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Example sentences for "drawn"

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drawl; drawled; drawling; drawls; drawly; drawne; draws; drawstring; dray; drayman
  1. But her heart was drawn to the young woman who sat in a corner rocking her child in its wooden cradle and never lifting her eyes from her needlework: she knew her for the fisher-girl of Malcolm's picture.

  2. As they talked they wandered up the garden, and had drawn near the spot where, in the side of the glen, was hollowed the cave of the hermit.

  3. The contrast so frequently drawn with the course of things in Canada is not wholly just.

  4. The dark-blue eyes that met his now and then were the most frank and friendly in the world, but the naked truth in them irritated him as though it had been the gleam of a drawn sword.

  5. Had the unhappy victims been whites, or even blacks, the arithmetic of time would probably not have been drawn on, but summary recourse would have been made to such punishment as eternity could furnish.

  6. From this thousand are drawn all the interpreters; and not a solitary interpreter, Colonel Dodge insists, can be relied upon.

  7. Her father and Mr. Neckart went down to the mouth of the Inlet, where some fishermen were patching a boat which they had drawn up on a heap of mussel-shells.

  8. Such a take it was ere the last of the nets was drawn as the oldest of them had seldom seen.

  9. Then we take leave of Dobbs and his wife, whose future boss has arrived in a rude cart drawn by two horses, in which to drive them and their traps over to his place in Ararimu.

  10. The attack would come from the north-east, consequently this bay would be in rear; and in it the canoes were drawn up for flight, if that were necessary.

  11. Emigrants, being for the most part drawn from among dry-land-living populations, are apt to be daunted by the idea of a long voyage.

  12. But the boar is not to be drawn out from among the high branching roots that protect his flanks and stern.

  13. There are always pigs and dogs visible, and brown naked children disporting themselves on the beach, where canoes are drawn up, fishing nets spread out, and a scaffolding erected to dry shark-meat upon.

  14. This dray is a huge waggon, built in a very strong and substantial style, and it is drawn by twelve span of bullocks.

  15. All along the beach boats lay drawn up, and the number of people walking about made the place seem quite populous.

  16. In a dim passage of the castle-aisles, Musing alone, I heard a hasty tread, And breath drawn short, like one in fear of peril.

  17. From one tame wretch he snatch'd a half-drawn sword, And dealt swift vengeance on the ruffian crew.

  18. Tis the place; The sombrous horror of these long-drawn aisles.

  19. When the official report was drawn up, it was handed to Duroy who was to insert it in the "Echoes.

  20. She finally divined that he no longer loved her, and the discovery caused her unutterable anguish; but she watched him, followed him in a cab with drawn blinds to the office, to his house, in the hope of seeing him pass by.

  21. The day chosen was Thursday, and they set out at nine o'clock in the morning in a large six-seated carriage drawn by four horses.

  22. On the other hand, a great many men are indifferent to their children in infancy and are drawn to them only as they develop intellectual quality.

  23. Only one must be conscious of it, and in marriage many people are dully aware that they have settled down, that they have drawn the one and only ticket they can ever hope to draw, unless merciful death steps in.

  24. Let not thy mind be drawn away in her ways: neither be thou deceived with her paths.

  25. At the same time a harvest-wagon, loaded with rapes and drawn by four horses, came into the yard.

  26. Over a prodigious paunch, also artificial, he had drawn a long white gown, over which again he wore a many-colored rag shaped like a cope.

  27. His polemical weapons were drawn from the armory of bureaucracy.

  28. Next in the procession came a low car drawn by a watery-eyed mare which a lad bedizened like a clown was leading by the bridle.

  29. The most profound thinker does not go beyond these set limits; and if he would boldly overstep them, he would be thrown back by evident contradiction into that circle which Omnipotence has drawn around the human intellect.

  30. You deduce consequences, Herr Frank, that could not be drawn from my admissions," said he mildly.

  31. In the lead marched a fellow dressed in a brown cloak, the hood of which was drawn over his head.

  32. Immediately he followeth her as an ox led to be a victim, and as a lamb playing the wanton, and not knowing that he is drawn like a fool to bonds, till the arrow pierce his liver.

  33. It was the role of the fellow in the car to address the donkey, make a sign of blessing over it, and occasionally reach it straw drawn from his artificial paunch.

  34. The principal feature of the procession was a wagon, hung with garlands and bestuck with small flags, drawn by six splendid horses.

  35. Were I that thing, for which I pass, that traitor, A goodly outside I had sure reserved, Had drawn the coverings thick and double round me, Been calm and chary of my utterance.

  36. On his pure head the lightning Was drawn off which would else have shattered me.

  37. Or, drawn from up these dark unfathom'd wells, In wiser folly chink the Cap and Bells.

  38. Cuirassiers enter with drawn swords, and assemble in the back-ground.

  39. In the Fifth Scene of this Act it must be dropped; but in the Seventh Scene, it must be again drawn up wholly or in part.

  40. Fallow field and Beckley, without regard to rank, have drawn upon their muscle and science.

  41. Peza could feel himself blanch; he was being drawn and drawn by these dead men slowly, firmly down as to some mystic chamber under the earth where they could walk, dreadful figures, swollen and blood-marked.

  42. The assistant fumbled until he found the ring of the cage, and the bird was drawn into view.

  43. It bowled away rapidly, drawn by the eager spirit of a young and modern horse.

  44. His sombrero was drawn low over his eyes.

  45. The blushes caused by the careless scrutiny of some passengers as she had entered the car were strange to see upon this plain, under-class countenance, which was drawn in placid, almost emotionless lines.

  46. A covered wagon drawn up near the curb sheltered a dozen of them.

  47. Jose was muffled deep in his blanket, and his great toppling sombrero was drawn low over his brow.

  48. The thing in the grey blanket no longer twitched; but if the knives in their hands had been thrust toward it, each knife was now drawn back, and its owner's elbow was thrown upward, as if he expected death from the clouds.

  49. Which of these is not destructive unless drawn off into some definite direction?

  50. And here I venture to offer most submissively the suggestion that the sport which the Master has inflicted on the poor pupil is rather too long drawn out: it has already lasted over six years, and after a time becomes monotonous.

  51. Not infrequently but a single thought sits in one of those long, wide-spreading sentences that rolls majestically along like a great, gilded court-chariot, drawn by six plumed steeds.

  52. Franz Liszt allowed himself to be drawn to the piano, pushed his hair over his genial brows, and waged one of his most brilliant battles.

  53. I had never thought that the hard old drum could give forth such wailing sounds as Monsieur Le Grand had drawn from it.

  54. At this moment came swiftly dashing along, drawn by two lions, a golden two-wheeled triumphal chariot.

  55. Throughout the room paled faces, heaving bosoms, highly-drawn breath during the pauses, were succeeded at last by stormy applause.

  56. Beautifully drawn cuneiform picture signs recorded on these all the knowledge of the day.

  57. When the stone had to be moved over the desert sands it was lifted by cranes and set on sleds drawn by men or animals, or driven forward by levers, just as heavy steel machinery is moved by modern engineers.

  58. Weissmann has drawn attention to the importance of adaptations.

  59. No chemical books of theirs have come down to us, and inferences must be drawn from the results seen.

  60. Another interesting mental picture is drawn by Professor Herbert Wildon Carr to illustrate the philosophical meaning of the principle of relativity.

  61. He advanced towards a hackney-coach drawn up on the Cloitre Saint-Merry Square.

  62. She looked up, and with a long breath she rose, as though drawn invisibly.

  63. I protest against Miss Blanchflower's being drawn into what is clearly intended to be an organised riot, which may end in physical injury, even in loss of life--which will certainly entail imprisonment on the ringleaders.

  64. He was sincerely sorry for her--sincerely drawn to her.

  65. He had, at any rate, soon smothered them, and he and Lady Tonbridge, their chairs drawn close, fell into a very confidential discussion.

  66. The blinds of Miss Toogood's little house were drawn close.

  67. He passed on, drawn again down Constitution Hill, and the Mall, back to the Houses of Parliament and the River.

  68. The village where you are going to speak has some rowdy elements--drawn from the brickfields near it.

  69. Her limbs failed her; and beyond the sheltering woods, she seemed to become electrically aware of hostile persons, of nets drawn round her, cutting off escape.

  70. The chief illumination came however from what seemed to be a large shallow waggon drawn up not far from the Crown.

  71. In the savage or the barbarian scheme of life it is drawn in a different place and in another way.

  72. As the diversification and specialisation of employments proceed, the line of demarcation so drawn comes to divide the industrial from the non-industrial employments.

  73. There is probably no community and no sect within the range of the Western culture in which the bounds of permissible indulgence are not drawn appreciably closer for the incumbent of the priestly office than for the common layman.

  74. In other times and among men imbued with a different body of preconceptions this line is not drawn precisely as we draw it to-day.

  75. A line is in this way drawn between mankind and brute creation.

  76. The evidence for the hypothesis that there has been such a peaceable stage of primitive culture is in great part drawn from psychology rather than from ethnology, and cannot be detailed here.

  77. And now he had drawn one card to three of a kind, and it had come off.

  78. The noise ceased at once; only a long-drawn shuddering sigh came out of the darkness.

  79. One day a sledge, lined with fur, drawn by spirited horses, clinking the bells that studded the harness, drew up before the door.

  80. We'll have writings drawn to this effect--articles of co-partnership, you know.

  81. Sundry were the attacks, both open and secret, to which the Reverend Mr. Manlius was subjected, and many were the discussions into which he was drawn by the advocates of total abstinence.

  82. I see therefore no arguments, that can be drawn from our text, to prove a future judgment or endless misery in the immortal world.

  83. The paper, drawn up for the purpose, was presented to Dr.

  84. A deep-drawn sigh followed, then a heartfelt cry rose to heaven.

  85. Would he believe, still further, that it was drawn by an American?

  86. At this moment he was informed that the students had organized themselves, and were drawn up in the college-yard.

  87. It has often been remarked that Colonel Burr's character could not be better drawn than it is in a short sketch of his father, by Governor Livingston.

  88. I have drawn out a plan for a bank, but find that it will require so many explanations that I forbear to send it.

  89. They have drawn up seven of their heaviest ships in a line, nearly two miles advanced of the rest.

  90. He went up to them with the ax drawn ready to strike but it was quite a bit before they were quiet enough for him to get a good hit at them.

  91. He looked at the map we had drawn and said, "I will venture to say there is not two men in all the country that could make that trip over that route and get through alive.

  92. Having drawn from Count Julian the particulars of his plan, and of the means he possessed to carry it into effect, he laid them before his confidential counsellors and officers, and demanded their opinion.

  93. More than once in after times, stung by oppression or inflamed by zeal, they have drawn together in a spirit of tumultuous resistance, and borne their remonstrances to the very gates of the national capital.

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