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  1. By this means the greater portion of the handsome pieces of plate, for which so many flyers of their day have competed, were obtained.

  2. The faces of the Czech flyers were grave as well.

  3. The Coalition's flyers were, on the whole more experienced, more disciplined, in some ways better trained; and for a time they did fairly well.

  4. So he detached his elite unit, consisting almost entirely of Blue Angel flyers and Special Forces assault troops, to Westmoreland Station.

  5. These flyers are intended to revolve on an axis, and to discharge at different periods.

  6. The flyers being thus prepared, put an iron pin, that must be fixed in the work, in which they are to be fired, and on which they are to run, through the hole in the middle.

  7. Cases for flyers may be made of different sizes, from one to eight ounces.

  8. But the bobbin anticipates the flyers a little, that is, it makes in a given time a somewhat greater number of revolutions than the spindle, and thereby effects the continuous winding of the cord upon itself.

  9. The inconvenience of the spray thrown from the yarn on the flyers remains; aggravated by increased heat and dampness of the room, where this hot process goes on.

  10. The impulse of the start and the weight of the men set the frame in motion, and the rope unwound quicker and quicker, enabling the flyers to describe larger and larger circles.

  11. Espinosa seems to think that one man did all the dancing on the summit, and Brasseur says that each of the flyers performed on the top of the mast before taking their flight.

  12. The flyers were ready when they got to the field, but Mara was gone.

  13. The men can look out for themselves, but the flyers are Company property.

  14. She's already taken one of the flyers out," Harcourt said.

  15. He saw the props of the other flyers starting to turn, and flicked on his mike.

  16. Thousands of American flyers were trained and ready to carry the war into Germany when the Teuton forces collapsed and cried "Enough!

  17. American flyers also made successful raids across the German border, blowing up munitions works, railway centers, and German troops at concentration points.

  18. The American flyers surrounded the German Fokker like a flock of birds, and instead of shooting it down, which would have been easy, they maneuvered their planes so the boche machine was forced toward the American lines.

  19. There were twenty-four flyers with that division of the German army.

  20. By this time their flyers dominated the air, and they had gained the immense advantage of artillery superiority.

  21. The rule at the base airdrome had been to give new units of well-trained flyers good all-round tests on various types of machines.

  22. I look on flyers as athletes playing a game---the greatest game the world has ever seen.

  23. The dragon-flies are the insect-hawks; they are predaceous and very voracious, and are probably the most expert flyers of all insects.

  24. Its variety of form and general organization is explained by the facts that, although most of the species live on the surface of the earth, some are burrowers in the ground, some flyers in the air, and some swimmers in the water.

  25. The Steganopodes are water-birds with full-webbed feet, and prominent gular pouch, swimmers rather than flyers like the Longipennes.

  26. Fortunately, the rain was over, and both Linda and Roger believed that, barring mishaps, the flyers should reach their destination early in the afternoon.

  27. But their time was not wasted, for they took the opportunity to question one of the flyers who seemed familiar with the territory around him.

  28. There was so much to talk about--the championships the young people were hoping to win, the airplane stunts for which two noted flyers had been engaged, the contests in flying that anyone with a private pilot's license might enter.

  29. Our brave flyers must be awfully tired, and this is no way to treat them, before they have even had a drink of water.

  30. Kitty Clavering gave the young man a withering look, and inquired of the flyers when they might hope for rides.

  31. A hush fell over the huge throng as they watched the two flyers ascend into the air and demonstrate all sorts of stunts for their amusement.

  32. That Moyen made no move to prevent the return of flyers out over the ocean, and now coming back, was an ominous circumstance.

  33. Prester Kleig's heartfelt desire, as the American flyers closed with the first of the aero-subs, was to go out with them and aid them in the attack against the Moyenites.

  34. To do him credit, however, it was the wanton, so terribly inevitable destruction of the flyers themselves which affected him.

  35. Death rode the heavens as the American flyers went into action.

  36. For head-on fights, flyers went in at top speed, their planes whirling on the axes of fuselages, all guns going.

  37. Would the American flyers be able to hold off the minions of Moyen until Maniel was ready?

  38. But even so he felt as though he was betraying those intrepid flyers he was sending to sure death.

  39. The Secret Agents turned back to the screen, upon which the view of the first aerial brush of the American flyers with the minions of Moyen, in their aero-subs, was drawing to a terrible close.

  40. I hope," said Prester Kleig, "the American flyers in such cases are already dead, for Moyen will be a maniac in his tortures.

  41. The American flyers saw and knew now the manner of death they faced.

  42. The Planetara, as flyers go, was not a large vessel.

  43. It was due to his influence that the Wrights adopted that form in their gliding experiments, and later on constructed their successful flyers in that manner.

  44. Hunter has no objections but the High Flyers must pay the field fifteen per cent of all the money they take in on passenger rides.

  45. The other flyers in the circus were quiet, competent chaps, most of them under thirty and, as far as the narcotics agent could learn, had no connection with McDowell's smuggling activities.

  46. The flyers gunned their motors and the old ships, gleaming under their coat of hastily applied paint, rolled out on the ramp.

  47. They left the flyers at the Ransom House and Tim caught a glimpse of "Mr. Seven" in the lobby.

  48. It's too bad the News is sponsoring the appearance of the High Flyers if their leader is to be arrested on a federal charge," he said.

  49. You might ask him to send on any pictures of the flyers and planes that are available," suggested Tim.

  50. One of the High Flyers ran toward him, protesting on the use of the monoplane, but Hunter waved him back with a curt explanation.

  51. I understand the High Flyers and Ace McDowell are going to put on their air circus here Sunday under the auspices of the News.

  52. Tim picked up the aviation magazine which contained the picture of the High Flyers and looked again at the printed likeness of Ace McDowell.

  53. The High Flyers arrived late Saturday afternoon, wheeling down out of a cloudless sky.

  54. The head of the High Flyers was even shorter and swarthier than Tim had expected.

  55. You'll be glued to your seats when you see these ships hurl towards each other piloted by Ace McDowell and Tommy Larkin, two of the foremost flyers in the nation.

  56. The managing editor had the contract from the High Flyers on his desk and Tim, at his suggestion, filled out the blank.

  57. Now and then one of these flyers will deign to carry a single sleeper, but such is the exception.

  58. Those last of the day-flyers were the swallow-folk.

  59. The night-flyers had begun their journey, and were calling back and forth heartening each other as they flew through the long dark hours.

  60. Immediately the ranks of the flyers broke, and in confused groups they circled around and around the witch-fire which no bird may pass.

  61. Fainter-hearted flyers chose the circuitous Island Passage, across Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Antilles, to the northern shore of South America.

  62. There were still traces of ozone and various oxides of nitrogen in the air when the fire prevention flyers arrived.

  63. This picture was taken by the fire prevention flyers that came in response to an urgent call by the assistant of the forest ranger who was in charge of this section.

  64. Traffic rules forbade flyers to go over the game sanctuary at any altitude less than one thousand feet.

  65. In a series of combats in the air the French flyers brought down eleven German machines on the Verdun front, while two others were destroyed by antiaircraft guns.

  66. His legs and wind had once won him a Marathon from the fleetest flyers of the world.

  67. But for the flyers in the roaring ship, the shouts from far-away human pin-points on the earth below must have been as mere whispers, as nothing at all.

  68. Hal Dane had been sent up to demonstrate that the Rand-Elwin School prepared its flyers to face practically every known emergency.

  69. With that broken wheel he hoped to pantomime, to talk in dumb show, and reach the doomed flyers where shouting failed.

  70. Along the Pacific coast, five other flyers were ready too, awaiting weather conditions for the great journey.

  71. With so much competition in the way of stunt flyers and aerial circuses, any newcomer on the scene must think up something out of the ordinary if he expected to make a living with his sky bus.

  72. The Rand-Elwin School tried to look ahead, to foresee dangers, then to train its flyers to meet that danger capably.

  73. For the flyers in the sky, the rest of the afternoon was a busy time.

  74. Flyers everywhere were awakening to the fact that they had let the huge Vallant Prize go unclaimed long enough.

  75. After the meal, the flyers that had been out on flood patrol were snatching a little rest.

  76. Already the Vallant twenty-five thousand has lured a number of our best flyers to their deaths.

  77. The rest of the kite-flyers troubled themselves very little about Blackall and his ill success.

  78. The kite-flyers formed one long line, with the wind in their backs.

  79. Now, Paul, how will we fix up these young flyers for a bit of ground work?

  80. The flyers were given a great send-off by the soldiers at headquarters.

  81. While the boys had faith only in the heavier-than-air machines, they conceded that the risk taken by the Zeppelin crews entitled the latter to brush elbows with the crack flyers of the other kind of bird craft.

  82. The flyers could see that the road below was this day crowded with the carts of refugees, trailing in endless procession, on the top of each vehicle the members of the family, the average one man to five women.

  83. Henri was instructed to keep a respectful distance from the near mountain peaks, where the French had mounted artillery, for one round from these guns, close enough, would have ended the flight and the flyers there and then.

  84. The swift flyers easily overcame the slight lead of the big ship, though it was making 40 knots, and took up the guiding positions.

  85. By this time Allied Archies were sending their shells against the invaders with a demoralizing aim that crippled a third enemy plane and sent the three remaining Boche flyers soaring out of danger and back to their own lines.

  86. The enthusiastic French flyers proceeded to do them honor in the same way.

  87. Then he went on to relate to his fellow flyers the details of the fight with the Aviatik, speaking rapidly and gesticulating in true French fashion.

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