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Example sentences for "grateful"

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grassy; grat; grata; grate; grated; gratefull; gratefully; gratefulness; grater; graters
  1. He is of a black melancholic humour, and not a man whom women love; but he has a heart of gold, and must regard you with grateful affection for your goodness to him when he was sick.

  2. Ah, dearest, I am grateful to you for coming.

  3. Oh, the King is grateful, Angela, grateful enough and to spare.

  4. I should even be grateful to any one, who, if he did not give me truth, gave me a phantom of it, which I could mistake for reality.

  5. An indulgence, which Agrippa in his address to Caius, as cited by Philo in the account of his embassy, approves of, as highly grateful to the conquered people, and by no means prejudicial to the conqueror.

  6. This is evident as far as verbal reproof goes, from the maxim of Plautus, that "to bestow merited reproof upon a friend is useful, upon certain occasions, though by no means a grateful office.

  7. His body was taken to Delft, his native town, where his name is now held in grateful reverence.

  8. It's more than a week since he saved you, and we all felt deeply grateful to him.

  9. Oh, how I do wish I could do something to show how awfully grateful I am!

  10. In spite of their graciousness and their desire not to hurt his feelings, they had not been able to avoid showing that, while they felt grateful for his heroism in the rescue of Minnie, they could not think of giving her to him.

  11. As his greatest reward he looked upon the grateful testimony of men of many countries who had been inspired by the book to greater effort, and so spurred on to success.

  12. Those work-people, who held him in the most grateful remembrance, seeing him, ran after him to thank him for telling them the way to Christ in that sermon.

  13. I was duly grateful as Mr. Bishop had told me a lot about burlesque during the afternoon.

  14. I was very grateful as the busses, though slow moving, are more or less tranquil and filled with the wittiest advertisements--especially the little notices about official civility, which made everyone rock with laughter.

  15. They have no inordinate love of gain; they are patient in enduring suffering, grateful for kindness received, and inflexibly firm in their adherence to the principles of honor and duty.

  16. The Naxians seemed very grateful for the interest which Aristagoras took in their cause, and said that they would commit the whole affair to his charge.

  17. He was grateful for favors, though somewhat capricious in his modes of requiting them.

  18. If the thought were grateful to Angele, it stung the boy's conscience.

  19. He was grateful to Providence that he had been spared the ordeal which faced him when he entered the city.

  20. Life to Edmund Burke was the gracious gift of the gods, and he was grateful for it.

  21. Malone felt extraordinarily grateful to see it.

  22. We are grateful that you have done so much, and continue to do so much, to defend the peace of Our Realm.

  23. In a small corner at the back of his mind, he wondered why he was grateful for the air he had suffered under only a few minutes before.

  24. Malone tried to imagine a person doing something called O'Connorizing, and decided he was grateful for history.

  25. Remembering past visits to O'Connor, he was grateful for even the small amount of relaxation the hard wood afforded him.

  26. Now the croupier was bending over backward in an attempt not to show how grateful he was for the patronage.

  27. A series of Closed signs on filling stations explained that, and Malone began to be grateful for the national emergency.

  28. He felt grateful that he wouldn't have to do all that work himself; he would just go through the dossiers and assign field agents to the actual checking when he had a picture of what might need to be checked.

  29. After our guests were gone--loaded with grateful blessings--we hardly spared the time to swallow a hasty dinner, and went to give the finishing touch to our work.

  30. They had been very kind to us, and we were very grateful to them, but .

  31. I am grateful to its members for bestowing upon me one of the most pleasurable compliments of my life.

  32. In ancient times grateful citizens erected statues to eminent men who had deserved well of their country in military or civic life, but Brooklyn had improved upon the ancient model through the grant of public utilities.

  33. Sometime afterwards I received a note from him in which he said: "I never can be grateful enough for the point you gave me on Erie.

  34. He again said to me, and taking my hand: "I know all about you and am very grateful to you that in your official capacity as president of the New York Central Railroad you are treating so fairly the Catholics.

  35. He laughed in his heart at the gifts of the grateful ones; those crosses of ivory and handsome lamps were but symbols of barbarism and superstition.

  36. I suppose I should feel grateful for this fortune, but I am afraid I do not.

  37. An aroma from the kitchen which penetrated the room seemed especially grateful to the manager who smiled with satisfaction as he conjured up visions of the forthcoming repast.

  38. The little one was pretty, without doubt very pretty, that could not be denied, and the liveliness with which she endeavoured to show her protector how very grateful she was rendered her still more charming.

  39. Signora Erlau would hardly be grateful to you were you not to mention the very two names which, doubtless, interest her most, and which are certainly not unknown to her.

  40. The proprietor had had notice of our coming and had made every preparation for us, and we were only too grateful for the many good things he freely gave away.

  41. I am especially grateful for the generous assistance of my editors, Loretto C.

  42. Finally, I am grateful for the advice of my colleague Ronald H.

  43. Under the grateful shade of some elm trees, where we could see much of the field, we made seats of the ground and sat down.

  44. The Commissioners are grateful to Mrs. W.

  45. He has told me only this morning that my father extended some such kindness to his father as that for which he bears such grateful memory to me.

  46. He came to me and besought me to make him grateful for all eternity by taking up this case and clearing you from the suspicions which rest upon you.

  47. My head was hot; the cool air felt grateful to me; I leaned long upon the trunk of an oak, whose dark shadow shut out the starlight from about me; thought was busy with recent events.

  48. The Don, exceedingly grateful for the timely attention, conceived a warm liking for the young man, whose "Yankee" quickness and readiness had attracted his attention while on board the steamer.

  49. I pressed her tenderly and kissed her, and that was all She seemed grateful for my self-restraint.

  50. The same day I wrote a long and grateful letter to M.

  51. I am grateful for the reticence you have observed, though Marcoline must have delivered the message I gave her.

  52. If you knew all, you would not feel grateful to her.

  53. This is a grateful stimulant and carminative.

  54. For seventeen years I was an invalid and never had better health than at the present day, for which I am grateful to your Institute.

  55. I am cheerful, hopeful, joyous, glad, and grateful for my restoration to sound and vigorous health.

  56. How grateful are warmth and stimulating medicines!

  57. If it is applied in acute diseases at a temperature agreeable to the patient, it is exceedingly grateful and may be repeated as often as necessary.

  58. I now feel very grateful for the benefits I have received from the use of your valuable medicines, and recommended them to many of my friends and neighbors.

  59. Accept the grateful thanks of my husband and myself for your good care and great kindness to me during my stay at your hotel and our wishes for your best success.

  60. You advised me to take six bottles more of the "Favorite Prescription," which I did, and in a reasonable length of time after taking it, I felt very grateful for the happy relief I obtained.

  61. This is one of our most grateful aromatics, and is sometimes employed to modify the action of senna and rhubarb.

  62. Gentlemen--A grateful heart and an appreciation of your medical skill prompts me to make a statement of my case.

  63. I feel, Oh, so grateful to you, I shall never fail to speak a word in your favor to suffering humanity.

  64. Thanking you, gentlemen, from the depths of a grateful heart, I remain.

  65. Lecoq bowed, flattered and grateful for the invitation.

  66. They ought to be very grateful to you; but Madame Petit, Monsieur Plantat's housekeeper, would have done as much.

  67. Must he always submit to--if he was not grateful for--the superiority of a man whom he had always been wont to treat as his inferior?

  68. She answered, ironically: "Mademoiselle Courtois will be very grateful to you!

  69. Little wonder that Morris and Laird and the other treaty-makers were grateful for the high standing of these stalwart riders of the plains.

  70. This, the grateful sensation when we are morally approved and praised, with the reverse when we are censured, he argues in his usual manner, involves no thought of private interest.

  71. The two grateful perceptions of Novelty and Grandeur may be added to the list of natural determinations or senses of pleasure.

  72. Here, when the action is beneficent, the peculiarity is that an expectation of receiving good in return from our neighbours takes the place of a desire to reciprocate; we consider ourselves the proper object of grateful thoughts, &c.

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    acceptable; affable; agreeable; amiable; amicable; appreciative; beholden; blissful; cheerful; cheery; cognizant; comfortable; compatible; complaisant; congenial; cordial; desirable; dulcet; enjoyable; fair; favorable; felicitous; fine; genial; good; goodly; gracious; grateful; gratifying; harmonious; honeyed; likable; mellifluous; mellow; nice; obliged; pleasant; pleasing; pleasurable; rewarding; satisfying; sensible; sweet; welcome