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Example sentences for "galvanised"

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  1. The chorus of exclamations, which you may allot at choice, ended in laughter as the galvanised circle broke up.

  2. She demurs to removal, but goes in the end on condition that all present shall come and see dolly galvanised at an early date.

  3. She was galvanised by her own will, compelling a philosophy which should let nothing interfere with its light-hearted measure as she entered the ward.

  4. This galvanised bucket we were using was, I took it, a temporary makeshift.

  5. I fetched it from where I had left it, and gave it to her; and we filed out in procession; Veronica with a galvanised iron bucket bringing up the rear.

  6. Finish all the edges off smooth and square and true, whitelead them well, and fix them in with galvanised iron nails.

  7. Whitelead these edges thoroughly, and then nail the planks together with galvanised iron nails, as shown in Fig.

  8. Cut out a dozen grooves for the tops of the sockets to sink into; put the platform flat down on the cross-bars, and screw it into its place with galvanised nuts and bolts passing through the bars.

  9. Use galvanised nuts and bolts for fastening, with a thin leather washer under the bolt and an oak washer under the nut, and make the holes watertight by hard screwing and plenty of whitelead.

  10. The stem and stern posts can be of three-quarter inch deal or hard wood, of sufficient length, and two to four inches deep, shaped out and secured with a galvanised iron or wooden knee to the keel.

  11. A tumult up the road, a quarrel for a place in a waggon, sent the whole host of them quickening their pace; even a man so scared and broken that his knees bent under him was galvanised for a moment into renewed activity.

  12. He would have liked to bang her nose on the floor, but the fact that Amber Eyes in her corner grew paler and paler every moment, drooping like a flower in the heat, kept a galvanised smile on his face.

  13. At that, her aversion to creeping things galvanised her into movement, and she sprang up, frantically brushing scores of ants from her face and hands.

  14. At length through the pelting rain, there bore down upon the Sussex Yeomanry lines two large bent sheets of galvanised iron, cursing horribly and followed by a dripping horse.

  15. The livers are here thrown into tubs filled with clean cold water, and, after being well washed and jerked over, are placed on galvanised iron-wire sieves to drain.

  16. The hot and cold pipes, known as the flow and return pipes, should be of galvanised iron, with junctions carefully made with running joints in red lead; on no account should these be in contact with any other pipes.

  17. They should be of slate and galvanised iron, and never of lead or zinc.

  18. The quickly signalled approach of the dread Adjutant-Sahib galvanised the Havildar and Naik instructors to a fearful activity and zeal, which waned not until he had passed from sight.

  19. By means best known to himself he had galvanised the “low niggers” into agility and activity that surprised none more than themselves.

  20. The woman seemed galvanised into a fresh life by the duties she saw before her; and almost before the strange visitor had done speaking she was putting on a print hood, and preparing to start.

  21. The hemp rope is spliced around galvanised iron thimbles (see Fig.

  22. He found the post lifeless and academic; he vivified and galvanised it and made it a vital branch of party life and dispute.

  23. In France this galvanised industrial life will be stimulated by a brilliant imagination wholly lacking in the English temperament.

  24. By leave of a kindly cranesman, they had spent the night in a galvanised iron shed where he stored his cinders, and the warmth in the cinders had kept them comfortable.

  25. Until such a utensil is available, the heavily galvanised and brass-bound milk-pails used on some estates are as good as anything at present in vogue, providing they are kept scrupulously clean.

  26. They can be adapted to any building having either vertical or sloping walls of galvanised iron.

  27. This is a very uncommon defect, and is generally to be traced to a building in which fairly new galvanised sheets have been employed.

  28. Owing to shortage of supplies during the War, similar buildings have been erected with frames of well-seasoned hard wood, which was protected by strips of asbestos-slate or galvanised iron.

  29. The original units consisted of a building erected with an iron framework covered with sheets of asbestos-slate, and a roof of galvanised iron.

  30. The conventional idea of enclosing the factory with walls of galvanised sheeting, wood, or brick, is not strictly necessary.

  31. The top and sides of the opening are made with galvanised sheeting, forming a kind of short tunnel in which the coolie may stand upright.

  32. The top of the furnace, which is almost flush with the ground-level, consists of a sheet of zinc or galvanised iron with numerous holes about 3 inches in diameter.

  33. Then a turn and we are in sight of Shanghai with its factories and chimneys and great sheds called "godowns" with galvanised iron roofs.

  34. To me they are exactly like the lids of those galvanised dustbins you see put out in streets for the dustmen at home.

  35. If their resting-place was in the more open country, it was a laager whose walls were the wagons, banked up and strengthened with stakes, thorn bushes, and a terrible entanglement of barbed galvanised iron wire.

  36. I wonder you haven't galvanised a little enthusiasm over it: you discredit your alma mater and me when you regard these marvellous hills merely as convenient buttresses for your wall of masonry.

  37. It might make interesting matter for an article in the Engineer; say, 'On the Effect of the Atmosphere in High Altitudes upon Galvanised Wire.

  38. Hartmann says: The fresh corpse of a person who has suddenly been killed may be galvanised into a semblance of life by the application of a galvanic battery.

  39. To keep the skin in position on the model, tack it down with galvanised wire points, or by stitching it through in places, such as occur in the neck and various parts of the limbs.

  40. As if galvanised into life, the old man turned gratefully to her.

  41. For two months I had been living in a dull apathy of pain, but this news galvanised me into immediate action.

  42. The little man started as if galvanised into sudden life.

  43. Apparently some kind of civic organisation had been kept up, and there were principal people among the slaves who had to be galvanised first into enthusiasm.

  44. That mob of slaves was galvanised by Moses into obedience; and since their acceptance of Jehovah was in reality only yielding to the power of one strong will and its earnest faith, of course it collapsed as soon as Moses disappeared.

  45. Probably, as I have just said, he was a good deal galvanised into imitation; but still, he had chosen the better part.

  46. Angle irons, the full length of the boat, connected the ribs with the keel; these were of the best galvanised iron, each made according to pattern.

  47. The only iron used in the Snark was the best galvanised iron; all other metal was brass and bronze.

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