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Example sentences for "distinguishable"

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distinctly; distinctness; distingue; distinguer; distinguish; distinguished; distinguishes; distinguisheth; distinguishing; distinguisht
  1. This I afterwards ascertained beyond doubt to be a metalloid alloy whereof the principal ingredient was aluminium, or some substance so closely resembling it as not to be distinguishable from it by simple chemical tests.

  2. This last again is exhibited under two distinguishable cases:--1.

  3. The rational element of the mind is in like manner something different or distinguishable from all the appetites, which tend towards repletion and pleasure.

  4. In fact, according to the definitions given by Plato in the Republic, justice and temperance are scarce at all distinguishable from each other--and must at any rate be inseparable.

  5. Something bright, like arms, glanced in the setting ray, and the military dress was distinguishable upon the men who were in the van, and on others scattered among the troop that followed.

  6. The seedlings did not flourish or flower well with us; they were sent to Kew, and were pronounced not to be distinguishable from C.

  7. The latter proved unhealthy, and never grew; and the marks on 2 of the 4 slightly curved radicles were excessively minute, one being distinguishable only with the aid of a lens.

  8. These lines are also distinguishable from other six longitudinal lines traversing the body from end to end by the presence of very minute papillæ which are less closely arranged towards the centre (Leuckart).

  9. This worm is quite distinct, but not readily distinguishable by the naked eye alone.

  10. A more intense pleasure is never really made up of twelve less intense pleasures distinguishable as equal parts within it, as a foot is made up of twelve inches.

  11. Being less fragile than the leaflets of the true senna, they are more often found entire, and are very easily distinguishable from the varieties which constitute true Alexandrian senna.

  12. Several other plants, as the Mangostana Gambogia, Gaertner, and the Hypericum bacciferum and Cayanense, yield similar yellow viscid exudation, hardly distinguishable from gamboge and used for the same purpose by painters.

  13. In a species of Geranium recently examined the sepals presented themselves in the form of three-lobed leaflets; so in fuchsias and in Epilobium hirsutum the sepals occasionally are not distinguishable from ordinary leaves (fig.

  14. In this last case the prolification is of the inflorescence, and is hardly distinguishable from multiplication or subdivision of the common flower-stalk.

  15. It's a great thing to be easily distinguishable from the waiters, when the waiters are so often disappointed 'remittance men' of good English family, or the scions of Continental nobility.

  16. Wherever we have liked or disliked in literature it has been upon grounds hardly distinguishable from moral grounds.

  17. As in most of the other species of Coleoptera, the unequal pair is not distinguishable until the spireme stage.

  18. The unsymmetrical pair is plainly seen in figures 9 and 11, but is not distinguishable in a polar view of the metaphase (fig.

  19. Of especial interest is its presence in some populations of asper that are not otherwise distinguishable (external characters) from the rest of the individuals comprising that subspecies.

  20. Wied-Neuwied mentioned that Lesueur had already named this soft-shelled turtle as Trionyx ocellatus, and agreed with Lesueur that those turtles having occulated spots on the carapace were distinguishable from T.

  21. The blood may abound in impurities, and yet not be distinguishable from pure blood.

  22. The two things are so plainly distinguishable as to require nothing further to be said about them.

  23. We were already so far from shore that the houses were scarcely distinguishable through the gray storm-twilight.

  24. From syphilitic ulcer it is distinguishable by the history of the case, its tendency to be unilateral, and its failure to respond to antisyphilitic treatment.

  25. Hepatic concretions are distinguishable from the intestinal by their crystalline form and by their composition.

  26. At all times it should be distinguishable from the carcinomatous ulcer by lack of the fungus-like appearance of the bed of the ulcer which is usual in carcinoma.

  27. The scolex is distinguishable from that of the other human tape-worms in possessing a triple circle of hooks.

  28. Gouty arthritis is not always easily distinguishable from traumatic inflammation of the joints, inasmuch as traumatism plays so important a part as an exciting cause of gouty attacks.

  29. The few which descended from those originally imported into this country, have become blended with American flocks, and are now scarcely distinguishable from them.

  30. Presently, as they drew nearer, the dark mass appeared to grow larger, but still lay buried in sombre silence, with no light nor any visible object distinguishable through the gloom.

  31. Smoke from the captain's pipe filled the little den to such an extent that Yoosoof and his friend were not so clearly distinguishable as might have been desired.

  32. Some of these were so far distinguishable that it could be told whether they belonged to man, woman, or child.

  33. Herculaneum was destroyed by fragments of pumice stone and ashes, scarcely distinguishable from those which one may see raked away from the half-uncovered walls of some new house at Pompeii.

  34. I went to the water-side, and saw a cluster of people on the opposite shore; but being yet at a distance, they looked more like soldiers surrounding a carriage than a group of men and women; red and green were the distinguishable colours.

  35. Song scarcely distinguishable from that of the Chipping Sparrow, but first two syllables twip instead of chip.

  36. The notes of all the orange and black Orioles known to me are mellow, musical, querulous whistles generally given in detached fragments, all much alike in character but distinguishable when one becomes familiar with them.

  37. Male] not distinguishable from [Female] of No.

  38. The spirit of monachism is as distinguishable as if the cowled ghosts of the victims were actually seen flitting along the aisles.

  39. The silver plank was hardly distinguishable from that of the Republicans, except that it was enshrouded with a trifle more of ambiguity.

  40. Most of these changes were distinguishable during the twenty-five years following the war and could be stated in brief and definite terms.

  41. Lightning also played its part as well as thunder, but the latter was scarcely distinguishable from the volcano's roar.

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