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Example sentences for "forebodings"

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forebears; forebode; foreboded; forebodes; foreboding; forebore; forecast; forecasted; forecaster; forecasters
  1. Why is it that forebodings haunt the gate of our hearts, and we lack steadfast trust to fling them away as visions?

  2. So sullen discontent has been doing the work of a people's curse: therefore it is that I am awaiting with dim forebodings the full news.

  3. Sad were our forebodings as to the fate of our shipmates, and gloomy our anticipations of the future for ourselves.

  4. The young teacher's forebodings were soon to be realized.

  5. It seemed as if the lady's prophetic forebodings were to be literally verified then and there.

  6. Into that peaceful home came no fearful forebodings of cruel separations.

  7. No, but I have had such sad forebodings that they almost set me wild.

  8. He now clapped on every inch of canvas which could possibly be set, and did his utmost to keep up the spirits of his crew, rating Mr Rawson soundly for his expressing his forebodings of ill.

  9. Painful forebodings of evil came crowding like mocking phantoms around her.

  10. But these fits always began with some uncommon depression of his--some effect of the forebodings he was subject to.

  11. My forebodings have come true," cried the sergeant, "some villains are attacking the prince.

  12. Atherton uttered an exclamation of astonishment, and his forebodings of ill grew stronger.

  13. Everything seemed to be going on so propitiously that Dainty cast her dismal forebodings to the winds.

  14. How darkly his forebodings had distrusted the coming time, and how harmlessly that time had come!

  15. He had such a belief in his forebodings that he made all possible preparations for the night and got Bentzen to join forces with him.

  16. Your forebodings seem to have been fully realised.

  17. After serious consideration this was graciously allowed, but not without forebodings of trouble arising therefrom!

  18. The new Governor's rude, senseless conduct on the occasion of his first visit to Longwood indicated forebodings of trouble.

  19. What I must have been in early childhood I cannot tell; but before I was ten years old I was the object of all the despondency and evil forebodings of my relations.

  20. It was then that Isora, clinging closer to me, whispered her forebodings of death.

  21. He did not allow these forebodings to interfere with business, however.

  22. Teddy was so disturbed by dismal forebodings that Dan was very careful to hide his suspicions, since it could do only harm to discuss them, and the two parted, feeling as if Uncle Nathan had outwitted Mr. Harvey.

  23. And now the war was upon us; we were predestined to see dark days, and the hearts of the people were full of forebodings of evil.

  24. It had been with misgivings and forebodings she had consented for Barber to go to Lawrence.

  25. Her cares had been suddenly lifted, for in the presence of the two men she loved her fears and forebodings were forgotten.

  26. She left Hattie Sterling's soon after Joe, and he was still walking the floor and uttering dire forebodings when she rang the bell below and asked for the Hamiltons.

  27. As we sat crowded together in our tent, waiting for the cessation of the storm, the howling and roaring of the wind among the rocks in no way served to raise our spirits, but rather increased the gloomy forebodings of evil which stole over us.

  28. Ewen and I saw them off, not without some forebodings of evil, and then returned to our hut to employ ourselves as usual.

  29. In the mean time, let us drive away all the sad forebodings which might darken the hours we have yet before us.

  30. Without wanting in the respect I owed him, I would turn his terrible forebodings into jest, and continue my course of extravagance.

  31. These warnings and forebodings of Barneveld sound in our ears like recorded history, yet they were far earlier than the actual facts.

  32. Despite the protest of James, the forebodings of Barneveld, and the mutiny of the princes, the youthful king of France had espoused Anne of Austria early in the year 1616.

  33. Though the liberty granted was only provisional and temporary, there was nothing in the proclamation to foreshadow the fires of Smithfield, and it was calculated to allay any fears or forebodings disquieting the minds of loyal subjects.

  34. With the introduction of the Bill in 1869 began those dire prophecies and grim forebodings which have formed a running accompaniment to every Irish reform, and Mr. Gladstone and the Liberals were denounced for having sanctioned sacrilege.

  35. The pages of Hansard are grey with unfulfilled forebodings as to what would be the effect of the extension of the Franchise and of the grant of popular Local Government.

  36. Is it then asked, why this individual should excite at once in my boyish bosom such lively feelings of horror--such forebodings of evil?

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