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Example sentences for "gratification"

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gratia; gratiae; gratiam; gratiarum; gratias; gratifications; gratifie; gratified; gratifies; gratify
  1. He did justice to the supper too, which was a great gratification to Dolly; and lifted the kettle for her from the hob when she wanted it, and took his place generally as if he were one of the family.

  2. There are certain results following every undertaking which are looked upon either with gratification or dissatisfaction, and which, through side issues, very often assume the importance of those desired to be attained.

  3. Basil never would in the like circumstances have sought a weak gratification at her expense.

  4. There was such a quaint air of good-fellowship and simplicity in the new minister's manner, that the little assembly began to stir anew with gratification and amusement.

  5. Also that letters, written for the gratification of Gladys, to the Protestant and Roman Catholic clergy of her parent's last neighbourhood were duly answered, and confirmed all that Gladys had said of them and of herself from first to last.

  6. Beyond the gratification of the moment, he is totally indifferent to all the consequences of his powers.

  7. I could not but express my gratification at so high a compliment.

  8. Every one must have remarked how soon the gratification of one desire gives birth to another--how soon we complain of imperfection in what would have been regarded but a few years earlier as unattainable perfection.

  9. It cannot be necessary to assure your Lordships of the deep gratification with which I have received so handsome and elaborate a recognition of my services.

  10. Amidst the above transactions some events occurred of no small interest to myself; the first being that I had the gratification of receiving from the University of Oxford the honorary degree of D.

  11. In addition to the gratification of thus humiliating the magistrates, there was also in this truculence the object of rendering the process so offensive as to make them shrink from resisting the encroachments of the Inquisition.

  12. She had made of her life what her desire prompted; and she seemed to suggest now, lying there wrecked and silent, that the end of all self-gratification is in utter weariness of spirit.

  13. One only gratification he had allowed himself--his eyes travelled gloomily round his precious book-lined walls and he found himself wondering if those particular treasures would bring their full value in the open market?

  14. Now I am lower than the lowest of the sensible, cleanly, decent brutes, because I desire the drink for its own sake, and find gratification in physical degradation.

  15. Opium played you tricks like that, when, for the gratification of a sinister whim, a grotesque fancy, born and bred of the stuff, you would risk everything.

  16. The gratification of his passion was still thwarted in several directions.

  17. The way was at last clear to the gratification of his passion.

  18. You say that a minute acquaintance with the sources of enjoyment diminishes the gratification they afford.

  19. But you will own," said the Chevalier, "that a deep and minute acquaintance with any source of enjoyment naturally tends to diminish the gratification that we at first received from it.

  20. All this while the three Jews were looking on with a grin of devilish gratification at the little wretch's agony.

  21. Mr. Titmouse, who stood grinning and winking to the wretches immediately underneath, evidently with a spiteful gratification at the treatment which his opponent was experiencing.

  22. Neither of them seemed anxious for the other's society, though they contrived to evince, in the presence of others, a decent degree of gratification at meeting each other.

  23. The occurrence of feast days at regular intervals so that a special gratification of the appetite is looked forward to has been declared by most physicians who have considered the subject to be an excellent thing for health.

  24. Is any sensual gratification to be compared to that of feelings the eves moistened after having comforted the unfortunate?

  25. Gratification to oneself, or to the loved person?

  26. But, along with abhorrence of the creature who held her in his keeping so ruthlessly, there was another emotion--that recurrent wonder concerning such delay in the base gratification craved by his passion.

  27. It was with benevolent intent, rather than for the gratification of inquisitiveness, that he finally got up and seated himself in the vacant place alongside the younger man.

  28. I was in the hands of robbers and savages, and had no reason to suppose that their pity was more than their justice, or that they would forbear the gratification of any ardour of desire, or caprice of cruelty.

  29. Vathek, who was not altogether so active as his mother, devoted his time to the sole gratification of his senses, in the palaces which were severally dedicated to them.

  30. And you would risk the misery of another world for the gratification of one evil passion in this!

  31. The very gratification of this expected thirst had been provided for and anticipated.

  32. I know I speak the sentiments of the strong men among the radicals when I say that the personal interests, desires, or gratification of Gen.

  33. As little as the gratification of the aesthetic or of any other 'faculty,' i.

  34. It is the Agent or the Power with which man thinks himself in relation, and through whom he endeavours to secure the gratification of his desires, which alone is distinctive of religious life.

  35. They have ignored its other essential components: the motives or desires and the feelings, as well as the means by which, in Religion, the gratification of desire is sought.

  36. To retain the means of luxurious gratification would be wrong, but to bereave herself and her father of bare subsistence was surely no dictate of duty.

  37. What benefit would flow but the gratification of a dangerous curiosity?

  38. At the time it would have been a source of great personal gratification and comfort to me if I could have drawn a number of veils, good, thick, woolen ones, over the proceedings.

  39. It is naturally to be supposed that Dr Hall would attend the sick bed of his father in law, and the discovery of this gentleman's medical diary promised some gratification to our curiosity as to the cause of Shakspeare's death.

  40. She allowed herself the gratification then of explaining the annuity to him and that she meant to spend her income in each year.

  41. The girl's eyes sparkled with delight at the commendation, and she expressed her gratification in a very pretty manner.

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