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Example sentences for "encouraging"

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encouragements; encourager; encouragers; encourages; encourageth; encouragingly; encre; encrease; encreased; encreases
  1. The poor woman was distracted, and from time to time she begs for encouraging letters.

  2. Borrow received an encouraging letter from Mr Brandram, telling him of the Committee's appreciation of his work, but practically leaving with him the decision as to his future movements.

  3. Mrs Borrow wrote to the printer urging him to send to her husband, who has been overworked to the point of complaint, "one of your kind encouraging notes.

  4. Gonzalo and Valdivia threw themselves into the midst of their followers, menacing some, encouraging others, and at length led them gallantly forward to the firm ground.

  5. As the ranks were formed, he rode among them, encouraging his men to do their duty like brave cavaliers, and true soldiers of the Conquest.

  6. He was ever ready to give aid where it was needed, encouraging his followers to ford or swim the torrents as they best could, and cheering the desponding by his own buoyant and courageous spirit.

  7. When standing in the pulpit, Sachs appeared to be transfigured and oblivious of himself; it seemed as if one of the prophets of God were exhorting the people, or encouraging the despondent by his tidings of an ideal future.

  8. Thus the Sabbatians were left free to maintain their faith and denounce the report as false, especially as encouraging letters arrived from Raphael Joseph Chelebi of Cairo and others.

  9. As soon as the artillery of the retreating enemy had ceased within the precincts of this city, loud voices were heard encouraging each other to demand that boundaries be set at once to the unheard-of presumption of the Jews.

  10. He communicated his willingness to take the whole work of raising the troop, but the War Office was neither encouraging to the proposal, nor willing to accept the services of such a body of men when ready to serve.

  11. This is encouraging from the stand-point of those who believe in converting "the heathen" from their own religion to ours, and gratifying to the student of Japanese character.

  12. A little Brahman village is anything but, an encouraging place for a traveller to penetrate in search of eatables.

  13. I now know as much about the road to Sam-shue as I did before reaching Fat-shan, and have learned a brief lesson of Chinese city experience that is anything but encouraging for the future.

  14. These two very encouraging missives from our own people seem at first thought more heartless than even the "permission refused" of the Russians.

  15. The result of the conference I have been so anxiously looking forward to is anything but an encouraging picture--a picture of insurmountable obstacles on every hand.

  16. We have been too much afraid of encouraging weaklings by mistake.

  17. The encouraging thing is that the true artist who once finds what an impulse is given his work by rigorous training, is never content to slump back to his former vegetative, death-in-life existence.

  18. We have been, in fact, more afraid of encouraging a single mediocre poet than of neglecting a score of Shelleys.

  19. Then you are all right,' said the General in an encouraging tone.

  20. You really have a great deal to answer for, in encouraging this kind of monomania.

  21. It is encouraging to see the bill boards proclaiming the virtues of "Karo" syrup and "Mazola" oil when only a few years ago the products of our national cereal were without honor in their own country.

  22. As for the tone, say just what you'd--well, say all you can without encouraging them to answer.

  23. He waved his visitor to a chair, and leaned across his desk with the encouraging smile of a consulting physician.

  24. Still, the absurdity of deciding a man's whole future on a first trial seemed to justify me in withholding my verdict, and perhaps even in encouraging him a little, on the ground that the human plant generally needs warmth to flower.

  25. When the doors were opened again, six pictures had been bought for the money subscribed by the public for the purpose of encouraging native artists.

  26. This protest displayed a warm, patriotic feeling; its principal object was the demonstration of the necessity of encouraging home industries.

  27. I hear you are encouraging him to go on the stage.

  28. A faint smile played over her face, but she did not answer his encouraging suggestions.

  29. A good encouraging denial, I must own: as was the rest of her plea; to wit, 'A disinclination to change her state.

  30. But take care, fair one; take care, O thou most exalted of female minds, and loveliest of persons, how thou debasest thyself by encouraging such a competition as thy sordid relations have set on foot in mere malice to me!

  31. I was very proud of this encouraging goodness: and all blew over, as I hoped, between my father and me; for he also spoke kindly to me two or three times.

  32. Many friars were with them, encouraging them by their presence, and filling their hearts with fervent and pious thoughts.

  33. Of all those gallant officers and men none fought more pluckily than Captain Russell of the Guides; animating and encouraging his splendid fellows, he was ever nearest to the foe, as many a mutineer found to his cost.

  34. From the prison the fathers wrote encouraging letters to the suffering Christians of Japon.

  35. In spite of secret aspirations and even intentions, however, it was not encouraging to feel that he made really no impression at all on Cousin Maria.

  36. It didn't appear to prove that he would, his also observing Lady Ringrose's empty box without making an encouraging comment upon it.

  37. But before she reached it Selina had flung herself upon her in one of her strange but, as she felt, really not encouraging revulsions.

  38. She stood near the entrance with her two elder daughters, distributing the most familiar, most encouraging smiles, together with hand-shakes which were in themselves a whole system of hospitality.

  39. But I am bound to add that she gave me no further warrant for suspecting them than by the simple fact of her encouraging her mother, by her immobility, to linger.

  40. Selina hugged her children repeatedly, encouraging their sallies; she laughed extravagantly at the artlessness of their remarks, so that at table Miss Steet was quite abashed by her unusual high spirits.

  41. All this he thought necessary for gentlemen to prove, and to show some very strong necessity for encouraging one particular class of men, in preference to all others.

  42. It is of necessity, then, that we lay the foundation of our maritime importance as soon as may be, and this can be done only by encouraging our fisheries.

  43. He liked the idea of laying a low duty now, and encouraging it against the time when a supply might be had from our own cultivation.

  44. He then adverted particularly to the fisheries, stated the number of men employed, the tons of shipping necessary to export the fish taken, and inferred the sound policy of encouraging so important a branch of business.

  45. Another very important operation of a discrimination in favor of France will be that, by encouraging liberal industry, you may put an end to some practices which, in the existing state of consumption, greatly depreciate our commodities.

  46. He considered that this, in a short time, would do more towards encouraging ship-building than a bounty, as had been mentioned by some gentlemen.

  47. Gentlemen who are opposed to giving sufficient encouragement to ship-building, ought to recollect an argument that was considered of weight in the case of encouraging manufactures.

  48. Gill, the government astronomer at the Cape, by aid of which Mr. Woods can carry on the experiments that were so encouraging last summer in Switzerland.

  49. This was scarcely encouraging our first day out.

  50. Among other pleasant and encouraging items of news, we now heard that we should probably meet with serious delay, not only at Kalgan, the Mongolian frontier, but also at Pekin.

  51. All looked very much relieved, and Queen Titania said: "Your encouraging words comfort us greatly.

  52. He looked anxiously at King Stanislaus's face, as though he feared to see displeasure written there, but the genial, encouraging smile upon the royal countenance caused him to take heart.

  53. I only beg to-day for one encouraging word.

  54. However, encouraging her with a loving kiss, I began again.

  55. They were badly armed in a make-shift fashion, but their zeal supplied the deficiencies of their equipment, and when Dion led the way they all started at a run, shouting for joy, and encouraging one another to recover their freedom.

  56. Dion mounted upon this, and addressed the citizens, encouraging them to hold fast the freedom which they had obtained.

  57. He manned the walls of the camp with those soldiers who had recovered their spirits, and was encouraging the rest to fight.

  58. All told the same story, begging and encouraging Dion to come, not with ships of war and horse and foot soldiers, but to embark in an open boat, and lend merely his person and his name to the Sicilians in their struggle against Dionysius.

  59. Dion therefore prepared to renew the engagement, drew out his men in battle array, and addressed them in encouraging terms.

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