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  1. He identifies the nervous fluid with galvanism and voltaic electricity, and asserts that by a galvanic battery all the results can be obtained which mesmerism claims as its own.

  2. Or a living product of galvanic action, Like the status bred in Crosses flint-solution?

  3. The divinity-student took it calmly, only whispering that he thought there was a little confusion of images between a galvanic battery and a charge of cavalry.

  4. When the charge galvanic tingled through the cable, At the polar focus of the wire electric Suddenly appeared a white-faced man among us Called himself "DE SAUTY.

  5. Galvanic Couplet: of zinc and silver; one element on sore, the other on adjacent part.

  6. Electricity: galvanic to the muscles in spasm; faradic to their paretic antagonists.

  7. Electricity: the galvanic current in neuralgic; an inverse current in congestive.

  8. The reciprocal machine for producing shocks, invented by Page, and the powerful galvanic magnet of Henry, are entitled to respectful notice.

  9. Draper, by his most ingenious galvanic battery, of two metals and two liquids, with one set of elements, in a glass tube not the size of the little finger, was able to decompose water.

  10. The heating effects of a galvanic current have been applied by Dr.

  11. It begins thus: "Sir: The first experimenters in animal electricity remarked the property that well calcined carbon has of conducting ordinary galvanic action.

  12. Additional Experiments on Galvanic Electricity in a Letter to Mr. Nicholson.

  13. All its activity depends on the galvanic current.

  14. Thus the art of electrolysis--the decomposition of substances by the galvanic current, was established.

  15. He proceeded with his experiments on animals and animal matter, and developed the doctrine and theories of what is known as animal or galvanic electricity.

  16. Romagnosi of Trent, learning of Volta's discovery, observed and announced in a public print the deflection of the magnetic needle when placed near a parallel conductor of the galvanic current.

  17. Fifth, Steinheil's remarkable discovery in 1837 that the earth may form the returning half of a closed galvanic circuit, so that a single conducting wire is sufficient for all telegraphic purposes.

  18. Page's Production of Galvanic Music and Researches of Reis.

  19. The galvanic or voltaic battery by Volta in 1800.

  20. And in the same year and in 1830 he produced those powerful magnets through which the energy of a galvanic battery was used to lift hundreds of tons of weight.

  21. Page, of America, in 1837, on the Production of Galvanic Music, in which was described how musical notes were transmitted and reproduced by an interrupted magnetic circuit.

  22. Fourth, Daniell's invention of a "constant" galvanic battery in 1836.

  23. I would never undertake to regulate a clock from which I did not get regular replies,' said the Astronomer Royal; and just as we were passing in front of a galvanic apparatus, 'Stop!

  24. The light copper alloys, in which the proportions just given are practically reversed, are of considerably less utility, for although they are fairly strong, they lack power to resist galvanic action.

  25. If it is thought that the mere 'fixed gaze,' without electric or galvanic agency, is not sufficient to produce the phenomena in question, then the only way of determining our dispute must be by fair experiment.

  26. When the disease is subsiding, the nutrition of the damaged nerves and muscles should be maintained by massage, baths, passive movements, and the use of the galvanic current.

  27. On incising the sheath of the nerve this bundle can be readily dissected up and its identity confirmed by stimulating it with a very weak galvanic current.

  28. In the living subject, by using a fine needle-like electrode and a very weak galvanic current, he has been able to differentiate the nerve bundles for the various groups of muscles.

  29. The positive pole of a galvanic battery is attached to the wire, and the negative pole placed over the patient's back.

  30. A casual application of the galvanic current revived him, and he was soon after restored to his friends, alive and in good health.

  31. It was at first supposed that the galvanic or voltaic electricity was distinct from the so-called "frictional" or "ordinary" electricity.

  32. Nobili, nevertheless, in 1825 proved the existence of galvanic currents in muscles.

  33. It was with the galvanic current that Davy decomposed the alkalies, and since his day other electro-chemical decompositions have been studied in great number, to the development of important industries.

  34. The voltaic pile and the galvanic battery owe their currents to chemical change, and it is only since the middle of the century that any other source of electric energy has become available for practical purposes.

  35. One equivalent weight of zinc consumed in the galvanic battery yields a current which will deposit one equivalent of silver from its solution, or which, decomposing water, will liberate one equivalent each of oxygen and hydrogen.

  36. Whoever has witnessed the overwhelming brilliancy and intense energy of the great galvanic combinations, especially the deflagrator of Dr.

  37. It is also one of the metals employed to form Galvanic batteries.

  38. Each galvanic basin rests on a delicate spring, so that it may respond to every escargotic commotion.

  39. The same objection applies in the case of the galvanic and magnetic fluids.

  40. These have been generally referred to changes of temperature, as in fact, also, the magnetism of the earth is sometimes ascribed to galvanic or electric currents, called forth by a daily change of temperature.

  41. The intense light of a comet at perihelion is analogous to the charcoal points of a galvanic battery, caused by a rapid current of ether from the nucleus, and assisted by the radial stream of the vortex.

  42. Chios, Turkey On the Change of Volume which Accompanies the Galvanic Deposition of a Metal.

  43. The same current is used to induce chemical decomposition (electrolysis) or to cauterize and destroy tissue by heating an encircling wire or by a galvanic knife.

  44. For electrolysis a galvanic battery of thirty or more medium-sized cells is required, with needle electrodes insulated, except near their points.

  45. When such a compound body is placed in contact with the poles of a galvanic battery, the positive pole attracts the constituent, which is negative, and repels the positive.

  46. To him we owe the first demonstration of the identity of galvanism and common electricity; and the first explanation of the cause of the different phenomena exhibited by galvanic and common electricity.

  47. When lithia was afterwards discovered by Arfvedson, Davy succeeded in decomposing it also by the galvanic battery, and resolving it into oxygen and a white metal, to which the name of lithium was given.

  48. Davy had hitherto produced that metal only in minute quantities by the action of the galvanic battery upon potash.

  49. Such was Volta's simple explanation of the convulsions produced in galvanic experiments in the limb of a frog.

  50. When ammonia was decomposed by the action of galvanic electricity, the azotic gas separated from the positive wire, and the hydrogen gas from the negative.

  51. The first part contains a very minute and interesting examination of the galvanic battery, and upon what circumstances its energy depends.

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