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combien; combination; combinations; combine; combined; combing; combings; combining; comble; combs
  1. A bath taken in this manner combines the beneficial effects of cold water, air, exercise and the magnetic friction of the hands on the body (life on life).

  2. This acid combines with two atoms of bromine or iodine, and is converted by nitrous acid into the isomeric ricinelaidic acid, which melts at 52°-53° C.

  3. Mere worldlings call him "Tom Paine," in a tone which combines derision and contempt.

  4. If the minutest opening remain, the oxygen of the atmosphere combines with the contents of the can, and fermentation or putrefaction follows.

  5. Carbonic acid is death when it combines with the blood,--as it does when we inhale it; but not so when it enters the stomach in small quantities.

  6. The oxygen with which it combines comes, of course, from the atmosphere, and not from the products of combustion.

  7. It will be remembered that oxygen combines with hydrogen in two ratios.

  8. At higher temperatures it combines with magnesium, lithium, titanium, and a number of other elements.

  9. The hydrogen combines with the oxygen present in the copper oxide to form water, which is absorbed by the calcium chloride in tube C.

  10. Such materials should not be used in preparing hydrogen, since the arsenic present combines with a portion of the hydrogen to form a very poisonous gas known as arsine.

  11. Just as carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, so it combines with sulphur to form carbon disulphide (CS{2}).

  12. Although hydrochloric acid is incombustible, it can be oxidized under some circumstances, in which case the hydrogen combines with oxygen, while the chlorine is set free.

  13. It combines with all the common elements save oxygen, very often with incandescence and the liberation of much heat.

  14. It combines at higher temperatures with carbon and phosphorus and alloys with many metals.

  15. When these oxides are heated to a high temperature with carbon the oxygen combines with it and the metal is set free.

  16. Exposed to the air phosphorus slowly combines with oxygen, and in so doing emits a pale light, or phosphorescence, which can be seen only in a dark place.

  17. According to Morley's results, 1 part of hydrogen by weight combines with 7.

  18. It forms a hydride, BH{3}, and combines directly with the elements of the chlorine family.

  19. Nothing like a man who combines shrewdness with energy.

  20. That the carbonic acid, formed in the process, combines with the mucilage, and with it is absorbed by the roots of plants.

  21. The life of Robert Browning, who combines the greatest brain with the most simple temperament known in our annals, would go on for ever if we did not decide to summarise it in a very brief and simple narrative.

  22. The consequence is that England, at the present day, combines the extremes of fortune in the bosom of her society; and her perils and calamities are almost equal to her power and her renown.

  23. In France the press combines a twofold centralisation: almost all its power is centred in the same spot, and vested in the same hands, for its organs are far from numerous.

  24. Ferric oxide, on the other hand, is a feeble base, which combines only slowly with even strong acids to form ferric salts or persalts, and not at all with weak acids like carbonic acid and those of the tissues of living beings.

  25. Iron readily combines with oxygen--too readily, we might say, if we regarded only the uses we make of it.

  26. We would not hear a word about combines or trusts or transportation organizations or financial institutions.

  27. From partnerships it developed into joint stock corporations and now we have these forming into trusts and combines and holding companies.

  28. Science desires not isolation, but freely combines with every effort towards the bettering of man's estate.

  29. In the same way the element nitrogen combines with hydrogen, in the proportion of one atom of the former to three of the latter, to form ammonia.

  30. It simply groups and combines its material in different ways and in ever higher degrees of complexity.

  31. Many of the available tractors and combines are overage and obsolete.

  32. The gastronomic service of the German steamers combines certain features of the French and English lines, and the hours for meals correspond very nearly to those of the latter.

  33. What is transmitted to him he combines under a new law; a product himself, he brings forth products which he alone of the whole world is able to bring forth.

  34. In the dyebath, under the influence of a portion of the dyestuff, further complete reduction to chromic hydrate occurs before it combines with the colouring matter.

  35. This last of course primarily combines and forms itself in freedom according to a certain original disposition directed towards purposes (which, as will be shown in Part II.

  36. It combines with carbone, phosphorus, sulphur, and chlorine, as well as with most of the metals.

  37. Clarified ox-gall combines readily with colouring matters or pigments, and gives them solidity either by being mixed with or passed over them upon paper.

  38. Here the meat combines with the empyreumatic acid of the smoke, and gets dried at the same time.

  39. Here the hydrogen of the water and the cotton being seized by the chlorine, the liberated oxygen combines with the carbon to form carbonic acid.

  40. A well arranged power-mill combines the operation of many work-people, adult and young, in tending with assiduous skill, a system of productive machines continuously impelled by a central force.

  41. A finer cobalt-oxide is procured for painting upon hard porcelain, by boiling the cobalt ore in nitric acid, which converts the arsenic into an acid, and combines it with the different metals present in the mineral.

  42. The quicksilver combines with the deutochloride, and converts it into the protochloride, or calomel.

  43. It combines with two successive doses of oxygen; by the second it becomes an acid.

  44. It combines with the salifiable bases, like oil of cloves.

  45. It combines with the caustic alkalis, and dissolves sulphur.

  46. The manner in which she combines the highest mental culture with the nicest discharge of feminine duties filled me with admiration; while her affectionate kindness earned my gratitude.

  47. But we find that the Bible combines the metaphor of the Shepherd with another metaphor that of "the Stone," and at first sight the two seem rather incongruous.

  48. The Shepherd and the Stone are thus identified and we must therefore seek the interpretation in some conception which combines the two.

  49. The carbon acquired by the water combines with and dissolves the lime and other components of the rock, which then escape as gases through the interstices of the earth.

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