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Example sentences for "graces"

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gracefull; gracefully; gracefulness; graceless; gracelessness; gracilis; gracing; gracious; graciouse; graciously
  1. Wordsworth found here the graces of his Westmoreland home wedded to a grandeur which realized the loftiest conception of his mind.

  2. The Graces are the Graces always, even when they wear spectacles.

  3. Where is 'the noble ladie Diana Primrose,' who wrote A Chain of Pearl, or a memorial of the peerless graces and heroic virtues of Queen Elizabeth, of glorious memory?

  4. The truth is, the fact that we have to overlook the absence of these graces induces a more critical attitude toward his achievements.

  5. Yet this is not saying that the great man would not command more unqualified admiration were he to practise the social graces instead of ignoring them.

  6. For this Reason, tho I have endeavoured to give a general Idea of its Graces and Imperfections in my Six First Papers, I thought my self obliged to bestow one upon every Book in particular.

  7. Nor were it a Circumstance to be mentioned, if the Graces and Attractions of Your Person were not the only Preheminence You have above others, which is left, almost, unobserved by greater Writers.

  8. These and the like wonderful Incidents in this Part of the Work, have in them all the Beauties of Novelty, at the same time that they have all the Graces of Nature.

  9. Raphael's Reception by the Guardian Angels; his passing through the Wilderness of Sweets; his distant Appearance to Adam, have all the Graces that Poetry is capable of bestowing.

  10. These and the like Virtues are the hidden Beauties of a Soul, the secret Graces which cannot be discovered by a mortal Eye, but make the Soul lovely and precious in His Sight, from whom no Secrets are concealed.

  11. The unstudied Graces of her Behaviour, and the pleasing Accents of her Tongue, insensibly draw you on to wish for a nearer Enjoyment of them; but even her Smiles carry in them a silent Reproof to the Impulses of licentious Love.

  12. It has at least received great Improvements among us, whether we consider the Instrument it self, or those several Quavers and Graces which are thrown into the playing of it.

  13. Sir James had been in the high graces of Frederick Prince of Wales until the younger and more polished Volney had ousted him.

  14. His politeness and affability, as well as the charms of his conversation and the graces of his person, swept the ladies especially from their lukewarm allegiance to the Hanoverians.

  15. Nor did he overlay the solid parts of his oratory with the lighter graces of declamation, nor smother them under a redundancy of poetical illustration.

  16. The other gave to it a transcendent intellect, adorned with the genius of a poet, the graces of a rhetorician, and the embellishments of a polite scholar.

  17. When young Peter came back to Rougham, I dare say he brought back with him some new airs and graces from Italy, and I dare say the new fashions made his neighbours open their eyes.

  18. He is fighting a battle, and it is not for him to pick up the cheap graces and poses of the jouster.

  19. The young ladies, the graces of Origny, were not present at our start, but when we got round to the second bridge, behold, it was black with sightseers!

  20. The last to weary were the three graces and a couple of companions; and just as they too had had enough, the foremost of the three leaped upon a tree-stump and kissed her hand to the canoeists.

  21. But the personal graces of my companion made me take small heed of the landscape.

  22. In various churches there exists some of this milk, by means of which many graces and benefits are obtained.

  23. We know that the Greeks were appreciative of the graces and virtues of canine nature--is not the Homeric Argo still the finest dog-type in literature?

  24. But he only employed these divine graces by the way; he was by profession not a taumaturgo, but a clerical instructor, organizer, and writer.

  25. Yet it was meet and proper that the documentary evidence as to his divine graces should be conscientiously examined.

  26. She was like one of Lawrence's creations, with all the dainty feminine graces so dear to that painter of furbelows and laces and velvets, of lustrous eyes and pouting lips, a very re-incarnation of the little Countess of Shaftesbury.

  27. It was a sight that recalled to Cola all the gentleness, the kind heart, and winning graces of his only brother--his only friend!

  28. Hunt's idea of a true poetical style was to avoid everything strained, stilted, and conventional, and to lighten the stress of his theme with familiar graces and pleasantries in the manner of his beloved Ariosto.

  29. The graces of humility, self-abasement before God, and especially of penitence for sin, are distasteful and loathed.

  30. The Three Graces 24 In the National Gallery, London IV.

  31. The Graces are the three daughters of Sir W.

  32. If she become devoted to her personal decoration, she will be under a strong temptation to neglect the improvement of her mind; and while this passion enslaves and governs her, the more amiable and lovely graces will be neglected.

  33. The Highlanders themselves knew not a word of English; the blue bonnets in Scotland were not addicted to the graces of poetry and music.

  34. A Church which is found to be nationally beneficial, and which endears itself to its adherents by the practical graces of Christianity, will never be overthrown, or even weakened, by any theoretical defects in its creeds or formularies.

  35. The speech delivered from the throne was much admired; and the correspondent of the States General acknowledged that he despaired of exhibiting in a French translation the graces of style which distinguished the original.

  36. Peculiarities which mar the matron, are often graces in a young, unmarried girl, whose thoughts are a mystery, and whose emotions an untried field.

  37. In his style, he displays many of those lighter graces and excellencies which pass for cleverness with such as look more at smoothness of diction and accuracy of expression, than at force of argument, or depth and strength of thought.

  38. These faults, however, are amply counterbalanced by abounding graces of language and diction, and by a pervading spirit of pure feeling, and moral and religious sentiment.

  39. My little charge were some of them sick, others cross, all wanted me; so that all my graces were put to the test.

  40. It is faith that brings the power to exhibit the graces of the Spirit, and to act acceptably in the sight of God.

  41. Though to be found in every principal town, their performance is most highly esteemed in the western, and particularly among the rude mountaineers of the Súnda districts, where the superior graces of the bedáya are unknown.

  42. Description of the loves of both sexes, and the graces and attractions of women.

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