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  1. Where men have sunk into a child-like simplicity, the elongated forms prevail.

  2. The male eel was first discovered in 1873 by Syrski at Trieste, the testis being described by him as a lobed elongated organ, in the same relative position as the ovary in the female, surrounded by a smooth surface without laminae.

  3. With its nearest relatives it forms the family Muraenidae, all of which are of elongated cylindrical form.

  4. Hence also the disproportion of length and breadth, in other words the elongated form of the rooms, whose roof not being supported by columns, had to rest on the side walls, and whose breadth depended on the length of the roof beams.

  5. The narrow lines, now on the Western horizon, broadened out and came upwards and forwards, as in the evening they had elongated and gone down.

  6. I have satisfied myself that the motion is regular, and that it describes an elongated figure of 8, traced as I am sure you have often traced it upon ice with the outer edge of your skates.

  7. In using these bamboo carbon filaments the original spiral form of filament was abandoned, the now familiar elongated horseshoe being adopted, as the carbon could not be bent into the tortuous shapes possible with platinum.

  8. On coming in contact with air mildly contaminated with fire damp the candle flame takes on a blue tint and assumes a peculiarly elongated shape which may be instantly detected by a watchful workman.

  9. The dorsal fin has several series of bluish white elongated spots; the other fins are bluish or dusky, and are more or less mottled.

  10. A third, lastly, is a woman carrying a basket on her head, whose body has remarkably the appearance of an elongated ingot.

  11. These are statuettes which, instead of being fixed on a base, end in a reversed and much elongated cone, which must have served to plunge them into a soft matter such as mortar.

  12. The materials of which the composition is formed, instead of being, as in the lion frieze, baked bricks in the form of elongated parallelopipeds, are little squares, of which each side is 1 ft.

  13. They are made up of greatly elongated cells, usually grouped in bundles or sheets.

  14. Instead of this, however, the latter half is compressed into one verse (20), which is elongated by a clause.

  15. The elongated verse (20) reiterates the initial metaphor of withering herbage (ver.

  16. The structure is on the whole regular, each second verse beginning with the required letter, but here and there the period is curtailed or elongated by one member.

  17. IN Hampton Court I wandered on a twilight evening grey, Amidst its mazy precincts I had lost my tourist way, And while I cogitated, on a seat of carven stone, I heard beneath an orange tree, an elongated groan!

  18. It is the attraction of gravitation which converts what would be a mere bubble, or hollow sphere of glass, into a gracefully elongated and delicately-shaped flask.

  19. A hock-bottle is a mere elongated bubble, with the bottom portion pressed in so that it may stand, and the neck thickened by a rim of glass being placed around it.

  20. No matter what hotel you intend to patronize, you are conducted up the steep hill, on whose elongated top the Grand Rue de Pera is situated.

  21. The boat does not pre{101}serve its circular form all the way down, or rather I should say that the circular form is maintained above the water and an elongated one below.

  22. The greater amount of energy of the aerial polarity is in the higher regions; it is thus more excited by these than by the lower, and the bud being lighter grows more rapidly in the upper parts, and obtains an elongated form.

  23. In other beasts, on the contrary, it is elongated into a very muscular proboscis or snout, and is endowed with the power of voluntary motion.

  24. The elongated cells in the neighbourhood of the spiral vessels, and which principally contain sap, are called Liber.

  25. Capillary vessels, which simply convey mucus, but are elongated singly above and from out the cutis, are Hairs.

  26. In these the median columella is the elongated floral peduncle.

  27. The brain itself has elongated and become integument.

  28. The fibres are either elongated or else annular fibres.

  29. With this, these elongated branchiƦ separate into two organs, one part of them becoming indurated in like manner with the general tegument, and supporting the other as gill.

  30. They must be therefore regarded, like the venom-teeth of Serpents, as elongated salivary ducts.

  31. These five shell-pieces become in the Balani a regular set of teeth, which are adherent within the cylindrical shell, by which the posterior part of the body, or the peduncular and elongated mantle, is surrounded.

  32. The middle finger is the elongated radius, and is therefore the longest or radial digit.

  33. In other words, a normal fold is an elongated mound of concentric strata, being highest at the centre, sloping very gradually toward the ends, and much more abruptly toward the sides.

  34. The plan of both a wave and a fold is a more or less elongated ellipse, each stratum in a fold being semi-ellipsoidal or boat-shaped.

  35. The bands are rarely continuous for any distance, being usually merely elongated lenticular streaks.

  36. The elongated square, especially when applied to a battalion of eight companies, three of which would march in front and one on each side, would be much better to make an attack than a deployed battalion.

  37. The figures may be perfect squares, or elongated to give a large front and pour a heavier column of fire in the direction of the enemy.

  38. Fur rather long and loose, and in the middle line of the neck and back especially elongated so as to form a sort of crest or mane.

  39. The upper molar is always of moderate size and elongated in the transverse direction.

  40. In the coatis, Nasua, the dentition is as in Procyon, but the upper canines are larger and more strongly compressed, and the molars smaller; while the facial portion of the skull is more elongated and narrow.

  41. The skull is elongated and narrow; and the auditory bulla large, elongated and rounded at both ends.

  42. The skull is elongated and constricted behind the orbits.

  43. Skull elongated and depressed; face long, narrow and concave above; bony palate extending as far backwards as the level of the glenoid fossa; and palatal bones dilated.

  44. The genets (Genetta) are smaller animals, with more elongated and slender bodies, and shorter limbs than the civets.

  45. In Lobodon the molars have compressed elongated crowns, with a principal recurved cusp, rounded and somewhat bulbous at the apex, and one anterior, and one, two or three posterior distinct accessory cusps.

  46. Tail long or moderate, generally thick at the base, and sometimes covered with more or less elongated hair.

  47. The skull generally is short and rounded, though proportionally more elongated in the larger forms; with the facial portion short and broad, and the zygomatic arches wide and strong.

  48. Indian civet, of about equal size, approaches in many respects, especially in the characters of the teeth and feet and absence of the crest of elongated hair on the back, to the next section.

  49. Their faces, however, though somewhat round, were slightly more elongated than the Mongol, and there was considerably more intelligence about them.

  50. The flowers are funnel-form, some are elongated and very showy, and we find that they bloom mostly in the darkness of the desert night.

  51. This characteristic shape distinguishes the species from the ordinary Prickly Pear, which has oblong or elongated joints.

  52. The kernels were less elongated and more bulging than those of the Neapolitan olives; were very hard and still contained some shreds of their pith.

  53. But her body, luminous in the bluish tint cast by the tiles, elongated beneath the rippled surface of the water, gave her a sensuous pleasure.

  54. Take a rounded lodestone,[4] and after determining its poles in the manner already mentioned, file its two sides so that it becomes elongated at its poles and occupies less space.

  55. A needle or an elongated piece of iron is then placed on top of the lodestone and a line is drawn in the direction of the needle or iron, thus dividing the stone into two equal parts.

  56. The feathers upon the head are elongated into a crest.

  57. It is recognisable by its elongated beak, furnished with a long sharp protuberance under its roof, and by the more uniform coloration of its plumage, which differs widely in the two sexes.

  58. In some cases the ornamentation is very peculiar, individual feathers being much elongated and stripped of their web.

  59. The Choroy reminds us of the Long-beaked Cockatoo, on account of its prominent and elongated upper mandible, and we are told that its habits are similar.

  60. The eyes are surrounded by elongated patches of naked flesh-coloured skin, immediately behind which the ear-feathers, of a brilliant ultramarine blue, are rendered very conspicuous.

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