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Example sentences for "forebears"

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  1. Me forebears were on the Orange side of Boyne Water, and we have never changed color.

  2. Your forebears had the reek o' peats about them, or a waft o' ships.

  3. Ewan McBride's lad he is, if ye must deave me with his forebears .

  4. Our forebears were globe trotters in a day when to trot meant to make history.

  5. Like his forebears and contemporaries, he looked upon man as the real being.

  6. We have peopled it with terror, because, like our forebears before Columbus, we have peopled it with imagination.

  7. Through pride of family, the dead hands of haughty and licentious forebears reached to throttle remorse.

  8. He felt the heart sickness, yet glowered relentlessly, for it had been the habit of his forebears to thrash their women into good behavior.

  9. I shall never forgive one of my forebears for serving under Wellington.

  10. Did you know that among her forebears on her mother's side was the Abbe Fanu, who left among other things the diagram of the chimney?

  11. Decent people accept some of the conclusions of their forebears and build upon the sure foundation reared by the convictions of their own people.

  12. Lands their forebears had won by lance and sword, they were squandering away as fast as ever they could.

  13. It remained for the nineteenth century to completely unmask the pretender and show how egregiously our forebears had been deceived.

  14. In their shacks and teepees the Indians whispered softly that all the devils of his forebears had gathered in him.

  15. It was then that Miki turned with a strange whine but it was Neewa now who took the lead--Neewa, whose forebears had ten thousand times run this same wild race with death in the centuries since their world was born.

  16. The Gipsy woman has it too,--she brought it with her from Asia, as the Magyar's forebears did.

  17. Peter Siner looked through the Jim Crow window at the vast rotation of the Kentucky landscape on which his forebears had toiled; presently he added soberly: "You were fighting for your country, Tump.

  18. Here for generations his forebears had toiled endlessly and fruitlessly, yet the fat green fields hurtling past him told with what skill and patience their black hands had labored.

  19. They and their forebears were compelled to forego some present ease and comfort, but always kept open the door to the future.

  20. Among these were our ancestors, driven like all their forebears by the spur of necessity into a new mode of life under trying conditions.

  21. It had come down to her through a long line of pioneer forebears who feared neither hardship, strife nor death, so that it might come to them without a master and under the free sky.

  22. How many a lovely Joan goes to her wedding unread-of because her forebears were lacking, not in those qualities which open the gates of heaven, but in acquisitiveness?

  23. The hereditary seneschal of Champagne was a very great lord, his mother being of Burgundy's Capetian line, and his Joinville forebears notable crusaders.

  24. That a king whose forebears had fought in all the crusades should, in his turn, strike a blow for Christendom, was inevitable.

  25. One of his forebears had married a Champneys.

  26. Joan was a great believer in the fairies, and often declared they were very friendly towards her--perhaps because her forebears had put the pysgy-pows on the roof of their cottage for them to dance on.

  27. Think back a moment to my father and mother, and to my forebears farther back yet.

  28. Glenfernie, who would have wrestled with Grierson of Lagg at the edge of the pit; Glenfernie's mother and father, who might have had much the same feeling; their forebears beyond them with like sensations toward the Griersons of their day.

  29. I should have thought her forebears would have saved her from snobbery.

  30. My forebears and relations have lived near Rosses and Drumcliff these many years.

  31. Only friendship for yourself or knowledge of your forebears will loosen these cautious tongues.

  32. My ancient forebears made wry faces at each other and hopped down from my shoulders.

  33. Hoddan painstakingly made use of those rule-of-thumb methods of astrogation which his piratical forebears had developed and which a boy on Zan absorbed without being aware.

  34. There were trees, and birds, and various other commonplace living things whose forebears had been dumped on Darth some centuries before.

  35. Today, every Jew finds in the history of his forebears a voluminous record of coolness and perseverance in terrible predicaments--of artful cunning and clever fencing with chance and misfortune.

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