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Example sentences for "cockney"

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  1. My subjects were intentionally and professedly cockney ones.

  2. The same observer also notes the occasionally successful efforts of the Cockney sportsmen to shoot wretched sparrows let out of a box at twenty yards’ distance.

  3. Cockney oarsman as he passed the Red House; and his ‘Boat ahoy!

  4. He is said to have begun life as a bricklayer; at any rate, he had a turn for building, and in later days indulged himself in saloons, pavilions, and Cockney gardening.

  5. The Tompkins verses contributed by Mr. Barry Pain to the London Daily Chronicle have also done something to bring the literary convention for cockney English up to date.

  6. I once saw the pronunciation of malheureux represented in a cockney handbook by mal-err-err: not at all a bad makeshift to instruct a Londoner, but out of the question elsewhere in the British Isles.

  7. For on my stomach his pathetic, His Cockney rurals, drivellings, phrases sinister, And affectations act as an emetic.

  8. My tool I've lately placed upon the shelf, So patronize my Cockney now who chooses; I've ta'en to do my dirty work myself.

  9. I won't say as all you cockney chaps are the same as Collins," he returned magnanimously, "for it takes all kinds ter make a world.

  10. I have been in the country all day,' were his first words; and he went on to talk of trivial things--the doings of a Cockney excursion party that had come under his notice.

  11. He had the Cockney accent, but not in an offensive degree; his manners were not flagrantly of the shop.

  12. The one nearest me was as fat as Falstaff, and a slim young Cockney in front kept addressing intimate remarks to him and calling him Robert.

  13. The Cockney maid who answered the door was familiar in a moment, and during the short passage from the hall to the floor above she communicated many things.

  14. He was the young Cockney with the rolled fringe who had bantered the policeman by Palace Yard on Lord Mayor's Day.

  15. A Yankee will start off with his household gods, and seek a new home in the wilderness, with less fuss than a Cockney would make about packing up a basket of grub to go and pic-nic in Richmond Park.

  16. Cockney poet-- "Next to the bliss of seeing Sarah, Is that of seeing Niagara.

  17. The coarse cockney voices, strangled by the easterly blast, met and crossed one another, died away in a side street, to emerge again and again encounter.

  18. The Cockney has one oath, and one oath only, the most indecent in the language, which he uses on any and every occasion.

  19. One meets with all sorts of adventures in coffee-house, and I shall not soon forget a Cockney Amazon in a place near Trafalgar Square, to whom I tendered a sovereign when paying my score.

  20. This elision is commonly spoken of as a cockney vulgarism, but it has extended to the orthodox English speech.

  21. How we used to guffaw at the answer of the cockney soldier who met a German soldier with his hands up, crying: "Kamerad!

  22. Soldiers from Somerset used many old Saxon words which puzzled their cockney friends, and the Lancashire men brought the northern bur with them and the grit of the northern spirit.

  23. They would keep their sense of humor and make cockney jokes at death.

  24. It was as though the primitive nature in man, which had been sleeping through the centuries, was suddenly awakened in the souls of these cockney soldier--boys.

  25. A cockney of short reach, I say, shallow of judgment and judging shallowly, to wonder that you should cause your points to be untrussed in your chamber before you come into this closet.

  26. A silly cockney am I not, As ever did from Paris come?

  27. Now both curved backbones assumed the perpendicular, and their wide Cockney mouths were wreathed in joyful smiles.

  28. The wide, thin-lipped Cockney mouth grinned a little consciously as W.

  29. Thanks to a Cockney babe in bandoliers, who was born not only with eyes and ears, like other infants, but with the capacity for using 'em.

  30. What was he saying, in the Cockney that cut like a knife through the thick gutturals of the Taal?

  31. Keyse, and it seemed to her that the little sallow Cockney face had Fate in it.

  32. She sang it quite simply and naturally, in an untutored but sweet and plaintive voice, and with the Cockney accent that spoke of home to nearly all that heard.

  33. The Cockney Groom (alluding to a man who is riding at the gate).

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cockney" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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