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Example sentences for "galop"

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  1. Nor was Galop de Vache, the state capital, to be slighted.

  2. The leader of the Galop de Vache delegation was a large, reddish, roundish man, but active.

  3. A breakfast for four--Return to Paris Mother Galop was M.

  4. The arrival of Mother Galop had its good side as well as its bad: it was a censorship; but, at the same time, it meant a housekeeper for us.

  5. As has been seen, Mother Galop fulfilled her orders scrupulously.

  6. Bixio and Boulanger arrived as the fowls were accomplishing their final turn on the spit, and as Mother Galop was serving up the stewed duck.

  7. In the first place, because Bixio had it in his pocket and had carried it off to the market; secondly, because Mother Galop did not know how to read!

  8. I wrote waltzes and galops--the galop was fashionable at that period; it ran to rather ordinary musical motives and mine were no exception to the rule.

  9. Liszt had to show by his Galop Chromatique the distinction that genius can give to the most commonplace themes.

  10. But the dawnlight was stealing over the summit of the mountain range when the last galop had come to an end, and a few couples were by way of cooling themselves in the verandah or the garden paths.

  11. Two orchestras had been set up in each suite of rooms, in such a way that, at a given moment, they could both play the same air, and the galop could be heard throughout the five rooms and the hall.

  12. No one in these days takes steps; a sort of galop is, however, allowed in the rapid figures of the quadrille.

  13. The galop is another fashionable dance this winter.

  14. However, she excused herself from the last galop which ended this dance and was more uproarious than all the rest.

  15. Arthur looked at his card, and found that he was down for the next galop with Lady Florence Claverley.

  16. Meanwhile the ball was drawing to a close, and presently he heard the strains of the last galop strike up.

  17. The feature of public balls, however, was certainly a Dionysiac exaltation which culminated in the final galop infernal, as it was called, into which Musard particularly infused a special fury.

  18. He also composed a contre-danse in the finale of which he broke a chair, and his triumph was a certain galop in which he discharged a pistol.

  19. Valse succeeded valse, and galop followed galop, till the orchestra declared they could play no longer, and the gentleman with the shovel and tongs collapsed in a corner of the room and went to sleep with his head in the coal-scuttle.

  20. As for Josephine, she proved to be a damsel of forty-galop power.

  21. As soon as the galop was over, two of our hosts came forward to welcome us.

  22. They were in the midst of a tremendous galop when we arrived; so we stood at the door and looked on, and Dalrymple flirted with Mademoiselle Annette.

  23. He was dancing the galop just now with a handsome wench dressed a la Pompadour, and Edmond with a debardeur; they both have what they want, I'm the only one who has nothing, after paying for so many sticks of candy.

  24. But, since his arrival, the two ladies at the front of the box pretended to be gazing with interest at the ball, where the galop had just come to an end; and neither of them turned.

  25. At that moment, the sight is truly miraculous, truly interesting to watch; and we know many people who go to the Opera ball solely to sit in a box and watch the galop at their ease.

  26. True; but they are not exactly dancing; the galop is the only thing they dance--the infernal galop.

  27. The galop has always been a great favourite with the Swedes, Danes, and Russians, while the redowa reminds one of the graceful Viennese who dance it so well.

  28. The galop has, during the long langour of the dance, alone held its own, in the matter of jollity.

  29. There were besides the Chromatic Galop and the pieces Sposalizio, Il Penseroso and Tre Sonetti di Petrarca, which became part of the Annees de Pelerinage (Italie).

  30. Among other things, he played his fantasia on Don Juan, his arrangements of Adelaide, and The Erl King, and wound up the recital with his showy Galop Chromatique.

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