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Example sentences for "exhilarating"

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  1. But if alatics, in their infancy, did not come up to the wider expectation, there were many who found in it a novel and exhilarating sport.

  2. It was exhilarating to be upon such an animal.

  3. I am sitting in one of the three doorless doorways of my loft, grieving that the journey is just over, and that this is the last night of the exhilarating freedom of the desert.

  4. We crossed the Karasu by a deep and devious ford up to the girths, and had an exhilarating six miles' ride by moonlight in keen frost, the powdery snow crackling under the horses' feet.

  5. I felt better at once in the pure, exhilarating desert air, and nervousness about the journey was left behind.

  6. In fact, with all my memories of Patagonia are closely associated, as one of the most prominent peculiarities of its landscapes, the fiercely cold but exhilarating blasts of that same wild west wind.

  7. Ericson had delighted in it all, as a splendid exhilarating game.

  8. Tickets were accumulating in my little box with exhilarating regularity, and I was nobly upholding the family name when I was stricken with pneumonia, and my victorious career had a rude check.

  9. How proudly could I have produced the home certificate as to my haymow experience and received an exhilarating grade in grammar!

  10. Roused again by the baying pack, she leaped forward with better speed, though without that keen feeling of exhilarating flight that she had in the morning.

  11. But the clouds have blown away, clearing from the north, and to-day a fine, exhilarating north wind is blowing.

  12. In the woods flakes of snow were sifting down from the branches and faintly pungent woodland odours gave an exhilarating touch to the air.

  13. After the frosty nights the air has an exhilarating quality not to be described in a country where prohibition sentiment is so strong.

  14. Yet all of us, jumpers, flyers or floaters, must wait till that wonderful dream comes to us, after months maybe, to indulge in that most exhilarating pastime.

  15. It was a wonderfully exhilarating spectacle.

  16. It was wildly exhilarating to slide along the edge of the precipices, after this grisly fashion, and look straight down upon that far-off valley which I was describing a while ago.

  17. After a few more days of exhilarating study I returned to the river-bank opposite Choquette's landing.

  18. This exhilarating scramble made me glad and strong and I rejoiced that my studies called me before the glorious night succeeding so glorious a morning had been spent!

  19. He was almost happy again under the exhilarating glow of unusual exercise and the excitement of escape and regained freedom.

  20. Boxing Day and the brisk exhilarating drive to the Crystal Palace immediately following, with all the rest of a season of licence and varied joys to come, which he could hardly trust himself to look back upon now!

  21. We begin to feel the exhilarating influences of the North as we drive on, and to understand its charm.

  22. Then a wonderful exhilarating coolness crept into the air, and there was a stillness not apparent earlier through which the clash and clatter of the machines rang harshly distinct.

  23. The air was cool yet, and exhilarating as wine.

  24. After the last few months of prosaic and unremitting toil, the prospect of a mad night ride, and the zest of the hazard attached to it, proved strangely exhilarating to one of his temperament.

  25. The scene was very fresh and fine, and the cold most exhilarating after the mugginess of the last two or three days.

  26. A readable book was as exhilarating to her as a splendid morning drive or a good deed is to many others.

  27. It was like walking on the ridge-pole of Vermont, a truly exhilarating experience.

  28. An exhilarating and edifying spectacle it was,--this venerable worthy sitting behind his bunch of wooden decoys, a wounded tern fluttering in agony at his feet.

  29. The snow is then melted from the woods and southern slopes of the mountains and the meadows and gardens are in their glory, while the weather is mostly all-reviving, exhilarating sunshine.

  30. This flight in what might be called a milky way of snow-stars was the most spiritual and exhilarating of all the modes of motion I have ever experienced.

  31. The fire was poked up; the dry pine made an exhilarating blaze, and the pungency affected one like drinking wine--sent a thrill to the farthest pulse.

  32. The air was exhilarating and brought a color to her pale cheeks, and made her eyes glow like stars.

  33. The fragrance of spruce and fir, the breath of the newly grown grasses, the bloom of trees and flowers, was like the most exhilarating perfume, and stirred all the senses.

  34. Laclede had not been altogether well on leaving New Orleans, and was trusting to the exhilarating air of his loved town to restore him.

  35. He was not here to skim the clouds for exhilarating joy.

  36. Doubtless he thought the example an exhilarating one, when a grown-up child could dance over material loss, remembering only the joy of life.

  37. Faint breaths of air stirred the scent of green things, and everywhere was that exhilarating freshness of late summer that has in it the hint of autumn frosts.

  38. The air was sharp and exhilarating and wonderfully pure after the great wind.

  39. It can," he says, "not be charged as a crime upon natural science, that it has destroyed materials hitherto used by the poets.

  40. You must, for example, allow for the exhilarating effect a change of air has on a young man fresh from the country who spends a few days in town.

  41. He had won, but he did not quite feel the exhilarating flush of victory he had expected.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "exhilarating" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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