on for emergency Phoenix broadcasts during this operation.

  47. In the Willard Hotel they were assigned to an excellent room, and Bart insisted on switching on the broadcasts and listening to the news.

  48. The news broadcasts from the States were jubilant and became increasingly so during the night.

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