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Example sentences for "gracious"

Lexicographically close words:
graceless; gracelessness; graces; gracilis; gracing; graciouse; graciously; graciousness; grackles; gracyous
  1. Madame de Montrevel paused in amazement at sight of those beautiful blue eyes, the lofty brow, and the gracious lips smiling at her.

  2. Please, Your Gracious Majesty, may I go out for a little while?

  3. So now then, Lady Ethelinda, you are charged with high treason and trying to poison Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Winifred Gladys Robertson, by putting arsenic in Her Majesty's tea.

  4. Matali, though I have done what Indra commanded, I think myself an unprofitable servant, when I remember his most gracious welcome.

  5. This gracious favour is a token of the queenly happiness which you are to enjoy in your husband's palace.

  6. Then I look forward to more gracious times," he replied.

  7. Dedicated "To His Most Gracious Majesty George the Third, equally distinguished for justice and beneficence to his subjects and for humanity to his enemies.

  8. The King returned a gracious but vague answer.

  9. What a beautiful, frivolous, gracious creature she seemed in Lavendale's eyes as she walked by his side, moving with swift footsteps through the cold night!

  10. The Princess of Wales was very gracious to Squire Bosworth's daughter, and Mrs. Howard smiled upon her with that sweet vague placidity which one sees in the faces of deaf people.

  11. It might impress those of them who attend, with a grateful sense of the gracious care of God, and lead Christian congregations to think more of them, and to do more for them.

  12. This gracious monarch became the minister of instruction and comfort to a dying Gipsy, to whom he was drawn by the cries of her children, and saw her expire cheered by the view of that redemption he had set before her.

  13. As for me, I don't believe I have ever washed dishes after dinner without having to stop once or twice, dry my hands, answer the doorbell and be a gracious landlady, and then go back and dip my dry hands into the unappetizing dish water again.

  14. He had seen Ayala and the Tringles, and did manage to let it escape him that Lady Tringle had not been very gracious to himself when once, in public, he had claimed acquaintance with Ayala.

  15. The young lady was gracious also; but I am afraid that I cannot carry my praises of the family at Glenbogie any further.

  16. Her letters to Ayala had not been triumphant when Aunt Emmeline had more than once expressed her wish to be rid of her, and when the news reached her that Uncle Tom and Hamel had failed to be gracious to each other.

  17. But the Captain made himself gracious to the sculptor who was now to be connected with him, and declared that he would always look upon Lucy as a second sister to his dear Gertrude.

  18. Her face had been sweet and gracious when she saw him in the Park.

  19. She was aware of all this, and aware, also, that such treatment required from her a gracious return.

  20. I own they wouldn't have the same gracious manners," he added.

  21. Phillis expanded like a rose in June under the sweet and gracious influences with which Agatha L'Estrange surrounded her.

  22. Thus shall it grow and develop till the land is full of the gracious influence of womankind at her best and noblest.

  23. Thus, with dutiful thanks to the mercy of God for His gracious assistance in that danger, the English ships proceeded in their navigation.

  24. Beamed from that gracious countenance; Communication, like the ray Of a new morning, to the nature 280 And prospects of the inferior Creature!

  25. Becoming thoughts, I trust, of solemn gloom 10 Or of high gladness you shall hither bring; And these perennial bowers and murmuring pines Be gracious as the music and the bloom And all the mighty ravishment of spring.

  26. Yet did at length his loyalty of heart, 5 And his pure native genius, lead him back To wait upon the bright and gracious Muses, Whom he had early loved.

  27. Bethink you of your own good name: A just and gracious queen have we, 50 A pure religion, and the claim Of peace on our humanity.

  28. The Catholics of Constantinople were animated with joyful confidence by the baptism and edict of Theodosius; and they impatiently waited the effects of his gracious promise.

  29. They disobeyed, and their disobedience was punished by a second exile of two hundred and twenty bishops into Sardinia; where they languished fifteen years, till the accession of the gracious Hilderic.

  30. Yet Pitt himself began with expressions of veneration for the King, and of gratitude for 'late condescending goodness and gracious openings,' alluding to the offer of a seat in the Cabinet.

  31. He had done Sir Pitt Crawley the honour to meet him at Mrs. Becky's house and had been most gracious to the new Baronet and member.

  32. The spinster caused Briggs to write back to the Colonel a gracious and complimentary letter, encouraging him to continue his correspondence.

  33. Gracious goodness, and who's to make my chocolate?

  34. Still, by way of punishing her elder nephew, Miss Crawley persisted in being gracious to the young Oxonian.

  35. For you know, most gracious son, that pre-eminent as you are in dignity over the human race, you nevertheless bow the neck submissively to those who preside over things divine.

  36. Your apology is of the finest feather, the most gracious down," said he, "but our friends must remember that in an irregularity often lie some of the most precious merits of this life.

  37. Gracious alive, why don't you women folks git him something to eat?

  38. Gracious alive, what has possessed the man!

  39. Get along with you,' was the not very gracious dismissal.

  40. It seemed as if the surly old tree and the gracious sunset had some secret between them, which, as often as they met, broke out in ruddy flame.

  41. All the same it is very good to be busy, to be gracious and to be religious, it is very good to be grand and disturbed and exchanging, a sign of energy is in a soup, is there no sign of energy.

  42. The sign, the left and the laugh, all the tangle, the length of light, piece the pressing, to be near and that graciously makes hindering gracious in sleeping.

  43. Twenty-four whole biscuits, with a due complement of halves, are cut out at one stroke, each of which is at the same time impressed with the broad arrow of Her Most Gracious Majesty.

  44. On the top of an excellent Viennese piano he sat majestically, and cast upon the countess, as she entered, that coldly gracious look which a woman, surprised by the beauty of another woman, might have given.

  45. Fresh, pure, gracious being, how the scoffing jester disrobes and analyzes her!

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gracious" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    accommodating; affable; affectionate; agreeable; amiable; amicable; attentive; benevolent; benign; blissful; bountiful; brotherly; casual; cheerful; cheery; chivalrous; civil; civilized; compassionate; compatible; complaisant; compliant; congenial; considerate; cordial; courteous; courtly; cultivated; cultured; dainty; debonair; decent; deferential; delicate; desirable; discriminating; dulcet; easy; easygoing; elegant; enjoyable; fair; familiar; fastidious; felicitous; fine; folksy; fraternal; free; friendly; gallant; generous; genial; genteel; gentle; giving; good; goodly; graceful; gracious; grateful; gratifying; handsome; harmonious; hearty; homely; homey; honeyed; hospitable; human; humane; indulgent; informal; irregular; kind; kindhearted; kindly; ladylike; large; lavish; liberal; likable; loose; loving; magnanimous; mellifluous; mellow; merciful; munificent; natural; neighborly; neighbourly; nice; obliging; offhand; open; permissive; plain; pleasant; pleasing; pleasurable; polished; polite; princely; profuse; ready; receptive; refined; relaxed; respectful; rewarding; satisfying; simple; sociable; social; solicitous; sophisticated; stately; suave; subtle; sweet; sympathetic; tactful; tender; tenderhearted; thoughtful; unaffected; unassuming; unceremonious; unconstrained; unconventional; ungrudging; unofficial; unselfish; unsparing; unstudied; urbane; warm; warmhearted; welcome; welcoming

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