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debouching; debouchment; debouchure; debout; debris; debtor; debtors; debts; debuit; debut
  1. He could not be spared from this work for combatant service, so he saw little of the war at the front; but more flying officers than ever heard his name owe him a debt of gratitude for his faithful work in providing for their safety.

  2. To take only two names out of the first hundred to whom the Aero Club granted its certificate--a list crowded with distinction and achievement--it is not easy to assess the national debt to Mr. T.

  3. Debt of the nation to Captain Fulton and Mr. Cockburn.

  4. Only those who worked with him will ever know how great a debt the Flying Corps owes to his industry and devotion.

  5. Erskine could see in England's course nothing but a blind obstinacy which had overwhelmed the nation with debt and disaster.

  6. The wits of London said in public that England had contracted half of her national debt to destroy the Bourbons and the other half to restore them to power.

  7. Rather beg Drake on his knees for time to work out the debt than that!

  8. The fact of this baleful heritage must not be forgotten in estimating the debt of gratitude which historic man owes to his barbaric predecessor.

  9. It owed a debt of gratitude to Democritus for supplying it the word, but it somewhat overpaid the debt in too closely linking the new meaning of the word with its old original one.

  10. Yet we owe a debt of gratitude to Hero, the pupil, for having given wider vogue to these discoveries, and in particular for the discussion of the principles of hydrostatics and pneumatics contained in the introduction to his book.

  11. It is also unjust to take secret compensation for a debt that has not yet fallen due.

  12. Hence, in order to spare the debtor the evils of a bad conscience in reference to the debt or of a second payment of the debt, the creditor should, if possible, inform the debtor that the debt is cancelled or that payment is not expected.

  13. In this respect liberality is assigned to justice, since its object is external things as owed by a certain moral debt to others.

  14. The sin is venial per se, since it does not submit to passion; but it may be mortal on account of some circumstance, as when the marriage debt is unjustly refused or necessary nourishment is not taken.

  15. Titus which you had borrowed, simply because Titus owed you a debt equal to the value of the horse, for the horse might be worth more to Titus); it is legal when recognized by the law (cfr.

  16. Thus, he whose will refuses consent to the command of a superior is disobedient; he whose will refuses to pay the debt due a creditor is dishonest.

  17. Caius, a stranger, claims that Titus owes him for an unpaid debt of his father.

  18. The moral malice is distinct from that of other sins, since injustice committed against the debt owed to the human principle of existence has a special character of wrong, as being opposed to a special kind of right.

  19. Natural Law, and their transgressions are imputable as formal sins and incur the debt of punishment.

  20. Ordinary scandal is given by bad example alone; extraordinary scandal adds to bad example injury or injustice, or the debt of punishment for a crime.

  21. Its obligation as an act of justice is not grave, since the debt is not of a rigorous kind.

  22. According to what he had learned, the Duchess had left Virginia to save money and appearances, dragging along like a fetter a debt of honor contracted by a worthless scamp of a brother.

  23. Obviously she had been wearing that hair-shirt debt next to her soul's skin.

  24. It took him the full length of its well-beaten path, from debt to ruin; from ruin to broken will and health, and presently to death.

  25. All idea of reducing the amount of the national debt has long since been abandoned.

  26. And you are flying from your debts: the debt of a Florentine woman; the debt of a wife.

  27. Her indignant grief for her godfather had no longer complete possession of her, and her sense of debt to Savonarola was recovering predominance.

  28. And to break that pledge you fly from Florence: Florence, where there are the only men and women in the world to whom you owe the debt of a fellow-citizen.

  29. Bernardo del Nero had been absent at his villa, willing to escape from political suspicions to his favourite occupation of attending to his land, and she had paid him the debt without a personal interview.

  30. And depend upon it the debt shall be repaid with usury.

  31. He could tell the latter the whole circumstance and borrow a part of what was left of his small fortune; of course he was in his debt as it was, but North would never think of that; he was a man to share his last dollar with a friend.

  32. You wanted the results, but you wouldn't pay the price in self-denial and patience, and so we rushed into debt and it's been a scramble ever since!

  33. Fox thanked the man for his confidence and paid him, saying, "his debt was of older standing, and Sheridan must wait.

  34. After you have served him he at once puts you in debt by his magnanimity.

  35. Moses, Lazarus and Son, whose religious observances and daily occupations were made their jest, while they ran in debt to the people from whom they afterwards expected consideration and forbearance.

  36. Mr. Monroe pledged his own private fortune that the debt would be paid, and the money was turned over to him.

  37. They are too many to name, but to each one I owe a real debt of gratitude.

  38. His daughter Eva was able to maintain the extravagant establishment of her father for twenty-six years, when the debt resting on the castle reached three million florins.

  39. Wilfrid at the monastery of Ripon and then in an Irish monastery under the direction of Egbert, whose debt to the Frisians (§ 77, 8) he now undertook to pay.

  40. An execution for a debt of four thousand pounds was at length put in by a house largely engaged in the silk, lace, India-shawl, and fancy-jewelry business.

  41. He fell into a number of scrapes, and ran into debt through sundry small extravagances.

  42. Journey of the Kiái Adipáti to Semárang, to pay the debt of the Susúnan to the Company.

  43. Throughout the Archipelago, where the European government has not interfered, confinement for debt is unknown.

  44. A debt thus dissolutely contracted is not likely to be retrieved by patient industry.

  45. But as his highness was still in debt to the Dutch, those revenues were provisionally taken in diminution of the debt.

  46. The table between the windows was covered with work-boxes and netting-boxes which had been given her at different times, principally by Tom; and she grew bewildered as to the amount of the debt which all these kind remembrances produced.

  47. The national debt was trebled in the space of twenty years, thus imposing heavy sacrifices on all.

  48. Bishop Shahan for kindly encouragement he wishes to acknowledge a debt of gratitude.

  49. Emily was arrested and cast into prison by Tyrrel for a debt contracted for board and lodging during the last fourteen years.

  50. Megareus, the offspring of Creon, is the valiant warrior who will either pay the debt of his nurture to his land or will decorate his father's house with the spoils of the conquered Eteoclus.

  51. What I have just done was a debt I had to pay to the remembrance of my first love.

  52. It came from his cousin the abbe, who begged the count to apologize to me for him if he was unable to pay the twenty sequins he had lost to me in the proper time, but that he would discharge his debt in the course of the week.

  53. And very fortunate it was that I did not succeed, for my career with such assistance only as a scholarship would have given me, would have ended in debt and ignominy.

  54. My memory tells me that he was always in debt to his landlord and to the tradesmen he employed.

  55. If A owes B fifty dollars, and B is known to be a thief or a murderer, it does not liquidate A's debt to simply show that fact.

  56. They have even gone further, and said that a debt to B's heirs is forfeited in like manner--thus making the destruction of a man's reputation after his death of pecuniary advantage to the company.

  57. If a man has incurred a debt and a storm has flooded his field or carried away the crop, or the corn has not grown because of drought, in that year he shall not pay his creditor.

  58. Indeed, where a debtor gave up his wife, child, or slave to work off a debt, we have a case of antichretic pledge for the debt and interest.

  59. L ceded this debt to M, but had to guarantee that D will come and pay.

  60. The debt could then be recovered in its entirety from either.

  61. Also, if that woman had a debt upon her before she entered that man’s house, her creditor shall not take her husband for it.

  62. If Ani-ellati has lent on mortgage to Lalu, the kadurru, grant him his debt and lay the blame on Ani-ellati, who lent on pledge.

  63. Thus, we find that the practice of taking a pledge as security for debt is fully established for later times and we may therefore hesitate to deny its existence in early periods, although we have no direct evidence on the point.

  64. If a man has no debt of corn or money due from a man on whom he has levied a distraint, for each such distraint he shall pay one-third of a mina of silver.

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