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Example sentences for "graciously"

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graces; gracilis; gracing; gracious; graciouse; graciousness; grackles; gracyous; grad; gradate
  1. The match was considered as an acquisition of dignity to the house of Trevor; and my mother, bringing such an addition of honour, was most graciously received.

  2. My proposal was graciously received, and I was admitted of that corps which has certainly done much good, and much harm to literature.

  3. For the comfort and pleasure of her loyal subjects the empress graciously expressed her intention of holding a bank at faro of ten thousand roubles.

  4. After supper the king began to comment very graciously on my answers.

  5. You seem so little like a Western man," Mrs. Milbrey confided graciously to Percival on her right.

  6. The baron stepped forth from his corner and bowed himself graciously out.

  7. The golden grapes may be out of our reach, but they are a noble fruit when pressed by kindly hands, and have given graciously unto the world their wine of consolation.

  8. The golden grapes may be out of our reach, but we need not say the fruit is sour; rather let us give thanks that others have been able to gather and press the rich vintage and to give graciously to the world of its wine of consolation.

  9. Lee Laughlin, which, after considerable discussion pro and con in which I was graciously invited to participate on the floor of both Houses, was passed by the requisite two-thirds majority.

  10. I fancied that her mouth smiled graciously at me, and that her eye lighted up on meeting mine.

  11. The Princess Hermonthis still held my hand, and graciously saluted the mummies of her acquaintance.

  12. He was also very graciously received by her Majesty the Queen.

  13. So glad you could come," said Mrs. Trafford graciously to Armstrong.

  14. I was visited with illness, but it pleased God that I recovered, for which praise be ascribed to him by me, and that he has again so graciously advertised me of my duty to prepare for my latter end, which at my great age, cannot be far off.

  15. The Treasurer acquainted me that his Majesty was graciously pleased to nominate me one of the Council of Foreign Plantations, and give me a salary of L500 per annum, to encourage me.

  16. I took my leave of his Majesty, who spoke very graciously to me, and supping that night at Sir Stephen Fox's, I promised to dine there the next day.

  17. Christ left not one particle of the work to be done by man, graciously allowing man to take hold of it through a living faith, producing love and gratitude and adoration towards Him who accomplished it.

  18. The Actor waved his hand graciously and withdrew.

  19. But his majesty was graciously pleased to say that since the council thought the loss of your eyes too easy a punishment, some other might afterward be inflicted.

  20. The Emperor of Blefuscu, with the empress and the royal family, came out of the palace, and I lay down on my face to kiss their hands, which they graciously gave me.

  21. Flad replied in the affirmative, adding that he had been very graciously received, and that he had a verbal message to deliver to him from her Majesty.

  22. This condescension was very glorious for our hero, who graciously received his submission, and accompanied him to dinner, where he was caressed by the old earl with marks of particular affection and esteem.

  23. So saying, she opened the door, and, advancing to the hall where her nephew stood, received him very graciously and observed that he was the very image of her papa.

  24. I introduced one of those little hitches, not infrequent when moisture accumulates in the tubes of the real instrument, a hiatus which the master graciously approved of.

  25. In the meanwhile the girls of our fancies had time to thaw, and usually came in a melting mood to the little tables at which they would graciously accept the chivalrous attentions dear to the bread-and-butter Miss.

  26. Both his works and her personal charms were graciously smiled upon by the imperial master himself.

  27. He seems to have enjoyed it thoroughly, and in return for attentions shown him, he was graciously pleased to raise the aforesaid grandmother to the dignity of "Colonel of the First Regiment of Dragoons, stationed in Berlin.

  28. The impresario of the Court Theatre in Carlsruhe (he seemed to me a sort of Grand Mogul) had graciously permitted the stars of his Opera to sing at that concert of my father's.

  29. The lieutenant, the dog, and the biscuit were all graciously received.

  30. The lieutenant imagined that he was more graciously received than usual.

  31. This would give but a short time to pay his addresses, and he therefore made all haste to the widow's presence, and was most graciously received.

  32. The sun gave them audience and listened graciously as they said, "We would give you our daughter to wife.

  33. It was the Sabbath day, and Her Majesty graciously read a short sermon to her Gairloch gillies.

  34. Some time ago, your Majesty was graciously pleased to express a desire to have a copy of the Treaty concluded by your Majesty with the Four Great Powers of Europe, for the more effectual suppression of the Slave Trade.

  35. Such must be the final result, and the more readily and graciously it is acquiesced in the better.

  36. Lord Aberdeen has seen the favourable opinion which your Majesty has been graciously pleased to express of Lord Heytesbury, and he humbly presumes to think that this honour is not unmerited.

  37. In this emergency your Majesty's Ministers thought that your Majesty would be graciously pleased to approve of their exercising at once the power of directing the immediate transmission to India of these Instructions.

  38. He has been informed by Sir Robert Peel that your Majesty had been graciously pleased to approve of the recommendation submitted by your Majesty's servants that he should be appointed the Commander-in-Chief of your Majesty's Forces.

  39. Would you graciously enquire, for I should not like it to be lost.

  40. This mighty potentate was in due course brought down to the Otway, and was graciously pleased to express his approval of all that he saw and heard.

  41. For my part, I think everything about the goddess of Victory is beautiful and just, that she may remain graciously disposed toward us.

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