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  1. Back of the local reduction idea was the whole system of extortionate gas rates of the State and of the nation; hundreds of fat, luxurious gas corporations whose dividends would be threatened by any agitation on this question.

  2. These big fighting corporations with their attorneys and politicians and newspapers make me look weak--puny.

  3. The old-time politicians and corporations who understood much better what the point was, the significance of this straw, were more or less disgruntled, but satisfied that it could be undone later.

  4. In reply the mayor preached a fair return by corporations for benefits received.

  5. These corporations can't afford to let you win, and they won't.

  6. If I could get out, raise one million or five hundred thousand dollars and give the corporations a good drubbing, they would adore me--for awhile.

  7. The superiority which the industry of the towns has everywhere in Europe over that of the country, is not altogether owing to corporations and corporation laws.

  8. The exclusive privileges of corporations ought to be destroyed, 191.

  9. The exclusive privileges of corporations are the principal means it makes use of for this purpose.

  10. The exclusive privileges of corporations obstruct it from one place to another, even in the same employment.

  11. The pretence that corporations are necessary for the better government of the trade, is without any foundation.

  12. But it seemed to him that if the construction contended for should prevail, it would disfranchise the corporations of Georgetown and Alexandria, and all other corporations within the District.

  13. He did not see the propriety of selecting moneyed corporations for the purpose of laying a high duty upon them.

  14. Where any State has a loyal board of works, or other executive officers charged with the supervision of railroads, such road shall be turned over to such board of officers rather than to any corporations or private parties.

  15. And as to it, "practical industrial slavery through control by foreign corporations of economic conditions" is to-day not a fear, but a fact.

  16. There is yet another fixed debt of about forty millions sterling called "Local Loans Stock," being money borrowed by the Government for the purpose of making advances to Corporations for local works.

  17. The criminal jurisdiction was limited to the "imposition of lawful fines, mulcts, imprisonment, or other lawful correction, according to the course of other corporations in this our realm of England.

  18. Through appeals, corporations could be controlled; and by none was this control so stubbornly disputed, or its necessity so clearly demonstrated, as by the Governor and Company of Massachusetts Bay in New England.

  19. We do not meet on the banks of the Euphrates with those corporations of stone-cutters and marble workers which were so numerous in the valley of the Nile.

  20. Thus it came about that, thanks to the corporations themselves, when it was proposed that the nation should assume their functions, the suggestion implied nothing which seemed impracticable even to the timid.

  21. But by a series of object lessons, seen and studied by all men, the great corporations had taught the people an entirely new set of ideas on this subject.

  22. The nation does not maim and slaughter its workmen by thousands, as did the private capitalists and corporations of your day.

  23. They believed that the great corporations were preparing for them the yoke of a baser servitude than had ever been imposed on the race, servitude not to men but to soulless machines incapable of any motive but insatiable greed.

  24. Such persons and corporations shall have to answer for their deeds before the legal and competent courts of this Republic.

  25. Johannesburg and suburbs, except all persons and corporations who will appear to be the chief offenders, ringleaders, leaders, instigators, and those who have caused the rebellion at Johannesburg and suburbs.

  26. Though I had been, some years before, a director in two of the largest railway corporations in the United States, my heart was never in that duty, and I never prepared myself to discharge it.

  27. Never again did the university incur any troublesome debt; from that day to this its finances have been so managed as to excite the admiration even of men connected with the most successful and best managed corporations of our country.

  28. When you have a weak administration with feeble powers and resources and strong unscrupulous private corporations seeking to override the law and public welfare, the possibilities of bribing are at the highest point.

  29. Only a few of these corporations make any attempt to keep pace with invention.

  30. It is said of corporations in general, that they have no soul, and it may truthfully be said of the church that it has less than any other.

  31. It has been stated that the great corporations might not support him with much warmth for the reason that he has failed to decide certain cases in their favor.

  32. I have always wondered that the great corporations have made no provisions for their old and worn out employees.

  33. Now is the time for the Republicans to show that all their sympathies are not given to bankers, corporations and millionaires.

  34. If Chinamen are sent to this country by corporations or companies under contracts that amount to slavery or anything like it or near it, then I am opposed to it.

  35. Payment of extraordinary salaries and in some instances bonuses to executives of corporations have been found by the commission during its investigations.

  36. With two hundred American corporations controlled by the financial and military power in Germany, we had a situation that 'might easily have been fatal in America had it not been discovered in time.

  37. A whole book, and a very interesting one, might be written as a commentary on the thirty or forty trade corporations here depicted.

  38. All the trading corporations of the Middle Ages were close and exclusive bodies.

  39. All the ruling corporations of the city were represented in this group of men who presented this deed to him for signature.

  40. After this news from Monte Video it will not be difficult to persuade the corporations to depose the Viceroy.

  41. If the people, applying through the corporations of the city, should request you to resign, I think you may take the matter into serious consideration, but not sooner.

  42. What the Viceroy did was to submit the memorial to the Cabildo and to the Consulado, both of which corporations were composed exclusively of Spaniards.

  43. While meeting all these needs, we intend to plug unwarranted tax loopholes and strengthen the law which requires all large corporations to pay a minimum tax.

  44. Three hundred and eighty-five thousand corporations and private organizations are already working on social programs ranging from drug rehabilitation to job training, and thousands more Americans have written us asking how they can help.

  45. Their influence has extended to us, who have gathered experience from the past, and this is plainly evinced in our Statutes of Wills in the different States, which disqualify corporations from taking by devise unless expressly authorized.

  46. The several Statutes of Mortmain had their origin in this effort of the civil power to curb the influence of the spiritual power, and check a dangerous tendency to enrich corporations of a religious or eleemosynary character.

  47. In some of the States, corporations are specially empowered by statute to take a certain amount of property by devise.

  48. When our great corporations were in their formative period, effort was concentrated on making them successful, but with success came thoughts of other things.

  49. Atlanta's line of business is largely office business; many great corporations have their headquarters or their general southern branches in the city; one of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks is there, and there are many strong banks.

  50. On account of their poor business capacity and lack of practicality, they conveyed under the patents all rights to different corporations but in such a way and with such confused wording of the contracts that I never got a cent.

  51. Thus the demand for the new machines and wax records grew apace as the corporations organized to handle the business extended their lines.

  52. These two billions of dollars of Allied bonds are not held, however, in the coffers of Eastern bankers, but have been distributed throughout the country and are being owned by thousands of banks and other corporations and individuals.

  53. The same principle was followed in 1841, when the Corporations of Ireland were thrown open to Catholics, for out of some sixty-five all except ten or eleven were abolished.

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