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Example sentences for "gratified"

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gratiarum; gratias; gratification; gratifications; gratifie; gratifies; gratify; gratifying; gratin; grating
  1. Unable to procure a likeness of Mr. Biglow, I thought the curious reader might be gratified with a sight of the editorial effigies.

  2. It is not his business to whirl her through the waltz, to feed her with compliments, to heighten her beauty by the flush of gratified vanity.

  3. Crimsworth; Hunsden whirled her through the waltz with spirit; he kept at her side during the remainder of the evening, and I read in her animated and gratified countenance that he succeeded in making himself perfectly agreeable.

  4. It was a German commercial letter; I translated it; I could not tell whether he was gratified or not--his countenance remained fixed.

  5. Judith flushed and tossed her mane with a gratified air.

  6. Don't call names," she responded, hiding the gratified smile that lurked in the corners of her mouth.

  7. After rather a laborious search, my wishes were gratified by an instrument, which certainly was entitled to the name of one, but was assuredly not the handsomest of its species.

  8. I was much gratified by being presented to the celebrated philosopher Mons.

  9. Few men on earth can ever have had their dearest ambition so sweetly gratified as it was the lot of Herbert, the poet, to find his ambition gratified now.

  10. This gift is considered here as very honorable to him, and it has gratified him much.

  11. Mr Swiveller appeared gratified beyond all expression by this reply, and took a long draught himself, steadfastly regarding his companion while he did so.

  12. Caesar was highly elated with all these substantial proofs of the greatness and glory to which he had attained, and was also very evidently gratified with smaller, but equally expressive proofs of the general regard.

  13. The populace of the city were greatly gratified to hear of the continued success of their former favorite.

  14. He had always observed a very generous policy in his dealings with them, and he was now greatly gratified at receiving their requital of it.

  15. Though gratified with the title of President of Ulster and afterwards that of Marshal of Ireland, he found his schemes constantly counteracted by orders from Dublin or from England.

  16. There was also a tone of defiance in it which gratified the ear of the old jager, making known to him that he was in a river where these animals had rarely, if ever, been hunted.

  17. And with this very sight were they gratified in an instant after.

  18. A murmur of satisfaction and gratified expectation ran through the crowd, which had already been waiting many long hours, for the arrows of the midday sun were commencing to sting.

  19. It were a contradiction in terms to affirm otherwise; for it were tantamount to saying, that an affection may be gratified without the actual experience of a gratification.

  20. It is, as has been said, the voice of nature telling us that each of our desires has a co-relative, through which it may be fully gratified by the use of the proper means.

  21. Bain imagines that it "implies doubts as to the genuineness of the pleasures of malevolence," and virtually denies that "the feeling of gratified vengeance is a real and indisputable pleasure.

  22. From a respect, indeed, to economy and the ease of my fellow-citizens belonging to the militia, it would have gratified me to accomplish such an estimate.

  23. A gratified acceptance, with an assurance that they would be ready in season, came in reply, and all the Woodburn company were jubilant over the prospect of the pleasant trip and the enjoyable summer at Crag Cottage likely to follow.

  24. By way of further defying the temperature and cementing his acquaintance with the station-master, he offered to regale that gratified official with such refreshments as the station bar provided.

  25. Mine ’as been considered pretty sharp,” Moggridge admitted, with a gratified relaxation of his wooden countenance.

  26. On a sunny day the eye of the traveller passing through this province is gratified by the sparkle of myriads of broken bottles arranged closely and continuously along its coping-stone.

  27. With a gratified smile the Baron filled his glass, while his friend seemed amused by some humorous reflection of his own.

  28. Thus wisely ruminating, he arrived in London at a very early hour on a chilly morning, and drove straight to a small hotel near King’s Cross, where the landlord was much gratified at receiving so respectable a guest as the Rev.

  29. The Baron was thoroughly pleased with himself, and Mr Bunker seemed no less gratified at his own good fortune.

  30. The natives, however, were gratified with a sight they never before had, and probably will never have again.

  31. Curiosity on both sides being now sufficiently gratified by the exhibition of the various entertainments I have described, I began to have time to look about me.

  32. Dinner being over, and, having gratified their curiosity, by shewing to them every part of the ship, I then conducted them ashore.

  33. We had not been there many days before he had an opportunity of being gratified in this; for a youth, about seventeen or eighteen years of age, named Taweiharooa, offered to accompany him, and took up his residence on board.

  34. The gratified fiend hastened away to his attack upon the unsuspecting friend of God, over whom he anticipated a great victory.

  35. No disloyal act, or foolish complaint against Jehovah, gratified the expectant enemy of God and man.

  36. Having duly paid their respective devoirs to their hospitable host they departed, much gratified by their reception at the noble and social mansion of Castle-Caldwell.

  37. This attack upon the confectionary bijou much gratified the juvenile assailants, and highly pleased the noble hosts, and the grave company seated at their festive board were most marvellously entertained withal.

  38. The company soon departed for their homes, highly pleased and gratified with the courteous deportment of the noble pair; charmed alike by their affable manners and fascinating attentions equally bestowed on all.

  39. Their affection for him has never faltered and they will feel gratified on Thursday that the concluding ceremony of Coronation has fixed him firmly on the most glorious of earthly thrones".

  40. Afterwards, in company with Lord Kitchener and Earl Roberts they had returned to London greatly pleased with the cordiality of their reception and especially gratified at the kind manner of Queen Alexandra.

  41. He paused, first, because it must be owned that his practice was restricted, and a fee gratified the vanity natural to unappreciated talent, and had the charm of novelty which is sweet to human nature itself.

  42. He gratified his heart by retaining the poor young man beside himself, and, no doubt, sought to win his confidence and love.

  43. The small successes of material wealth and gratified ambition may be ours, but for all the higher duties and nobler conflicts that become a man, the condition of achievement and victory is steadfast faith in God's presence and help.

  44. Towards evening we were gratified by the presence of the young women to perform various duties in the principal room, in which we were established.

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