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  1. How is it that action and reaction between the organism and its environment bring about effective adaptations?

  2. Briefly stated, his conclusions were the following:-- At first, the direct action of the physical environment was the only cause of change.

  3. And whether we think of the seasons or the climate, the soil or the sea, we find that this environment is intricately variable.

  4. As organisms become more differentiated they enter into more complex relations with their environment, and as the environment becomes more complex organisms become more differentiated.

  5. Moreover, as times and seasons and ages pass, the environment goes on changing, and on previous complications wrought by incident forces, new complications are continually superimposed by new incident forces.

  6. It must be remembered that the hereditary material is very complex, and that it has a complex environment within the parental body.

  7. Its aim is everywhere to bring object and environment into fullest cooperation.

  8. The two become mutually affected, and it is no more suitable to say that the object must adapt itself to its environment than that the environment must be adapted to its object.

  9. Of course disregard of environment is not good either.

  10. At best it is a description of extrinsic goodness, for it separates the object from its environment and makes the response of the former to an external call the measure of its worth.

  11. Every environment is plastic and derives its character, at least partially, from the environed object.

  12. That's how we forged a Trans-Pacific Partnership to open markets and protect workers and the environment and advance American leadership in Asia.

  13. The development of natural gas will create jobs and power trucks and factories that are cleaner and cheaper, proving that we don't have to choose between our environment and our economy.

  14. The hut of the inland laborer of Porto Rico, the jibaro, is a striking illustration of the effect of environment upon the type of house in which the poor live.

  15. By this means the efficiency of the individual in adjusting himself to trade environment is increased.

  16. In this more favorable environment their families and their flocks gradually increased until they began to encroach upon the territory already occupied by the older inhabitants.

  17. In the harsh environment of the wilderness he was able to adjust himself to most difficult conditions.

  18. For tribesmen like the Israelites, chafing under their harsh environment and recalling the prosperity of the land of Egypt, Palestine with its green hills and fertile fields was an irresistible lodestone luring them on to the conquest.

  19. How do changes in the environment of men affect the moral quality of their acts?

  20. The study of the beginnings of Israel's history in the light of its physical, social and economic environment reveals clearly the many powerful forces then at work.

  21. If environment bear the strong influence on human life we are led to believe, then should the stage-child be removed from its infectious surroundings.

  22. The influence of environment is incomputable.

  23. The cottagers were for the most part staid Brooklyn families and Will felt in this environment he was reasonably sure of privacy.

  24. I believe that fundamentally my husband was a good man: in any other environment he would have been a good husband.

  25. No scheme of science based on knowledge of our environment can confidently predict our actions, nor the actions of any sufficiently intelligent live creature.

  26. We are free, in so far as our sensible surroundings and immediate environment are concerned; that is, we are free for all practical purposes, and can choose between alternatives as they present themselves.

  27. In the struggle for life, the strongest live; or, in other words, those best fitted to live in the environment endure.

  28. They are permanent, only to be reaffected as the environment alters.

  29. Because the environment has changed, and we are no longer forced to do these things for a living and to live at all, we now do them to make our own living more wholesome and agreeable, and call these pursuits sports.

  30. They were dear to him, and they are dear to us; but they really might as well have turned up (within reason) in one environment as well as in another.

  31. In Sydney Carton at least, Dickens shows none of that dreary submission to the environment of the irrevocable that had for an instant lain on him like a cloud.

  32. Sheer ignorance of the environment made him wrong about Dunstan.

  33. Yes, the "climate" of Berlin should be more salubrious to the body, if not to the mind, than the fickle environment of capricious nature.

  34. I did not know how much freedom might be allowed me, but I reasoned that I would be out of my supposed normal environment and hence my ignorance would be more excusable and in less danger of betraying me.

  35. He discerns intentional (willed) patterns in his manipulation of his environment but, due to his amnesia, he cannot tell if these are consistent, or long term.

  36. It spreads and affects its environment in a myriad surreptitiously subtle forms.

  37. Such an environment reduces the set of possible decisions so that there is only one favourable or acceptable decision (outcome) at any junction.

  38. And what about a machine that stops interacting with its environment altogether - though its internal processes continue unabated.

  39. An example of the attempt to present the essential significant structure of a setting in the simplest way conceivable and by so doing to stimulate the imagination of the spectator to create for itself the imaginative environment of the play.

  40. Andrew Balfour was a grim old presbyterian of the stuff covenanters were made, and in the strict home environment which he created young Balfour early came into touch with theological dogma.

  41. He regarded the plant essentially as the chemical offspring of the environment to which it was exposed.

  42. The epidemic phase is reached when the environment is unfavourable to the host but not so or even favourable to the parasite.

  43. The complexity of the problem is very great, for not only are the direct effects of the changing environment to be taken into consideration but also their unknown after-effects.

  44. The experiments on sub-tonic specimens show clearly that the energy supplied by the environment becomes as it were latent in the plant, increasing its potentiality for work.

  45. Physiological anisotropy is induced in an organ, originally radial and isotropic, by the unequal action of the environment on its different sides.

  46. From the responses of organs rendered anisotropic by the differential action of the environment we pass to others which show certain amount of anatomical and physiological differentiation between their upper and lower sides.

  47. And doubly he couldn't with the to him cruel environment of the outraged circle holding back the sympathy of his wife from him.

  48. The second generalisation is that "the variation of the degree of animal fertility in response to the direct action of the environment shall bear an inverse proportion to the variation of the survival capacity under that environment.

  49. This, he knew, was a part of the environment she had been used to, and he sighed as he thought of the sordid simplicity at Somasco.

  50. It deals with its environment in such wise as to keep itself intact and bring itself to maturity; appropriating what it needs, and avoiding or destroying what threatens it with injury.

  51. Nature will probably remain the object which evokes these responses most keenly, because nature is the hereditary environment towards which they were originally directed.

  52. The simple and incontestable truth of these statements is a standing condemnation of the {205} usual environment of youth.

  53. Vegetable and animal organisms do, it is true, adapt themselves to the environment; but their adaptation is essentially a method of using and modifying the environment in their own favor, precisely as is the case with human action.

  54. Art as the adaptation of the environment to interest, 176.

  55. When subjected to moral control, art may make the environment harmonious with morality, 212.

  56. Now, strangely enough, it is the unfavorable rather than the favorable aspect of the environment that conduces to progress.

  57. The external environment of life embraces not only mechanical nature, but also such outlying units of life as have not yet been brought into harmonious relations.

  58. It recognizes, on the one hand, the summing up of life in a universal ideal, and on the other hand, a summing up of the total environment in some scientifically formulated generalization.

  59. Progress, or even the least good, would, of course, be impossible, unless the mechanical environment was morally plastic.

  60. The external environment of life is in some respects favorable, in other respects unfavorable.

  61. A plant can continue to exist, and a sculptor can model a statue, only through being so organized as to be able to assimilate what the environment offers.

  62. To this delight which the casual environment affords a sensitive observer, art may add through a decorous furnishing of city and house.

  63. It testifies to the fact that the cosmos is only partially subject to judgments either of good or of evil; that value has a genesis and a history within an environment that is at best plastic and progressively submissive.

  64. He was a republican, by nationality and by preference, and was entirely satisfied with his position and environment in New England.

  65. If we can disentangle the complex influences of heredity and environment we may be able to apply our knowledge to guide human development.

  66. They take the rational, selective form of fitting the individual to the place for which his natural aptitudes best adapt him, so far as these facts of adaptability are discoverable, and so far as the environment is plastic or optional.

  67. It is true that measurements of adults do not tell us what might be the case with infants, who have not yet been subjected to the formative and selective influences of environment and training.

  68. The present environment suits her as little as a stagnant millpond would a yacht cup challenger.

  69. Heredity and environment and will are the great deciding factors in every life.

  70. This by no means belittles the good that may come from a true college course, but it does seem to emphasize that great books need some other environment for their growth than exclusive college courses.

  71. The material environment of the American may often be far less interesting and suggestive than that of the European, but his mind is freer, his mental attitude more elastic.

  72. Colorado Springs may be summed up as an oasis of Eastern civilisation and finish in an environment of Western rawness and enterprise.

  73. Things that from a distance seem preposterous and even revolting will often assume a very different guise when seen in their native environment and judged by their inevitable conditions.

  74. I know not where to look, within the last quarter of a century or so, for more tasteful designs, greater sincerity of purpose, or happier adaptations to environment than the best creations of men like Mr. H.

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