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Example sentences for "disquieting"

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disqualifies; disqualify; disqualifying; disquiet; disquieted; disquietness; disquiets; disquietude; disquietudes; disquisition
  1. Having decided what disposal to make of the important document, there now arose in her mind the disquieting problem whether or not it would be allowed to remain with her.

  2. Cadbury Taylor, however, said nothing about the search being ended, and a few days later Jennie received a disquieting letter from the Princess von Steinheimer.

  3. He stepped back as he said this, and Jennie had difficulty in suppressing the gasp of dismay with which she received his disquieting disclosure, but she stood her ground without wincing.

  4. Then I am glad of that, too, for we have had some very disquieting hints from the East.

  5. I don't know how much of this is legitimately the effect of the architecture; little enough possibly; possibly far the most part of it comes from bad historical novels and the disquieting statuary that garnishes some facades.

  6. I did not get through without a couple of disquieting scares.

  7. It was of course quite on the cards that Althea's guess at the reason for her father's coming to my house was the right one; and it was certainly a disquieting suggestion.

  8. These thoughts flashed through my mind in the few seconds after I was in the carriage, together with some exceedingly disquieting speculations on my own plight.

  9. Though the liberty granted was only provisional and temporary, there was nothing in the proclamation to foreshadow the fires of Smithfield, and it was calculated to allay any fears or forebodings disquieting the minds of loyal subjects.

  10. In spite, however, of her caution, in spite of the perfection with which she performed the duties of wife and nurse, by 1546 disquieting reports were afloat.

  11. But the mere fact of their vicinity was disquieting to those in no position to form a correct estimate of their strength or weakness, and when Underhyll returned to the palace he found confusion and turmoil there.

  12. He could scarcely attend to Margaret who brought back disquieting news from the George.

  13. It is disquieting to fulfil a prophecy, however superficially.

  14. It was a disquieting letter, though the opening was affectionate and sane.

  15. He had no longer any idea of telling her of that disquieting visit.

  16. The knocking at the door was disquieting but he faced it without a tremor.

  17. The sight encouraged me, for at any rate it meant the end of this disquieting ride.

  18. Very clear in my mind was the disquieting thought that Laputa and Henriques would soon be in the cave.

  19. Various disquieting rumours about the prince's marriage projects caused his royal brother deep anxiety, and induced him to despatch a special envoy to Guienne.

  20. This change of arrangement, or rather the disquieting reason for the change, undoubtedly clouded the peacefulness of the occasion.

  21. Any excuse would serve to still certain disquieting doubts that were springing into alarming activity.

  22. Indeed, certain disquieting calculations were running through his brain, and he yielded forthwith to their insistence.

  23. That disquieting signs and tendencies show themselves in that direction is true.

  24. The morning and the afternoon passed without new disquieting symptoms arising, and at night the doctor left his patient going on satisfactorily.

  25. The strangest contradictions manifested themselves in her behaviour, and that is a disquieting sign in a woman with a mind so well balanced as Dora's.

  26. Seymour Michael was conscious of a feeling of discomfort, no less disquieting by reason of its vagueness.

  27. They walked on amidst the flowering shrubs, and Dora was filled with a disquieting sense of having failed to convince him.

  28. Yet the friendship between John Hodder and Eldon Parr defied any definite analysis on the rector's part, and was perhaps the strangest--and most disquieting element that had as yet come into Hodder's life.

  29. It was by no means the first time he had heard modern attributes on Mr. Plimpton's lips applied to a sacred institution, but to-night they had a profoundly disquieting effect.

  30. But his announcement was sufficiently disquieting in itself.

  31. She knew that Jake was beside her, never wholly forgot his presence, but he had ceased to have a disquieting effect upon her.

  32. She was oppressed with a sense of impending defeat that grew more and more disquieting as she recalled the stories she had heard of his indomitable will and pertinacity of purpose.

  33. The delay had given rise to disquieting rumours, and it was officially stated that no casualties had as yet taken place among the troops.

  34. All the disquieting forecasts which seemed to be supported by the debates in the Chambers and the party conflicts were found to be wholly falsified.

  35. On the other hand, it was disquieting that a German submarine should have sunk two merchant vessels near Havre at three days' interval; and the terrible explosion of the Bulwark (p.

  36. PETE Bertram Henshaw had no disquieting forebodings this time concerning his portrait of Marguerite Winthrop when the doors of the Bohemian Ten Club Exhibition were thrown open to members and invited guests.

  37. That all this was puzzling and disquieting to Bertram, Billy not once suspected.

  38. He remembered sundry disquieting warnings given by the physician at the time of the former break--warnings concerning the probable seriousness of a repetition of the injury.

  39. The Southern Queen was rolling to a disquieting swell and I had the place to myself.

  40. They remained heavy and unsmiling; and the disquieting half-rings below them were more bluely brown than ever.

  41. Haye was beginning to raise surmises of disquieting mysteries; it was thought, in spite of some impossible discrepancies in dates, that Francoise de la Haye bore a striking likeness to Francis du Hautoy.

  42. The rain cleared off, and the stars came out ere they reached the ferry on the Schelde, and a scout sent ahead came back with the disquieting news that a strong cavalry picket, evidently on the alert, held the right bank.

  43. He met Joos and Maertz at dejeuner, a rough but satisfying meal, and was faced by the disquieting fact that neither Madame Joos nor Irene could leave the bedroom which they shared with Leontine.

  44. But most disquieting of all was the immediate result of old Madame Carter's meddling.

  45. But she only gave the old lady a somewhat disquieting smile as she picked up the tumbled black fan and led the way down to dinner.

  46. This announcement was received with enthusiasm as it served to allay the disquieting rumours of the possibility of the Malta station proving to be a "sidetrack" for the period of the war.

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    alarming; annoying; bothersome; breathtaking; charged; chilling; deterrent; disconcerting; discouraging; disheartening; dismaying; disquieting; distressing; disturbing; electrical; exciting; exhilarating; fearful; fearsome; fretting; frightening; frightful; galvanic; harassing; harrowing; heady; impressive; inflammatory; intoxicating; jarring; jolting; maddening; melancholy; moving; overpowering; overwhelming; painful; perturbing; piquant; plaguing; provocative; provoking; scary; startling; stimulating; stirring; striking; tantalizing; telling; tense; terrific; thrilling; tormenting; troublesome; troubling; trying; ugly; unsettling; upsetting; worrying