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Example sentences for "gratifying"

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gratifications; gratifie; gratified; gratifies; gratify; gratin; grating; gratings; gratior; gratious
  1. It is gratifying to know that the advantages of the new intercourse between the two countries are daily manifest on the Pacific coast.

  2. It is exceedingly gratifying to hear a statement of your prosperity which insures for you so much of the future, confers so much of hope and promise upon your society as that to which we have listened to-night.

  3. Especially is it gratifying to know of your financial condition; "the society owes nothing.

  4. I have had the most charming and gratifying letter from Faraday; I cannot tell you how I value such a mark of approbation and friendship from the greatest experimental philosopher and discoverer next to Newton.

  5. In the specialties treated of in these books Mr. Brooks has been for many years a careful collector and student, and it is gratifying to learn that the material is to be committed to book form.

  6. Numerous experiments have been made, where the crows are thus injurious, to avert their ravages; and the method I shall now relate I have seen tried with the most gratifying success.

  7. Up jumped one of the smokers, and craning his head over the hatch, communicated the gratifying intelligence that the patrol were coming up with divers delinquents in close custody.

  8. The report of the Commissioner of the Bureau of Education shows very gratifying progress throughout the country in all the interests committed to the care of this important office.

  9. The report presents a very gratifying statement of the results of the application of the rules referred to in the two largest and most important local offices in the civil service of the Government.

  10. The report of the Commissioner of Agriculture contains the gratifying announcement of the extraordinary success which has rewarded the agricultural industry of the country for the past year.

  11. These efforts, led and directed by the commissioner-general, were remarkably successful, and the exhibition of the products of American industry was creditable and gratifying in scope and character.

  12. The report of the Secretary shows the gratifying fact that among all the disbursing officers of the Pay Corps of the Navy there is not one who is a defaulter to the extent of a single dollar.

  13. Since the resumption of specie payments there has also been a marked and gratifying improvement of the public credit.

  14. The Indians have made gratifying progress in agriculture, herding, and mechanical pursuits.

  15. It is gratifying to learn from the Bureau of Education the extent to which educational privileges throughout the United States have been advanced during the year.

  16. Muchisimos gracias," was the gratifying answer, and Bang accordingly gave each of our fair friends a heart--warming taste of brandy and water.

  17. The result was not gratifying to the pride of the citizens.

  18. Such was the result of Geoffrey de Chargny's project for gratifying Philip of Valois by gaining possession of Calais.

  19. Except the gratifying reflection arising from the review of so much plastic industry, Pittsburg is by no means a pleasant city to a stranger.

  20. The Theatre in this city is now opened by the Thespian Society, for the double purpose of gratifying the public taste by a moral and rational amusement and adding to the funds of the Male Charitable Sunday School.

  21. It was particularly gratifying to the discoverer that so competent a mathematician as Professor Tait should have made himself acquainted with the new calculus.

  22. In the year 1861 gratifying information came to hand of the progress which the study of Quaternions was making abroad.

  23. A gratifying incident brightened some of the last days of his life.

  24. This behaviour did not, however, hinder schemes being laid by various persons of gratifying their ambition, or making their fortunes, by particular attachments to each of the Royal Family.

  25. It is gratifying to see so many of all ages, of all sects, of all classes in this community gather to do honor to the memory of Mr. Roe.

  26. It was most gratifying to see how nobly their wish and purpose had been carried out.

  27. I know that it will be gratifying to them to learn that their gifts, so far from being lost or destroyed, are all here in excellent order, and still doing the work for which they were designed.

  28. But, gratifying as these responses are, there is no danger of their exceeding the necessities of the situation.

  29. In Philadelphia the work of relief was entered into in a similar manner, with equally gratifying results.

  30. It also procureth Delight, by gratifying Curiosity with its Rareness, or Semblance of Difficulty.

  31. They will both agree in their obvious, and quick Perspicuity; but will be still different in this, that the Effort of the One is to strike the Fancy, whereas the Other is wholly exerted in gratifying the Judgment.

  32. As for the Empress, she was delighted to find herself surrounded by a numerous suite, and one so gratifying to her vanity.

  33. And then, he knew well that the secret weakness of the French nation was vanity, and he saw a means of gratifying it easily by the pomp and display that attend on monarchical power.

  34. His brother-in-law Murat, and his grand-marshal Duroc, were charged with the task of procuring him the means of gratifying his passing fancies.

  35. On his return to the Ministry he secretly nursed his resentment, and let slip no opportunity of gratifying it, by that bitter and cynical mockery which was the habitual tone of his conversation.

  36. And it is a gratifying incident, to learn that both the breeds we have named are increasing in demand, which has created a corresponding spirit in those who breed them, to bestow their best attention in perfecting their good qualities.

  37. His reception by his old acquaintances was very gratifying to him.

  38. Duels fought for the purpose of settling disputes between individuals, either by conferring on the victor the right of possessing {xviii} the object of the strife, or by gratifying a craving for revenge and wiping off the affront, pp.

  39. Men are killed with a view to gratifying the desires of superhuman beings.

  40. Travellers have noticed how gratifying it is, when visiting an uncultured people, to know a little of their language; there is at once a sympathetic link between the native and the stranger.

  41. It is impossible to discover in every special case in what respect the worshippers believe the offering of a fellow-creature to be gratifying to the deity.

  42. We have different means of gratifying a person's self-regarding pride: one is to praise him, another is to humiliate ourselves.

  43. Thus the preference which a man is naturally disposed to give to a virgin bride may be overcome by his desire for offspring, inducing him to marry a woman who has proved capable of gratifying this desire.

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