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Example sentences for "cockpit"

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  1. The narrow cabin that ran from the cockpit bulkhead to the stem was cumbered with dismantled diving pumps and gear, but there was a locker on each side on which one could sleep.

  2. Perhaps we had better get the pumps down into the cockpit when you have finished the pork and tea.

  3. Jimmy pulled up a canvas hood which covered part of the cockpit and lighted a lantern under it before he turned to his passenger.

  4. Early in the evening Clay came on board and sat in the cockpit while the men relieved each other below.

  5. Her crew sat in the cockpit watching the diver fit the wires to the contact-plug of the firing battery.

  6. The cockpit would hold not another wounded man, and the shots which came in killed men who were under the surgeon's knife.

  7. Two men were killed outright and one or two more were wounded by this shot, and as their shipmates saw the men carried below to the cockpit they moved uneasily, and several of the gun-captains wished to fire.

  8. The only conclusion Jimmie had been able to reach about the other one in the cockpit with him--he did not know whether it was male or female--was that it had been one of the new people.

  9. Just before the ship crashed, he realized that someone else was in the cockpit with him, fighting to take over the controls.

  10. But poor little Belgium, the "cockpit of Europe," ran red with blood.

  11. Halted in France by the Franco-British armies and meeting with varying fortunes against the Russian hosts in the eastern campaign, Germany chose to make Belgium once more the international cockpit and hurled an army against Antwerp.

  12. And Freddy Farmer half stood up in the rear cockpit and waved a wild greeting to the Flying Tigers.

  13. But Morris and his wireless observer were seized, pulled up on the drift wires which ran from the nose of the boat back to the wings, and were drawn on board through the front cockpit in an utterly exhausted condition.

  14. They fitted the covering over the forward cockpit to keep out water thrown over the bows.

  15. If a submarine was sighted I ducked forward into the cockpit in the very nose of the boat, where I had my machine-gun, bomb sight, and the levers which released the bombs.

  16. Perham popped up through the front cockpit like a Jack-in-the-box, and looked back.

  17. The engineer was in his cockpit in the middle of the boat, surrounded by the petrol-tanks, a maze of piping, and innumerable gadgets.

  18. Billiken took his seat in a little padded arm-chair on the right-hand side of the control cockpit, a cockpit which ran across the full width of the boat some distance back from the nose.

  19. The control cockpit was lit only by the light in the binnacle and the Wireless Navigator.

  20. He climbed into the cockpit of his machine.

  21. Come up to the control cockpit with me and see us take off.

  22. So we yarned about Felixstowe, and the six-ton boats, and the pilots, until he had to go to the control cockpit to relieve the First Mate.

  23. Ball leaned out of the cockpit and watched it all the way down.

  24. Dickey dived into the front cockpit to drop the bombs, but before doing so looked back at the pilot.

  25. Yet all of this region formerly known as Flanders, has from time immemorial been war's favorite playground, "the Cockpit of Europe.

  26. Surviving the ancient wars and revolutions in this, "the Cockpit of Europe," the great examples of architecture of the early days of France remained for our delight.

  27. In rough weather the cockpit could be completely covered with a light apron with openings where the rowers sat, with a sort of collar, which could be lashed tightly round their waists.

  28. For a quarter of an hour Godfrey watched to see that Luka steered steadily, then he worked himself down in the cockpit and closed his eyes.

  29. And during that time Dave and Freddy were tossed about in their double cockpit like a couple of dried peas in a tin can.

  30. The thick glass hood over the Fulmar's two place cockpit was being turned into a mass of millions and millions of tiny cracks as the bullets from the Fairey Swordfish's guns slammed against it.

  31. For a moment or so he sat slumped up against the side of the cockpit where the last crazy lurch of the plane had flung him.

  32. The cockpit stood on what was then called the “lord’s waste,” the vacant land in the rear of the Market Sted, which still retains the name of Cockpit Hill.

  33. The four sisters cuddled down in the cockpit and chattered like four magpies.

  34. He stepped down into the cockpit of the Isobel with some haste.

  35. They were, of course, in the cockpit or in the cabin.

  36. Stan eased in close beside him, clambered out of the cockpit and stepped across to Garret's Spitfire, giving it a searching look.

  37. Stan felt better about sliding into his cockpit because the sun was shining and he could see the silver wires attached to the hydrogen gorged balloons.

  38. He squirmed out of the cockpit and dived.

  39. Stan grinned eagerly as he swung himself into the cockpit and glanced back to see that his gunner got set.

  40. The cockpit shuddered and the instruments on the board seemed to dance.

  41. In any event the boat would be telescoped down to the cockpit and sink at the edge of the log field.

  42. In the first, she was a shabby, barelegged girl of thirteen, standing in the cockpit of his sloop, holding the little vessel on its course while he and old Caleb took a reef in the mainsail.

  43. The vicious movement of the plane tore Dave's hands from the controls and flung him over so hard he cracked his head on the cockpit rim and saw stars for a brief instant or so.

  44. He reached the plane a dozen steps ahead of the English boy, and practically leaped into the pilot's cockpit forward.

  45. He got them unfastened and grabbed hold of the sides of the cockpit before he went plunging down into the muddy bottom of the bomb crater, himself.

  46. A moment later he saw the gunner-observer in the rear pit shove back his bullet proof glass cockpit hatch and stand up and wave signals with both his arms.

  47. Somehow the waves looked a lot bigger from the cockpit of the sloop than they had from the deck of the steamer.

  48. As they rode down the hill, they were delighted to see another figure at Mr. Chillingworth's side as the ranch owner stood upright in the cockpit of the little vessel.

  49. This done, the owner of the boat came back to the cockpit and she was put on her course once more.

  50. Not a word did he speak until he stood by the side of Red's plane, his hands gripping the leather piping at the edge of the cockpit until his knuckles were white.

  51. Into the cockpit of Larkin's plane streamed a half dozen deadly pellets.

  52. He swung into the cockpit and the Sergeant stood at the prop.

  53. Simultaneously Lieutenant Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick vaulted nimbly out of the cockpit on the opposite side of his plane, calling to the girl to follow his example.

  54. Almost immediately both were horrified to see Numa leap from the cockpit and advance upon Tarzan.

  55. With a cry Tom sprang to the cockpit and quickly had the weapon spitting bullets at the foe.

  56. In Tom's case he did not have access to this weapon, which was fixed on the rim of the cockpit where Jack could, and where he had been controlling, it.

  57. It was that way with the bomb Jack released by a touch of his foot on the lever in the cockpit of the machine.

  58. One had struck him a glancing blow on the head, rendering Jack unconscious and sending him down, a crumpled-up heap in the cockpit of his machine.

  59. They were soon aboard, and Margaret curled herself in the cockpit on a rug, while Falkner ran up the sails.

  60. They glided past hulking schooners lying idle with grimy sails all set, and from their decks above black-faced men looked down curiously at the white figure in the cockpit of the little sloop.

  61. But this ancient cockpit of warring races could not escape.

  62. No other rocks threatened however, and besides filling the cockpit with water, no damage was done.

  63. Dick leaned out of his cockpit and fired a single red Very light, the signal for the attack.

  64. Two hours, three hours, and old Evans turned round in his cockpit and pointed.

  65. And once Dick looked back and saw Fredegonde crouched in her cockpit with eyes wide with terror.

  66. Dick sprang from his cockpit as the old man rose in alarm.

  67. The concussion shot Dick from the cockpit clear of the smashed machine.

  68. Bird clamped the gas-detecting spectroscope on the front of his cockpit and peered through it.

  69. In front of him, old Luke Evans sat in his cockpit like one petrified.

  70. Take the front cockpit alone, Maynard; Carnes and I will get in the rear pit with the spec and guide you.

  71. Another thing I would point out to you, and that is, when painting the decks or cockpit of a boat do not use light-colored paints.

  72. The best way for the new hand is to sit low down in the cockpit to leeward of the tiller; this places him nearly under the boom.

  73. Tim piled into the after cockpit and snapped on the starter.

  74. Tim and Ford piled into the front cockpit and Ralph opened the throttle.

  75. McDowell dove back into the cockpit just as the monoplane crashed down on him, the wheels of the ship above almost raking his head.

  76. McDowell must have sensed what was in Tim's mind for he stood up in his cockpit and took deliberate aim with the automatic.

  77. I'll handle my end of it," he said, climbing into the cockpit of the ancient trainer.

  78. The chief pilot took a final glance at the weather chart, then entered the cabin and made his way to the cockpit up ahead.

  79. Ralph reached into the cockpit and brought out an ancient double barreled shotgun.

  80. The dope smuggler poised himself on the edge of the cockpit as the ship started to spin.

  81. Ralph scrambled out from the rear cockpit and joined them.

  82. Now get out of that cockpit and crawl down on the other pontoon.

  83. The exact site of the cockpit has long been a matter of uncertainty, but it is now very generally believed that the entrance was just where the present Treasury entrance is.

  84. At the north end of King Street stood a second gate, called the King's Gate, and sometimes the Cockpit Gate.

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