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Example sentences for "begs"

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begrimed; begrudge; begrudged; begrudges; begrudging; beguile; beguiled; beguilement; beguiles; beguiling
  1. Oliver begs Roland to sound his wonderful horn and summon aid.

  2. Aoh, Oi begs your parding, sir," said the policeman.

  3. But the laugh is lost in the sigh, the discomfort becomes acute when the man who begs a few pence is one at whose table we once sat, whom we once knew in positions of authority.

  4. Then the viper begs it to go out, but it answers, "Let him go out who cannot stay.

  5. In the seventeenth story of the second book of Afanassieff, an old man begs the stork to be as his son (the reputation of the storks for their paternal and filial affection is of ancient date[407]).

  6. He then goes to the Tzar, relates the misfortune, and begs him to lend him a dress for Buhtan.

  7. They then engage themselves in the service of the cook and the housemaid; the cat, following its natural instinct, gives chase to a mouse, upon which the mouse begs for its life, promising to bring the ring to the cat.

  8. A peasant passes by; the bear begs him to deliver it from this trunk, promising to show him a bee-hive, and beseeching him not to tell any one that a hare had deceived it.

  9. The grasshopper goes into a field of linen; the ant begs for a thread to make herself aprons and shirts for the wedding; then the grasshopper says he wishes to marry her.

  10. The peasant begs the wolf to wait for a second passer-by; this is an old black dog who has been expelled from the house after long services, because he can no longer bark; he also approves the wolf's decision.

  11. On the way, they meet the lion, who wishes to join the party, saying that he too carries money; but not being accustomed to such work, he modestly begs the other four to divide his load among themselves.

  12. The peasant again begs them to wait for a third and decisive judgment; they meet the fox, who resorts to a well-known stratagem; he affects to doubt that so large an animal as the wolf could get into so small a sack.

  13. His mother begs again that she will come.

  14. It begs the hero Basilius to ask the serpent how long it has still to undergo this fate; the serpent answers, when it has vomited forth the ten vessels of the rich Mark.

  15. For since he likes puddings, Heyne begs he'll accept these that from Gottingen come.

  16. If ever, perchance, in some hot feverish mood, He yields to gentler impulse, begs he not Forgiveness of his sceptre and gray hairs?

  17. What it contains She did not hide from me; she asks a boon; She begs to be admitted to the grace Of speaking with the queen.

  18. Say this--and further say, Andreas begs but so much ground within his fatherland as may contain his bones.

  19. His serene highness begs your ladyship's acceptance of these jewels as a nuptial present.

  20. The viceroy's troopers are upon his heels; He begs the boatman here to take him over, But he, in terror of the storm, refuses.

  21. She begs the Court to "hearken to her cry, a poor prisoner.

  22. Thus did Mr. Ware write to his brother John, in that earnest letter in which he begs him, as a physician, to deal frankly with him, and tell him the whole truth as to the probability of his recovery or decline.

  23. She begs Mrs. Ware to write down, or let another write, some passages of her life.

  24. In conclusion, the compiler begs to state that the present edition of this little work differs very considerably from its predecessor.

  25. He begs frae them that borrowed frae him.

  26. He that seeks alms for Godsake begs for twa.

  27. He begs the sage's pardon for troubling him with this man's tedious case, but it has touched him with awe, it may be partly the effect of his weariness.

  28. He stops the rapid flow of words, owns he has been rash in what he has said, fears he has been but a poor advocate of the woman, protests they had no thought of love, and begs them to be just.

  29. In a poetic letter to the Count of Provence, he begs that prince not to send him to the Crusades, as he cannot make up his mind to cross the seas, and wishes to delay as long as possible entering into life eternal.

  30. He writes some lines in the album before him, closes the book, hands it to the indignant woman, and begs her to leave him alone with his friend while he discusses the situation.

  31. He begs him to adopt their cause, and let Florence perish in her perfidy.

  32. And then the poor monk begs the guard not to report him: he will make amends for the offence done to the Church; give him six months' time, he will paint such a picture for a convent!

  33. Sometimes the woman comes running and begs that her rent be paid.

  34. Now the woman begs that her children be taken away and she will attend to herself.

  35. So he begs his mother to build all the mills and houses she can, and thus to make the profits which he sorely needs.

  36. He begs his sisters to make him some shirts and socks, but not many, since on the marches, usually made at night, he has to carry all his belongings on his own back.

  37. My last reviewer kindly requests me to alter my determination of writing no more; and 'A Friend to the Cause of Literature' begs I will gratify the public with some new work 'at no very distant period.

  38. Such thoughts flash through the boy's mind; his imagination is stirred and quickened, and he begs for an explanation.

  39. Before we had reached the gate a man met us and said: "'My master sends you greeting and begs you to take these nine wagon-loads of goods and sign for them.

  40. He who begs is shameless, but still more shameless is he who lends not to him.

  41. Comte," he said, "and begs to be received at once.

  42. He talks to the men, he harangues, he begs them to defend their city against this "horde of Corsican pirates.

  43. But whether his hexameters have been published, does not appear: the writer had not heard of them before; and he begs to thank Mr Shadwell for his polite attention.

  44. He threatens to cut down the tree with his sword, but suddenly a voice from the tree begs for mercy.

  45. Spidala throws herself at his feet and begs for mercy.

  46. He left word that he wishes to see you very much, and begs you to go up to Cettinje as soon as you can.

  47. Great Gjuro's winsome wife her greetings sends; She begs that thou will sup with her this night, And grant her those sweet sprays of terebinth.

  48. Papa has been pretty well during the past week, he begs to join me in kind remembrances to yourself.

  49. Jane begs me to assure you of her kind regards.

  50. I mention this by desire of Miss Fennell, who begs to be remembered affectionately to you.

  51. He asks for no reward, but begs the people not to mention these powers of his.

  52. According to Luke, only one of them does this; and he is rebuked by the other, who begs Jesus to remember him when he comes into his kingdom.

  53. She begs protection for herself and an arrest for me; that I am known as Count Julien, at the hotel King of Portugal, at Berlin, and that haste is necessary.

  54. The duke begs that you will lock the door of your anteroom when you retire, and that you will upon no condition open it, no matter how much Thusnelda may beg and implore.

  55. Pardon me, your majesty," replied the footman, "the Baron von Arnim begs for an audience.

  56. In that case I would repeat that Fraulein begs for indulgence and forbearance until to-morrow, and would like to remain alone to compose herself.

  57. Here comes Mustafa, an old boatman, and begs us to take his felûca.

  58. But the Mohammedan Begs over there always help him, because he is an honest man, and aids them in their business and accounts.

  59. The Begs were astonished at this, and went away, urging him if there were any more trouble at night to fire his gun and they would come over from Halba at once.

  60. She begs you may accept of her best compliments.

  61. Taylor sends his compliments to you, and begs you will dine with him to-morrow.

  62. The writer begs leave to tell both these species of canters that they do not speak words of truth.

  63. As, however, it may be supposed that he is one of those who delight to play the sycophant to kings and queens, to curry favour with Tories, and to bepraise Wellington, he begs leave to state that such is not the case.

  64. If it be observed, that this want of religion is a great defect in the story, the author begs leave to observe that he cannot help it.

  65. The writer therefore begs to state that it was written in the year 1854.

  66. His Majesty begs a written reply to the message I bear.

  67. Then the letter will read, 'begs that His Majesty of France will not move toward the immediate consummation of the treaty.

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