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Example sentences for "beguiling"

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begs; beguile; beguiled; beguilement; beguiles; begun; begune; begunne; begyled; begyn
  1. While we are beguiling our time with wine and conversing with the ladies present, a large and entire hog is brought upon the table.

  2. With little air and bridlings infinitely diverting, she exchanged inquiry for the most beguiling confidence.

  3. Flaxman had a passion for intellectual or social novelty; and this passion was beguiling him into a close observation of Elsmere.

  4. He has been infatuated with her beauty, her charms of style and manner, her beguiling voice; the very atmosphere that surrounded her was delightful to breathe in concert with her.

  5. I don't think it all that," says Violet, with a most beguiling flush.

  6. Madame Lepelletier assumes her most beguiling smile, and counts on an hour or two, but he excuses himself briefly.

  7. Ah," she returns, and a beguiling light plays over her face like some swift ripple, "I never looked upon it in any other light.

  8. Her face is full of sympathy as she raises her beguiling eyes.

  9. The voice is soft, with a half-entreaty almost as beguiling as Cecil's.

  10. In a few minutes she was her old beguiling self--the self to whose charm Tims was as susceptible in her way as Thomas the Rhymer had been in his.

  11. Large slopes are covered with them,--a brilliant show to the eye, and most pleasantly beguiling the way of its tediousness.

  12. Beguiling men of their leisure by his marvelous stories: and maidens of their hearts by his marvelous wiles.

  13. For first, if he hath beguiled us, he did it not save by the furtherance and sleight of our own kinsman; therefore if any one is to die for beguiling us, let it be the Puny Fox.

  14. Hallblithe filled, and gave to him, and the old man drank and said: "Thou deemest us all liars in the Isle of Ransom because of thy beguiling by the Puny Fox: but therein thou errest.

  15. A thousand signs on my roadways are still as unexplainable, as mysterious, and as beguiling as this.

  16. There was something bewitching in the sweet, beguiling childish voice, and in the fairy-like little figure nestling gracefully among the cushions of the arm-chair, where the hair glistened against the dark background.

  17. Michael slowly drew near, and gradually began to reply more easily; this beguiling talk and laughter cast about him a spell the power of which he vaguely felt, although he did not understand it, and could not shake it off.

  18. The travellers, therefore, next day pursued their journey to Derham Green, beguiling the way by joint contrivances to conquer the stubbornness of Laura.

  19. Cease to treat me with this beguiling confidence.

  20. I resolved to pursue you wherever you went, to breathe at least the same air with you, sometimes to feast my fond eyes with that form, beyond imagination lovely--perhaps to win that beguiling smile which no heart can withstand.

  21. Having eyes full of adultery, and that can not cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: a heart they have exercised with covetous practises; cursed children.

  22. By their evil example and false teachings they are beguiling many unstable souls.

  23. Satisfied with these experiments, she replaced her treasures in the casket and set herself to beguiling the passing monotony, again devoting herself to Ulysses.

  24. He needed to stroll around, to talk with somebody, in order that time might fly by with greater rapidity, beguiling his uneasy wait.

  25. He would call the serious attention of the incautious, who may be exposed to beguiling temptations, to the case of Mr. Lewellin (i.

  26. With little airs and bridlings infinitely diverting, she exchanged inquiry for the most beguiling confidence.

  27. Melissa led her by forced journeys, by field and forest, beguiling the way with conversation on the theme which interested her hearer most.

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