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Example sentences for "encouragement"

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encounters; encountred; encountring; encourage; encouraged; encouragements; encourager; encouragers; encourages; encourageth
  1. Thus, the state has officially put its approval on the idea and has become a leader in the encouragement of this great kind of economy and thrift.

  2. And they firmly believe, by the encouragement of the false preachers who come from the host, that Sir Robert de Brus will now have his will.

  3. It may have been, as Barbour says, that they talked in groups disconsolately and forebodingly, and that the encouragement of the leaders predicting victory in the great battle on the morrow failed to shake off their depression.

  4. When all the: arrangements were made, the king rode along the line from rank to rank, saying a few words of encouragement to each group of men.

  5. Without hesitation Guy and the archer fell upon them, with a shout of encouragement to the defender of the doorway, who was evidently sorely pressed.

  6. What an encouragement to villany is it that poulterers will give a higher price for game that appears perfectly uninjured, than for what has been shot; and seldom ask questions!

  7. The least encouragement will make him gladly pick up the birds, and give them, as he ought, to no one but yourself.

  8. Eventually it will come out with a little encouragement in the way of frictional massage of the womb through the abdominal walls.

  9. A certain slowness of the humble and patient spirit may keep one silent who with little encouragement could speak words of quickening truth.

  10. The Dutch government, anxious to avoid giving any cause for hostilities, had carefully abstained from offering any encouragement to the emigrants or support to the enemies of the French Republic.

  11. This gave fresh encouragement to the patriot party, who in Amsterdam formed a revolutionary committee, of which the leaders were Gogel, Van Dam and Kraijenhoff.

  12. Nor did they obtain much encouragement from England, where Walpole was still intent upon a pacific policy.

  13. To the young he was ever ready to give encouragement and help; and struggling talent always found in him a kindly critic and a sympathising friend.

  14. He yielded to their encouragement to plunge heartily into his studies, for in such absorption lay diversion from dangerous channels of thought.

  15. I didn't get much encouragement from my friends," he replied.

  16. Through a period of five years the inspiration derived from his instruction and encouragement has been so great as to preclude the possibility of its expression in a preface.

  17. The gloom and inflexibility were gone, and there was an evident encouragement and enjoyment of the incessant sallies of his bustling visitor.

  18. As the Subscriber has been at great expense to carry on this particular branch of Printing extensively, he hopes to meet with encouragement from the Booksellers in the United States.

  19. Lee must have had some kind of encouragement from the Copperheads before he risked a step, which ought to end in his utter destruction, even with a Halleck, Hooker and Butterfield as our commanders.

  20. The patriot observed that Mr. Lincoln wanted only encouragement to take himself the command of the Army of the Potomac.

  21. As an encouragement to those who seem to be the victims of one misfortune after another, of continued ill fortune, the ancient saw is quoted, "'Tis a long lane has no turning.

  22. Friends, true and false, have made their mark on our proverb store, and counsels of encouragement and of warning are abundantly at our service.

  23. How strong the encouragement to look forward with courage when cares seem overwhelming is the reminder that "When the tale of bricks is doubled Moses comes.

  24. Although the American nation stood on the sidelines for the first two years, America became a major source of money, supplies, and encouragement for Britain and France.

  25. These new Southern reconstruction governments operated under the protection of the Army and with the encouragement of the Federal Government.

  26. Ricordi for all the kind assistance and encouragement which they have afforded me during the preparation of this work.

  27. He there remarked upon the encouragement he had received from Bergson's thought, and referred to the confidence he had in being "able to lean on Bergson's authority.

  28. Modernists and Neo- Catholic Party in his own country, showed a keen interest in his writings, and many of them endeavoured to find encouragement and stimulus in his work.

  29. While Mr. Cooper was a strong "protectionist," favoring the encouragement of American industries, he never recognized any distinctions among Americans.

  30. He then offered some important information to the commitee, as his mite towards the abolition of the Slave-trade, and as an encouragement to them to persevere.

  31. The French had lately offered large premiums for the encouragement of this trade.

  32. I received much encouragement on every side, and I fixed to meet them again at the place where we then were in three days.

  33. This I accepted, that I might communicate to him the progress I had made, that I might gain more knowledge from him on the subject, and that I might acquire new strength and encouragement to proceed.

  34. Certain establishments to be made by government in Africa, in the Bananas, in the Isles de Los, on the banks of the Camaranca, and in other places, for the encouragement and support of the new trade to be substituted there.

  35. To show this, I must first remind the reader that Anthony Benezet, as soon as he heard of the result of the case of Somerset, opened a correspondence with Granville Sharp, which was kept up to the encouragement of both.

  36. This offer I received with thankfulness, and it operated as a new encouragement to me to proceed.

  37. Then, without any solicitation or encouragement from Duane, the Bland woman fell passionately in love with him.

  38. Duane gathered encouragement from that chorus of coarse laughter.

  39. Little encouragement was, in most cases, held out to teachers of character and qualification, and the precarious mode in which their salaries were paid operated powerfully as a bar in the way of educational advancement.

  40. An act for the encouragement of education, and to raise funds for that purpose by imposing an additional assessment on land, was accordingly passed, which formed the basis of the present educational system.

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