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Example sentences for "heartening"

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hearted; heartedly; heartedness; hearten; heartened; heartens; heartes; heartfelt; hearth; hearthrug
  1. That year the governments of Australia, Norway, and Finland paid the expenses of the delegates from those countries--a heartening innovation.

  2. At a mass-meeting held in San Francisco, Rabbi Vorsanger, who was not in favor of suffrage for women, advanced the heartening theory that in a thousand years more they might possibly be ready for it.

  3. Something mighty heartening lay in that welcome and the warm cordiality of Don Padraic's features.

  4. In the starshine he felt the hand of El Doctor close over his own with a heartening squeeze.

  5. Benicia was standing there in an attitude of awaiting him, a little beyond her was Bim, his face wreathed with a heartening smile.

  6. It is a heartening half-hour, and at the end of it Jeffard rises to get the blankets from the wagon.

  7. There is the brusquerie of heartening in Jeffard's rejoinder.

  8. Lansdale looked up quickly, with a pathetic plea for heartening in the deep-set eyes of him.

  9. But her arguments had all been exhausted when the prospecting fever had set in, and she could only send him forth with words of heartening and a brave God-speed.

  10. Nor must I forget that an impetus was given to the recruiting by the receipt of a heartening cablegram from Mr. Israel Zangwill, whose name is a household word to all Zionists.

  11. This thought was wholly heartening and he dwelt upon it a long time.

  12. These involved the tying on of a crisp checked apron, and various negotiations with a large enamelled coffee pot, an egg, and the dark grounds that sent a heartening odour of coffee through the room.

  13. The Commanding Officer writes: "I told the Pipe Major to play; he at once responded, getting into a small hollow, and playing and greatly heartening the men as they lay there hanging on to the captured position.

  14. The blooming young mother, the rosy, lovely children, could not but make a heartening picture.

  15. Under the heartening rattle of cutlery and china every one talked, the air was scented with coffee, the room so warm that two windows by general consent were opened to the cool night.

  16. But there was no question about it, it had had its heartening significance!

  17. And then there was a fierce battle fought, and Lugh was heartening the men of Ireland to fight well, the way they would not be in bonds any longer.

  18. But one he readily found, on the left of the dolorous battle, goodly Alexandros, the lord of fair-tressed Helen, heartening his comrades and speeding them to war.

  19. Him quickly he perceived at the left of the whole battle, heartening his comrades and rousing them to fight.

  20. The grand duke changed the subject by raising his voice in a splendid, heartening roar at Pollyooly, who was running swiftly around the bases; and for nearly an hour he did his best to burst the welkin.

  21. Never mind: do what you can when you get the chance," said the Honourable John Ruffin in a heartening tone.

  22. Your achievements are heartening the friends in many places where their numbers are few, and the obstacles to be overcome great!

  23. Out in Piccadilly its heartening warmth seemed to infuse into traffic and pedestrians alike a novel jauntiness, so that bus drivers jested and even the lips of chauffeurs uncurled into not unkindly smiles.

  24. The ordeal of our men on the Western Front is terrible, but they have at least one grand and heartening stand-by in the knowledge that they have plenty of guns and no lack of shells behind them.

  25. And the homely honest face was not strange, nor the blue, faded eyes, with their heartening assurance of good-fellowship.

  26. Not even a right to the consolation these others had, to the strong arm and the heartening voice at the day's end.

  27. Presently there was a flare of lighted papers in the fireplace, and the heartening snap and crackle of wood.

  28. They fought with the French through Belleau Wood, heartening the brave, tired, discouraged poilus, and after they came out upon the other side the name of the battlefield was changed to the 'Wood of the American Marines.

  29. So there in Troy he cried with heartening speech: "O friends, be stout of heart to play the men!

  30. The comrades then Of Panopeus' princely son for Epeius raised A heartening cheer.

  31. But it was heartening to have Bill Wilson's capable self to stand beside him.

  32. I'm good for everything on the bill of fare," was the heartening reply.

  33. Stuart Ford was shivering through the second of the winters on the gray, needle-winded day when he stood on the crusted drift, heartening his men who were breaking the way for further rammings of the scrap-heap 206 and her box-plow.

  34. He had told the story without shame, for he knew well and counted it among the heartening facts of life, like the bravery of seamen and the sweetness of children, that to a man a woman's bed may sometimes be an altar.

  35. Most heartening of all, Administration seemed at last to have found itself.

  36. The sides, it is true, were inches lower than I would liked to have had them, but there was something distinctly heartening in the fine flare of the bows and the pronounced sheer of the little craft.

  37. How heartening it was even to brush in passing such kindliness, simplicity, hopefulness and courage!

  38. While the life-tide was at its ebb and I was querulous and helpless weak, he was my leech and nurse and heartening friend in one.

  39. But to this she gave me no answer at all; and barring a word or two of heartening for her serving woman, she never opened her lips again throughout the passage perilous.

  40. Thank God that this poet, though young, lived long enough, and saw enough of war and death to give this heartening word to a world which weeps and wearies with war and woe and want!

  41. He led the way to his berth, which smelt of varnish and of lamp, and we swayed in chorus as the ship rolled, and had a heartening mourn together.

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