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  1. The excretory function is influenced by other physiological factors such as dryness and season.

  2. In neither case is the reaction simple--many factors may come into play and many processes are concerned, while the effect of a so-called poison may vary in respect of each of the functions and processes concerned.

  3. Both the prominent factors of our unpretending histories fell victims to the vengeance of the White Rose, the result of defection doubtless, though of differing kind.

  4. Public events may, indeed, cast a certain measure of light or shadow over a man's inward world of thought and feeling; but they are never the efficient factors in determining the happiness or melancholy of his fundamental mood.

  5. It is one of the two factors in life's tragedy.

  6. And these two factors would have the same value at all points on the same latitude circle.

  7. Thus a climate with constant moderate variations in its principal factors is the best for the maintenance of health.

  8. The cold ocean waters, with prevailing southerly (drying) winds alongshore, are additional factors causing this aridity.

  9. Latitude, altitude, topography and winds are the determining factors in controlling the cloudiness on mountains.

  10. The regularity, and the need, of outdoor work during a part of the year are important factors in the development of man in the temperate zones.

  11. While the rate at which wounds heal is remarkably constant there are certain factors that influence it in one direction or the other.

  12. In certain cases the symptoms of traumatic shock blend with those resulting from toxin absorption, and it is difficult to estimate the relative importance of the two factors in the causation of the condition.

  13. Tumours that are structurally alike may show variations in malignancy, according to their situation and to the age of the patient, as well as to other factors which are as yet unknown.

  14. Among the local factors concerned in the development of tumours, reference must be made to the influence of irritation.

  15. While friction and pressure are the most evident factors in their production, it is probable that there is also some toxic agent concerned, otherwise these affections would be much more common than they are.

  16. It would appear that slowing or stagnation of the blood-stream, and interference with the integrity of the lining membrane of the vessel wall, are the most important factors determining the formation of the clot.

  17. These factors probably explain the comparative frequency of aneurysm in those who follow such arduous occupations as soldiers, sailors, dock-labourers, and navvies.

  18. The least power of truly analyzing a natural phenomenon, and separating the factors that produce it, would show them the falsity of their ideas; but that power they do not possess.

  19. Glacial action is one of the most important factors in modifying the forms of northern lands, and is treated with considerable fullness.

  20. In the sense of pruning away excrescences and eliminating factors which to the average citizen were all one with the basic beliefs, it was radical.

  21. It was not till ends were banished from nature that purposes became important as factors in human minds capable of reshaping existence.

  22. Indeed it was this attention to isolated factors which was the first and essential part of Mendel's method.

  23. Now, the behaviour of these isolated factors seems to throw a light even upon the vehicle of heredity.

  24. For it is in the seed that these factors must be, whether they be mnemic or physical.

  25. The point of cardinal importance in connection with Mendelism is that it does reveal a law capable of being numerically stated, and apparently applicable to a large number of isolated factors in living things.

  26. Thus changing geographic factors as well as the changing character of the forces which occupied the public domain must be considered, if we would understand the bearing of legislation and policy in this field.

  27. A more serious danger will come when the universities are fully recognized as powerful factors in shaping the life of the State--not mere cloisters, remote from its life, but an influential element in its life.

  28. One of the most important factors in restraining density of population in New York, in retarding the settlement of its frontier, and in determining the conditions there, was the land system of that colony.

  29. Each expedition was an epitome of the previous factors in western advance.

  30. It is doubtful if in any ten years of American history more significant factors in our growth have revealed themselves.

  31. But he does not insist that the relative importance of physical or chemical factors shall be determined before he applies the methods and data of these sciences to his problem.

  32. Ever since that era there has been an inclination on the part of writers on democracy to emphasize the analytical and theoretical treatment to the neglect of the underlying factors of historical development.

  33. We are now in a position to see clearly some of the factors involved in the Western problem.

  34. Worcester for illustrations of how the various factors noted could be combined in a single town.

  35. The Administrator shall allocate funds to directly eligible tribes in accordance with the factors applicable to allocating funds among States under section 2007.

  36. The study shall also include an estimate of the timeframe and cost and shall consider other factors in implementing such a filing system, including the feasibility of fee payment online.

  37. Here the chief local manufacturers of cloth, worsted, or crape met the merchants and factors and disposed of their wares to these distributing middlemen.

  38. Transport-machinery, the railway and the steamship, have been almost as important factors in the making of towns as manufacturing-machinery.

  39. The factors determining the order and pace of the new movement in the several countries are numerous and complex.

  40. According as one or other of the leading factors is taken for a scientific objective the study assumes a widely different character.

  41. Though closely related to the former factors this may be treated separately in assessing the net productiveness of women, because it is distinctly measurable.

  42. All these factors must be taken into consideration before a full judgment of the net results of machinery upon the worker can be formed.

  43. Again, as the molecular symbols represent definite weights, the equation also indicates that a definite proportion by weight is preserved between the several factors and products of the process represented.

  44. The time is not far distant, if it is not already at hand, when the scientific culture of a people will be one of the chief factors in determining its position among the nations of the world.

  45. The second law declares that in every chemical process the weights of the several factors and products bear each to the others a definite proportion.

  46. After a clear conception has been gained of a chemical process, with its definite factors and definite products, we are prepared for the next important step.

  47. But why should either of these two factors be less essential to a singer than to an instrumentalist?

  48. The art of printing was not yet invented; paper had only just been discovered and was extremely expensive, and many factors conspired to destroy any records that may have been made.

  49. Zeffiri seems to have anticipated the modern popular notion of the putrefactive conditions in the human system as one of the most important factors in shortening life, and he discusses various means of preventing them.

  50. As we shall see, there were many other and much more important factors at work in the degradation of surgery than the supposed repression of the Church.

  51. Physicians who used it, and in whose cases serious results took place, not the consequence of the antitoxin, but the consequence of factors of the disease over which they had no control, sometimes suffered seriously in their practice.

  52. Ecclesiastics not only had nothing to do with this, but more often than not were the active factors in such amelioration of the conditions it brought about as very much to lessen its effects.

  53. One should think of time, place, individuals; on these factors turn the welcome or unwelcome quality of gifts.

  54. The three agents or factors in production are land, labour and capital, and that part of the produce which goes to the second of these factors is wages.

  55. Well, when I say you ought to choose, I except superior force and intimidation; for these are factors which destroy choice.

  56. To them must be added the factors fusing the elements into a system that was to bring immediate fortune and ultimate ruin to practically all who ventured into its operations.

  57. The rise of totalitarian systems relying heavily on ideological appeal and propaganda techniques has laid new stress upon those factors which predetermine political behavior.

  58. Three broader factors affected the ascendancy of war lords, in addition to obvious motives and interests.

  59. The Nationalists, seizing the political instruments of the revolution but finding its ideological factors largely beyond their control, began to create a professionalized army with which to stabilize their regime.

  60. But despite the civilian and intellectual factors from outside, the mere force concentrated in weapons was so great as to amount to a constant temptation.

  61. Such factors are not subject to immediate remedy; the peasants have attributed their misfortune primarily to landlordism and political oppression.

  62. Even in its most troubled phases, when military factors came closest to the surface of government, the new government did not lapse into fiction.

  63. The chief military factors were now the governmentalized armies, the guerrilla opposition of the Communists, and the problem of foreign war.

  64. The great personal prestige of Sun Yat-sen was one of the most important contributing factors to the growth of Nationalist administration in Canton.

  65. Other factors are suggested by Dubs: By the time that horses became plentiful, so that cavalry was employed, the crossbow had reached such a state of development that cavalry was shown to be inferior to infantry with crossbows.

  66. As for other improvements of the armies, only three factors need be mentioned.

  67. When the concept of sovereignty itself is vague, confused, or absent, government by title may be merely one among several factors of power.

  68. Its material foundation is, indeed, the metallic bar, but the temperature and energy gradients may be termed the true determining factors of its operation.

  69. These factors are the cohesive properties of the moving pendulum mass and the fluid with which it is in contact (Sec.

  70. It is well known that, amongst the factors which influence the growth of vegetation, one of the most potent is that of light.

  71. The object in view is to show the general nature of these processes, and more especially the limits imposed upon them by the various factors or properties of the material machines in which they are of necessity embodied.

  72. Let us now examine these limiting factors more minutely.

  73. Further research may reveal the true values of other factors which up to the present we have been forced to assume, and so lead to more accurate computation of the energy in each case.

  74. They were the Cressy, Aboukir, and Hogue--not vessels of the first rank but still important factors in the British blockade.

  75. At present it bids fair to become one of the deciding factors in determining the final issue of this war.

  76. Two factors are primarily responsible for this: lack of speed and lack of armament on the part of the merchantman.

  77. Many other factors are responsible for the comparatively high degree of safety inherent in submarines.

  78. In spite of the popular impression that submarine navigation entailed a greater number of danger factors than navigation on the surface of the water, this is not altogether so.

  79. He knows that there are many influences determining the cost of the factors he buys, but they are distant; he cannot influence them, and in the single stage of his production they seem to fix the price.

  80. These are respectively the subjective and the objective factors of efficiency.

  81. This being true, the value of the factors which the enterpriser uses must be derived from the value of the products, and not the reverse.

  82. He must purchase these factors in the market at the lowest price he can, unite them and sell the product to recover the expenses in the selling price.

  83. The right proportioning and skilful substitution of the factors is a delicate technical task for the enterpriser.

  84. The enterpriser, looking upon the cost of most of the factors as fixed, seeks to combine them as economically as possible.

  85. Sidenote: Is a practical rule] Fifth, despite the number of changing factors affecting the methods of exchange, the method of business, etc.

  86. Sidenote: The cost of the factors is their market price] 3.

  87. Nor is distribution, considered in its impersonal or economic form, any other than the logical valuing of the shares of the factors in economic production.

  88. It is true, therefore, that money is an economic factor of high importance, but it is not so indispensable as many other factors to which far less value is attributed.

  89. Into the practical problem of cost and profit many factors enter, and the theoretical problem is to determine just how much ought to be attributed to each.

  90. When the interrelation of the factors is recognized there is little likelihood of concluding that some one of them will absorb all the benefits of progress.

  91. But many factors evade all attempts to reduce them to rule, and chance remains a considerable factor in the success of many individuals.

  92. Many unknown factors enter into the estimate of future rents.

  93. The main factors are two, variously named as man and nature, or labor and material agents, or humanity and wealth.

  94. Since the motor power and weight are ruling factors in design, it is important to fly at about this angle.

  95. These factors are represented in meteorological papers by what is known as the wind rose.

  96. For instruction and warning, accidents to air craft cannot be given too much publicity; but if we wish any accurate conception of the danger we must pay regard to factors of proportion.

  97. Besides speed and radius of action, the conclusive factors include that of freedom from such breakdowns as cannot be made good on the road.

  98. There are several factors to complicate any calculations.

  99. So it goes--everything is dependent on factors that have preceded and any achievement of today is the result of thousands of years of previous effort and thought.

  100. I am only one of the small factors in this unfortunate game.

  101. Later used for instruction ship because of high factors of safety.

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