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  1. Then the two champions, clad in armour, engaged in a combat with each other, while the crowd joined in with bricks and stones.

  2. Upon the sites of most of these old-world places new towns have been constructed; hence it is difficult often to trace the foundations of Roman cities in the midst of the masses of modern bricks and mortar.

  3. Roman buildings served as a model for our Saxon architects, and Roman bricks were much used by them.

  4. Roman bricks have often been used by subsequent builders, and are found built up in the masonry of much later periods.

  5. Frequently we find the impression of an animal's foot on these bricks and tiles, formed when they were in a soft state before they were baked, and one tile recently found had the impression of a Roman baby's foot.

  6. Houses few, built of unbaked and large bricks or rather cakes of mud.

  7. Pucka, or burnt bricks are common among the debris, also pottery, but this is of the ordinary sort: I observed but few pucka bricks in the fortification on the west side.

  8. Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, To soften bricks and bend the knotted oak.

  9. He climbed over the steaming bricks and hurried into the rue de Tournon.

  10. Further on, within the zone of danger, nothing of human habitation remained except here and there a pile of frozen bricks or a blackened cellar choked with snow.

  11. Their houses are built of bricks dried in the sun, plastered together with mud, and the roof is made of plaited palm leaf.

  12. They make their houses of bricks dried in the sun, and build them so close together that people can step from one roof to another across the street.

  13. Some day, perhaps, burnt clay will be held together by threads of asbestos as greenbacks are by threads of silk and the sun-burned Egyptian bricks were by straw.

  14. A friend one day called my attention to a number of old women, most miserably clad, barefooted and bent with age and infirmities, carrying stones and bricks to a new building.

  15. The bricks were removed and put in a soap box, cleats were hastily nailed to the floor timbers, pieces of board laid across, and the bricks replaced.

  16. Master's Mate William Kitching, being desirous of having conversation with one of the boat's crew, had removed a couple of bricks from the partitions which separated the officers from the sailors.

  17. The bricks on one end were taken up and a hole was made that allowed us to get under the floor.

  18. The entrance to our lower regions must be attended to first, as the bricks had a very insecure foundation.

  19. Two doors from the corner of a narrow street covered with bricks and mortar fluttered a United States flag, and beneath it the door of 74 Rue de Peage.

  20. How, in trying to climb over the door, I tumbled down, and was piteously bruised; the bricks giving way, and tumbling upon me.

  21. At one angle of the wall, out of sight of the house, bricks have been picked out at intervals to supply a foothold for the climber, and the coping is fractured.

  22. On the contrary, the uncovered foundations are hardened by the action of the elements, until bricks are as unyielding as solid marble and cement is like flint.

  23. A pit or hole sunk into the earth to such a depth as to reach a supply of water, generally of a cylindrical form, and often walled with stone or bricks to prevent the earth from caving in.

  24. A mason's tool, used in spreading and dressing mortar, and breaking bricks to shape them.

  25. A track along which pallets carrying newly molded bricks are conveyed to the hack.

  26. At length, however, the first chest was broken open, and was found to contain sixty-four bricks or ingots of solid silver!

  27. They were arranged in four tiers of sixteen bricks each, exactly fitting the chest, and each brick weighed about a quarter of a hundredweight.

  28. He stripped her, fetched blankets, lighted a fire, thrust hot bricks to her feet, and strove to warm her body.

  29. So clever he was that he tried to walk faster than his own shadow, and he sowed a barrow-load o' bricks once, thinking as they'd grow up into a house.

  30. There's a lizard coming out of the bricks to warm himself,' and he made a step away from the bench.

  31. To his right the creepers were beginning to stretch their green tendrils over the red bricks of the garden wall.

  32. Hundreds of feet in mid air, the explosion cloud floated like a yellow balloon above the stump of a stack, the half-fused bricks of which were scattered over the bench.

  33. After laying bricks all day I have to turn in and cook, and, though it's pretty tough, there doesn't seem to be any way out of it.

  34. It is as though they thought bricks were like veal or mutton and stones like bits out of the living calf or sheep.

  35. About the time that we succeeded in burning our first kiln of bricks we began facing in an emphasized form the objection of the students to being taught to work.

  36. A Harder Task Than Making Bricks Without Straw From the very beginning, at Tuskegee, I was determined to have the students do not only the agricultural and domestic work, but to have them erect their own buildings.

  37. The community may not at the time be prepared for, or feel the need of, Greek analysis, but it may feel its need of bricks and houses and wagons.

  38. Toward the latter part of the week, when it seemed as if we were going to have a good many thousand bricks in a few hours, in the middle of the night the kiln fell.

  39. Many white people who had had no contact with the school, and perhaps no sympathy with it, came to us to buy bricks because they found out that ours were good bricks.

  40. The making of these bricks taught me an important lesson in regard to the relations of the two races in the South.

  41. Aside from this, scores of young men have mastered the brickmaking trade--both the making of bricks by hand and by machinery--and are now engaged in this industry in many parts of the South.

  42. There was no brickyard in the town, and in addition to our own needs there was a demand for bricks in the general market.

  43. Smooth, as a matter of course, had no bricks in his hat.

  44. His trunk, which had been left behind, was found to contain nothing but bricks and rags, or paper.

  45. Feo, oddly enough, had no bricks to throw.

  46. If he had inherited a fine fortune with his father's shoes instead of bricks and mortar mortgaged from cellar to ceiling, his might have been a different story and not one unfortunately linked up with several rather shady transactions.

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