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Example sentences for "distinguishes"

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distingue; distinguer; distinguish; distinguishable; distinguished; distinguisheth; distinguishing; distinguisht; distort; distorted
  1. What distinguishes the present phase is that the discrepancy between the two is now wider than ever before.

  2. It is this element of discriminating forethought that distinguishes human conduct from brute behavior.

  3. His best performances have a remarkable dryness of manner, which, though by no means to be recommended for imitation, yet seems perfectly correspondent to that ancient simplicity which distinguishes his style.

  4. What separates and distinguishes poetry is more particularly the ornament of verse; it is this which gives it its character, and is an essential, without which it cannot exist.

  5. Most country towns have some great event which marks the year, or some peculiarity which distinguishes them from their neighbors.

  6. The houses were for the most part of a humble order, few rising to the dignity of two stories, but all displaying that air of neatness and comfort which so distinguishes our English villages above those of any other country.

  7. And this appears," said Lefevre, "to be a feature in our religion which distinguishes it from all false religions.

  8. But what especially distinguishes them is a stubborn will, and inflexible resolution.

  9. It is the prime motor of his soul and the permanent substance of his will, so profound that he no longer distinguishes between it and himself, and of which he is sometimes unconscious.

  10. That is what distinguishes them from the stories of Prosper Mérimée, or, later, those of Guy de Maupassant.

  11. God, by this expression also, distinguishes the human female from the females of all other living creatures, which are not always "before" their mates.

  12. This is a most beautiful reasoning as it were in the Holy Spirit, when he thus distinguishes between the earth and Adam.

  13. In this manner Hilary also distinguishes other attributes.

  14. It would, however, lose its peculiar acid flavor, which now distinguishes it from ordinary cane sugar.

  15. The answer is, precisely as one farmer distinguishes his sheep from those of his neighbor by the particular mark they bear, each differing in some particular from every other.

  16. Each one of them perfects himself through his own powers, and goes forward guided by that inner force which distinguishes him as an individual.

  17. See Chart 1) The Fat, Overweight Individual ¶ Soft flesh thickly padded over a small-boned body distinguishes the pure Alimentive type.

  18. Nothing about the five types is more interesting than the walk which distinguishes each.

  19. There you are wrong," returns that spinster, in the hoarse croak that distinguishes her.

  20. It is not because of the walk that I ask you to go there with me," says Dysart, the innate honesty that distinguishes him compelling him to lay bare to her his secret meaning.

  21. The style of architecture, with the gigantic vaults and singular comb-shaped gables, distinguishes Palenque from Copan and Quirigua, which it surpasses also in the unequalled magnificence of its sculptures.

  22. Indeed it may be said that what chiefly distinguishes our age from previous ages is its habit of leaving nothing to the imagination.

  23. What distinguishes it from other intellectual attitudes is the fact that it is shared by the very loftiest with the very simplest minds.

  24. The cloth-dresser, by the aid of this sense, distinguishes the quality, as well as the slightest difference of texture, in the different pieces of cloth.

  25. The concussion of the skin by the fall of water, particularly distinguishes this from the previous modes of bathing.

  26. It is its flag; it is the sign by which each clan distinguishes itself from the others, the visible mark of its personality, a mark borne by everything which is a part of the clan under any title whatsoever, men, beasts or things.

  27. If the primitive confounds things which we distinguish, he also distinguishes things which we connect together, and he even conceives these distinctions in the form of sharp and clear-cut oppositions.

  28. It is also probable that the primitive distinguishes between his dreams, and does not interpret them all in the same way.

  29. By this, he distinguishes himself from all the other creatures who follow blindly wherever pleasure calls them; by this, he makes a place apart for himself in the world.

  30. The people are of a very much lower order, and are lacking in the cultivated intelligence which distinguishes so many of our own farming class.

  31. Pliny in his letter mentions the Agape, and rightly distinguishes it from the worship of the Christians which was celebrated in the early morning.

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