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combes; combien; combination; combinations; combine; combines; combing; combings; combining; comble
  1. If such blamelessness of living be combined with patient endurance of the unjust punishment, Christians who still must sanctify in their hearts Christ (and not the Emperor) as Lord, will ultimately be left unharmed.

  2. Mayo, of Boston, has combined it with certain harmless vegetable nervines, which appear to control the fatal tendency which belongs to all anæsthetics when carried too far.

  3. Scotch schools for ten pounds a year have for generations turned out better educated men than in our public schools for two hundred pounds, and of late the school boards have shown how efficiency can be combined with low prices.

  4. She was of an engaging innocence in this respect; so that typing authors' manuscripts appealed to her as a vocation that combined one of the highest forms of cerebral activity with I don't know what glamour of romantic adventure.

  5. I mention Bertie because, though he doesn't come into this story, his stupidity and his amiability combined to tighten the situation considerably for Viola.

  6. The number of lessons he gave, combined with his weak and uncertain health, prevented him from working very hard at the Conservatoire, but he impressed us as talented and clever.

  7. Still later the wonderful Greek nation combined astronomy with mathematics in a way which makes us wonder to this day.

  8. The overvaluation of its stock, combined with mismanagement and speculation among the officials of the Jerome Company, served to drive the whole business into bankruptcy.

  9. But these fifteen employed an average of over eight hundred people, or twelve thousand three hundred and ninety in all, and the combined value of their product was stated as over fourteen million dollars.

  10. The conversation ought not to turn on anxious or difficult subjects, but should be cheerful and inviting, so that utility may be combined with a certain degree of pleasure and allurement.

  11. They were first combined in the Editio Princeps, edited by Georgius Merula, and printed at Venice, in 1470.

  12. Their task was extended from words to things; and what has been called AEsthetic annotations, were combined with philological discussion.

  13. The vaccine formerly prepared and distributed by the Bureau of Animal Industry combined the principle of Arloing, Cornevin, and Thomas, and the modification of Kitt.

  14. On closer inspection, however, it appears to be made up of two combined portions from spheres of different sizes.

  15. Tincture of digitalis one-half ounce and alcohol 2 ounces may be combined with the quinin, according to indications of individual cases.

  16. The preceding account would be incomplete without adding that the state of her health during this period, combined with a severe pressure of varied and perplexing cares, served to deepen the distress caused by her spiritual trials.

  17. Combined with this wide and genial sympathy was another quality which helped to endear her to her companions, viz.

  18. De Kempelen was accustomed to say: "The machine is very simple, and the mechanism appears wonderful only because all has been combined with great patience in order to produce the illusion.

  19. These scenes are lighted from behind by four arc lights, by bunch lights and footlights, and the combined candle power is eight thousand five hundred candles.

  20. Expedients derived from the sciences, and which are worked in combination with feats of dexterity, the combined result constituting "conjuring tricks.

  21. It may thus be seen that the effect of the lighting is produced by a clever combination of gas, electricity, and steam, which must be combined with the greatest possible art.

  22. The sound made by the spring in expanding and the sudden appearance of the knife, combined with the motion of the person throwing it, affords a complete illusion.

  23. The Union is in danger; the fate of the country is at stake; and whatever the Senate or the House of Representatives or Congress combined can do, ought to be done to save the country.

  24. It is their combined power which the people of the South feel, and which they wish to guard against.

  25. Rufe himself combined two of the qualifications, for he was both a hunter and an amateur detective.

  26. The space was almost impracticably small; and the Irish wenches combined the extreme of bashfulness about this innocent display with a surprising impudence and roughness of address.

  27. With some new processes, invented by the combined energy and ingenuity of the men, they made a new line of goods which was a perfect success.

  28. She was at once patient and complaining,--even her affection for her son was combined with great mental and moral weakness.

  29. Selene greatly admired a beautiful young shepherd named Endymion, to whom Zeus had accorded the privilege of eternal youth, combined with the faculty of sleeping whenever he desired, and as long as he wished.

  30. The incensed deities now combined to punish the offender.

  31. Under the watchful care of the Nymphs the infant Zeus throve rapidly, developing great physical powers, combined with {16} extraordinary wisdom and intelligence.

  32. On hearing the facts of the case Nestor expressed it as his opinion that only by means of the combined efforts of all the states of Greece could Menelaus hope to regain Helen in defiance of so powerful a kingdom as that of Troy.

  33. By the combined efforts of Ajax and Odysseus the body of Achilles was wrested from the enemy after a long and terrible fight, and conveyed to the Greek camp.

  34. After all his sheep had entered, the giant rolled before the entrance to the cave an enormous rock, which the combined strength of a hundred men would have been powerless to move.

  35. It appears that it was proposed to burn the combined Greek fleet, then enjoying the security of peace in a neighboring sea, and thus confirm the naval supremacy of Athens.

  36. He combined the attributes of pointer, cocker spaniel, and retriever.

  37. The sweat pouring from their bodies combined with the parching of the superheated air induced a raging thirst.

  38. They combined the intelligence and vice of the mustang with the endurance and nervous instability of the thoroughbred.

  39. The two words are habitually {185} combined in the New Testament.

  40. They are accordingly here represented, not only in adjacent windows, but combined by allegorical allusion in the first.

  41. This admission becomes the more painful when we reflect that in America this full freedom of fundamental institutions, this relief from all needless shackles, is combined with a well-developed system of intellectual education.

  42. Hers was not a simple defense of male dominion; her case is combined with equally eloquent arguments in favor of higher education for women, and for equal wages for equal work.

  43. It is evident, therefore, that universal manhood suffrage, even when combined with general education, is still insufficient for the task of purifying either social or political life.

  44. Farther down the township stood the local smithy, where, bush horses rarely being shod, the work of the smith was combined with that of wheelwright and the making of galvanized iron water-tanks.

  45. If any man says aught of me combined with a woman's name, he's got me to deal with, and smart too.

  46. He went out the points he had boastingly offered ahead of the Birralong champion, and a gleam and a flash went round the room as the men realized what it meant--the combined wealth of the crowd belonged to the three.

  47. The pauperization of labor depends on the monopoly of land combined with the monopoly of machinery.

  48. The book, which more than all others combined has brought socialism before American thought, has also furnished to its opponents a splendidly clear target in its military organization.

  49. Many things combined to make the year 1811 the wonderful year of the West.

  50. General Clinton did not meet one armed enemy until he joined Sullivan, and the combined army met no opposition until they reached the spot where Elmira now stands.

  51. Hence the great desideratum, the yet to be, the coming pigment is a white oxide of lead or a combined white oxide of lead and white oxide of zinc, without sulphates or chlorides.

  52. Joachim entered the hall at half-past six, and was greeted with a deafening fanfare played by the combined trumpeters of the military bands stationed in Berlin.

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